Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Max Wilson flies and takes pole in Cascavel

RCM's driver made the fastest lap with used tires, beating Attila Abreu and Daniel Serra, who had led the previous practice

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Max Wilson flies and takes pole in Cascavel
Átila Abreu
Daniel Serra
Daniel Serra
Daniel Serra
Felipe Fraga
Rubens Barrichello
César Ramos
Allam Khodair
Átila Abreu
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Max Wilson surprised and was the fastest in qualifying practice for the first battery of the Cascavel stage of Stock Car. This Saturday, he scored 1min00s838 in Q3, beating Attila Abreu and Daniel Serra, who took the next two positions.

Julio Campos, who was the last to attempt the pole position, ended in the fourth position and Thiago Camilo and Ricardo Mauricio will split the third row in tomorrow's first battery grid.

Rubens Barrichello came out to lead one of the rounds, but failed to reach the pole position and will start in eighth. Cacá Bueno's car rolled during the session and will be in ninth.

Saturday qualifying results

1. Max Wilson 1:00.838
2. Átila Abreu 1:00.923
3. Daniel Serra 1:00.925
4. Julio Campos 1:00.946
5. Thiago Camilo 1:01.036
6. Ricardo Mauricio sem tempo
7. Antonio Pizzonia 1:01.074
8. Rubens Barrichello 1:01.084
9. Cacá Bueno 1:01.092
10. Galid Osman 1:01.258
11. Rafael Suzuki 1:01.311
12. Marcos Gomes 1:01.405
13. Vitor Genz 1:01.456
14. Valdeno Brito 1:01.511
15. Felipe Fraga 1:01.683
16. Cesar Ramos 1:01.356
17. Allam Khodair 1:01.409
18. Diego Nunes 1:01.441
19. Denis Navarro 1:01.459
20. Felipe Lapenna 1:01.541
21. Lucas Foresti 1:01.596
22. Bia Figueiredo 1:01.622
23. Tuka Rocha 1:01.634
24. Gabriel Casagrande 1:01.637
25. Guilherme Salas 1:01.695
26. Sérgio Jjimenez 1:01.734
27. Ricardo Zonta 1:01.868
28. Betinho Valério 1:01.888
29. Guga Lima 1:01.988
30. Marcio Campos 1:02.325

Result subject to technical and sports checks





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