Multi-millionaire Camilo returns after huge crash – video

Brazilian V8 Stock Car star Thiago Camilo returns to action this weekend just two weeks after he was hospitalized following a horrendous crash at Curitba.

Camilo makes his race return in Goiania’s traditional ‘Million Race’ – of which he is the only two-time winner. The winner takes one million reais (around $300,000) and there is no prize money for finishing second or below.

He has been given the all-clear by doctors after his car was hit from behind at high speed by former IndyCar racer Rafa Matos and Felipe Fraga, following an ECU problem that shutdown his engine on the main straight (below).


Camilo and Fraga were both hospitalized but released the next day with bruising. Camilo has recieved intensive physiotherapy treatment for his left ankle, which was not fractured, and has arrived at the racetrack wearing an orthopedic boot.

"I am really motivated to show on track all the work the guys at the shop did to rebuild the whole car,” he said. "I am not 100% physically, but 200% motivated.

“I must thank God to be here two weeks after that accident. The car showed that it is safe, and we could learn a little more about it and how to work to develop the car safety even more.”

"A frightening moment"

Fraga also had a new car for the weekend: "We have already won a race even before we stepped on the grid. I am deeply impressed with the hard work and dedication of all the guys in the team.

“It was a frightening moment, the biggest one in my career, but thankfully the consequences were minimal. I’m fully recovered and hoping to fight for the victory and if I win it would be more than a pleasure to share this prize money with the whole team.

“It was a huge challenge because the other car was completely destroyed in the crash and to build a new one from scratch was unbelievable. I can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal and try to get a million.”

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