Brazilian Stock Cars: Marcos Gomes leads FP1 in Curitiba

GT ace Laurens Vanthoor put himself up to speed and finished the day in P7, two positions in front of his teammate Daniel Serra.

After a test session on Thursday, when the drivers got used to new brake pads introduced by the championship organization, the Friday was the day to start working on car setups for the races that will be held on Sunday in Curitiba. The first practice session had Marcos Gomes in front with 1min18s682. Current second-placed driver in the standings, Gomes was 0s159 quicker than Valdeno Brito. Both of the drivers hit the track on group two, when the track was better. Thiago Camilo was third even making his best lap time on group one.

"It was a very productive day. The car started in a good shape even with worn tyres, and when we put the new set, I ended up with a good laptime. I think Valdeno used a set of new tyres as well, and if Thiago didn’t, he had quite a good set. They are really fast this weekend and let’s see what else we can improve in the car", said Gomes. Ricardo Zonta and Sérgio Jimenez closed the top-5 of the session.

Red Bull Racing is also leading the teams championship, so it is a great responsibility and I feel glad that they have this confidence in me.

Laurens Vanthoor

Laurens Vanthoor, who is replacing a suspended Cacá Bueno - the current championship leader - finish the day in seventh position, 0s637 away from P1, but 0s028 faster than his teammate at Red Bull Racing, Daniel Serra.

"It was a good day. Every time I hit the track I feel more comfortable with the car, which is a bit different to the one I am more used to in Blancpain Endurance Series. The track is very interesting and I like today’s result, mainly because I am competing against the best drivers in Brazil and they know this track by heart", says the Belgian driver.

"My goal is to stand in the top-10 on qualifying and, of course, the more in front, the better. As I said before, being invited to replace Cacá (Bueno) is an honour, because he is the leader of the standings and a five-time champion. Red Bull Racing is also leading the teams championship, so it is a great responsibility and I feel glad that they have this confidence in me".

This Saturday the drivers go to the track for FP2 and qualifying session.

  Driver Car Team Lap Time Gap
1 80 Marcos Gomes Peugeot Voxx Racing Team 1:18.682 -
2 77 Valdeno Brito Chevrolet Shell Racing 1:18.841 0.159
3 21 Thiago Camilo Chevrolet Ipiranga-RCM 1:18.920 0.238
4 10 Ricardo Zonta Chevrolet Shell Racing 1:19.198 0.516
5 73 Sergio Jimenez Chevrolet C2 Team 1:19.202 0.520
6 28 Galid Osman Chevrolet Ipiranga-RCM 1:19.219 0.537
7 91 Laurens Vanthoor Chevrolet Red Bull Racing 1:19.319 0.637
8 90 Ricardo Mauricio Chevrolet Eurofarma RC 1:19.325 0.643
9 29 Daniel Serra Chevrolet Red Bull Racing 1:19.347 0.665
10 51 Átila Abreu Chevrolet AMG Motorsport 1:19.356 0.674
11 70 Diego Nunes Chevrolet Vogel Motorsport 1:19.357 0.675
12 111 Rubens Barrichello Chevrolet Full Time Sports 1:19.382 0.700
13 4 Julio Campos Peugeot Prati-donaduzzi 1:19.393 0.711
14 2 Raphael Matos Peugeot Schin Racing Team 1:19.440 0.758
15 5 Denis Navarro Chevrolet Vogel Motorsport 1:19.502 0.820
16 83 Gabriel Casagrande Chevrolet C2 Team 1:19.527 0.845
17 18 Allam Khodair Chevrolet Full Time Sports 1:19.539 0.857
18 65 Max Wilson Chevrolet Eurofarma RC 1:19.620 0.938
19 88 Felipe Fraga Peugeot Voxx Racing Team 1:19.631 0.949
20 1 Antonio Pizzonia Peugeot Prati-donaduzzi 1:19.665 0.983
21 8 Rafael Suzuki Chevrolet RZ Motorsport 1:19.719 1.037
22 72 Fabio Fogaça Chevrolet Hot Car Competições 1:19.741 1.059
23 110 Felipe Lapenna Peugeot Schin Racing Team 1:19.934 1.252
24 3 Bia Figueiredo Peugeot União Química Racing 1:19.999 1.317
25 74 Popó Bueno Peugeot Cavaleiro Racing Sports 1:20.007 1.325
26 46 Vitor Genz Peugeot Boettger Competições 1:20.055 1.373
27 11 Cesar Ramos Peugeot Cavaleiro Racing Sports 1:20.072 1.390
28 26 Raphael Abbate Chevrolet Hot Car Competições 1:20.126 1.444
29 12 Lucas Foresti Chevrolet AMG Motorsport 1:20.233 1.551
30 25 Tuka Rocha Peugeot União Química Racing 1:20.278 1.596
31 14 Luciano Burti Chevrolet RZ Motorsport 1:20.290 1.608
32 9 Gustavo Lima Chevrolet ProGP 1:21.413 2.731


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