Brazilian Stock Cars: Galid Osman’s first pole-position

Marcos Gomes got in the way preventing the Ipiranga-RC team of making 1-2 in the qualifying session. Max Wilson and Rubens Barrichello closed the top-5.

Four podium finishes and a victory were already on Galid Osman’s portfolio racing Stock Cars. There was a pole position missing. Well, there isn’t anymore. The Ipiranga-RC driver was the fastest among 31 competitors on the 3,695km Curitiba track and took his first career pole position.

"I already had won and the only thing missing was the pole position. My qualifying results used to be a little lower than in the races, so the target was to fix it. This pole came after lots of training, hard work, study and dedication", said Galid Osman, who made a 1min18s272 on his best lap, only seven thousandths of a second ahead of Marcos Gomes, who stood between Galid and his teammate Thiago Camilo.

The qualifying session were split in groups of four drivers and Galid managed to make the fastest lap on group four, and the rest of the session for him was pure agony watching 16 drivers trying to beat his laptime. "To stand inside the garage watching is worse than in the car. I hope the next qualifying sessions we can be in one of the last groups to reduce this anxiety", he told.

25 of the 31 drivers were within one second. Max Wilson, Rubens Barrichello, Daniel Serra, Felipe Fraga, Átila Abreu, series leader Cacá Bueno and Lucas Foresti close the top-10 grid spots for race 1, which starts at 1:05 pm this Sunday. Race 2, with a 10-place-grid inversion, starts at 2:20 pm.

Starting Grid*

1º) 28 Galid Osman (SP/RCM-Ipiranga) - 1min18s272
2º) 80 Marcos Gomes (SP/Voxx Racing Team) - 1min18s279
3º) 21 Thiago Camilo (SP/RCM-Ipiranga) - 1min18s291
4º) 65 Max Wilson (SP/RC-Eurofarma) - 1min18s339
5º) 111 Rubens Barrichello (SP/Medley-Full Time) - 1min18s363
6º) 29 Daniel Serra (SP/Red Bull Racing) - 1min18s381
7º) 88 Felipe Fraga (TO/Voxx Racing Team) - 1min18s512
8º) 51 Átila Abreu (SP/Mobil Super Racing) - 1min18s566
9º) 0 Cacá Bueno (RJ/Red Bull Racing) - 1min18s596
10º) 12 Lucas Foresti (DF/AMG Motorsport) - 1min18s618
11º) 2 Raphael Matos (MG/Schin Racing Team) - 1min18s637
12º) 90 Ricardo Maurício (SP/RC-Eurofarma) - 1min18s652
13º) 73 Sérgio Jimenez (SP/C2 Team) - 1min18s653
14º) 77 Valdeno Brito (PB/Shell Racing) - 1min18s704
15º) 110 Felipe Lapenna (SP/Schin Racing Team) - 1min18s727
16º) 1 Antonio Pizzonia (AM/Prati-donaduzzi) - 1min18s762
17º) 83 Gabriel Casagrande (PR/C2 Team) - 1min18s767
18º) 18 Allam Khodair (SP/ Full Time) - 1min18s802
19º) 46 Vitor Genz (RS/Boettger Competições) - 1min18s857
20º) 4 Júlio Campos (PR/Prati-donaduzzi) - 1min18s865
21º) 5 Denis Navarro (SP/Vogel Motorsport) - 1min18s945
22º) 70 Diego Nunes (SP/Vogel Motorsport) - 1min19s039
23º) 14 Luciano Burti (SP/RZ Motorsport) - 1min19s047
24º) 26 Raphael Abbate (SP/Hot Car) - 1min19s150
25º) 11 César Ramos (RS/Cavaleiro Racing Sports) - 1min19s235
26º) 72 Fábio Fogaça (SP/Hot Car) - 1min19s307
27º) 25 Tuka Rocha (SP/União Química Racing) - 1min19s352
28º) 10 Ricardo Zonta (PR/Shell Racing) - 1min19s435
29º) 3 Bia Figueiredo (SP/União Química Racing) - 1min19s829
30º) 74 Popó Bueno (RJ/Cavaleiro Racing Sports) - 1min20s011
31º) 8 Rafael Suzuki (SP/RZ Motorsport) - 1min22s322

*Unofficial results

Cloud/Windy: 19ºC
Track Temperature: 21ºC


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