Co-drivers getting along with Stock Cars in Brazil

Mark Winterbottom, Laurens Vanthoor, Nestor Girolami and several others showed quick adaptation to the 500hp-powered touring cars.

Co-drivers getting along with Stock Cars in Brazil
#111 Full Time Competições Chevrolet: Rubens Barrichello, Ingo Hoffmann
#80 Voxx Racing Team Peugeot: Marcos Gomes, Mark Winterbottom
#90 Eurofarma RC Chevrolet: Ricardo Maurício, Nestor Girolami
#77 Shell Racing Chevrolet: Valdeno Brito, Laurens Vanthoor
Nelson Piquet Jr.
Jacques Villeneuve
Lucas di Grassi and Thiago Camilo
Drivers group photo
Drivers group photo
Drivers group photo
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The Friday practices in Goiânia showed again mixed conditions with dry and damp tarmac, but with good weather prevailing for most of the day, where the invited drivers could drive a little bit more throught de 3,835 meters long Goiânia circuit. And some of them started to show their real pace.

In FP2, during the morning, Nelson Piquet Jr (Átila Abreu) was fastest, followed closely by Laurens Vanthoor (Valdeno Brito). And in the afternoon, Mark Winterbottom (Marcos Gomes) was third, behind Diego Nunes/Ricardo Rosset and Ricardo Maurício/Nestor Girolami, and in front of Thiago Camilo/Lucas di Grassi.

This Saturday reserves good expectations, with a morning session and the qualifying at 12pm. The race starts at 10:30am on Sunday (Brazilian time zone).

Quotes by the drivers

Laurens Vanthoor (Valdeno Brito, Shell Racing): "It was a great session and we could have even finished in P1, but we had a little issue in the end of the practice. I’m glad I could start in a good way my debut with the team, since it’s the first time I’m driving a Stock Car, while other guests already had the chance to race in 2014".

Jacques Villeneuve (Ricardo Zonta, Shell Racing): "We are not competitive yet as we’d like, mainly because we’ve lost the whole session yesterday. We hope to regain some time with a good practice right before going to qualy".

Nicolas Prost (Julio Campos, Prati-donaduzzi): "I never drove a car this heavy before (1,300 kilos). Of course it’s not possible to get here and start going faster than everyone, but I believe I’m developing everytime I hit the track and until the race I will be in a good level of competitiveness".

Mark Winterbottom (Marcos Gomes, Voxx Racing): "It’s going well. It’s good to get an invite - it means you did it right the first time - and the car feels good. It has a lot more grip than I’m used to. My teammate is quite fast, tomorrow is a big day and I don’t want to let him down. There’s a big difference between the Brazilian V8 and the V8 Supercaros: we’ve got a lote more power, but they have a lot more grip, and it’s different to drive because the car have got a lot more aero, so it carries more speed mid-corner. But it’s very nice to drive, very close racing, and it’s fun".


1. #70 Diego Nunes/Ricardo Rosset - Vogel Motorsport - 1min23s652
2. #90 Ricardo Maurício/Nestor Girolami - Eurofarma RC - 1min23s739
3. #80 Marcos Gomes/Mark Winterbottom - Voxx Racing Team - 1min23s807
4. #21 Thiago Camilo/Lucas Di Grassi - Ipiranga-RCM - 1min23s837
5. #65 Max Wilson/Vitor Meira - Eurofarma RC - 1min23s906
6. #73 Sergio Jimenez/Fabio Carbone - C2 Team - 1min23s953
7. #46 Vitor Genz/Matheus Stumpf - Boettger Competições - 1min24s103
8. #0 Cacá Bueno/Pechito Lopes - Red Bull Racing - 1min24s108
9. #74 Popó Bueno/Guilherme Salas - Cavaleiro Racing Sports - 1min24s178
10. #2 Raphael Mattos/David Mufatto - Schin Racing Team - 1min24s209
11. #111 Rubens Barrichello/Ingo Hoffman - Full time competições - 1min24s258
12. #18 Allam Khodair/Antonio Felix da Costa - Full Time Competições - 1min24s261
13. #77 Valdeno Brito/Laurens Vanthoor - Shell Racing - 1min24s284
14. #4 Julio Campos/Nicolas Prost - Prati-donaduzzi - 1min24s307
15. #110 Felipe Lapenna/Vitantonio Liuzzi - Schin Racing Team - 1min24s322
16. #29 Daniel Serra/Chico Serra - Red Bull Racing - 1min24s346
17. #11 Cesar Ramos/Frederic Vervish - Cavaleiro Racins Sports - 1min24s428
18. #28 Galid Osman/Beto Monteiro - Ipiranga-RCM - 1min24s438
19. #51 Átila Abreu/Nelson Piquet Jr - AMG Motorsport - 1min24s453
20. #8 Rafael Suzuki/Antonio Perez - RZ Motorsports - 1min24s507
21. #72 Fabio Fogaça/Leandro Totti - Hot Car Competições - 1min24s528
22. #1 Antonio Pizzonia/Bruno Senna - Prati donaduzzi - 1min24s529
23. #12 Lucas Foresti/Luiz Razia - AMG Motorsport - 1min24s557
24. #83 Gabriel Casagrande/Enrique Bernoldi - C2 team - 1min24s565
25. #5 Denis Navarro/Felipe Giaffone - Vogel Motorsport - 1min24s573
26. #88 Felipe Fraga/Alvaro Parente - Voxx Racing - 1min24s681
27. #25 Tuka Rocha/Chris Van Drer Drift - RC3 Bassani - 1min24s775
28. #14 Luciano Burti/Jaime Alguersuari - RZ Motorsport - 1min24s803
29. #3 Bia Figueiredo/Matias Milla - RC3 Bassani - 1min24s805
30. #6 Alceu Feldmann/Ezequiel Raul Bosio - Boettger competições - 1min24s840
31.#10 Ricardo Zonta/Jacques Villeneuve - Shell Racing - 1min25s620
32. #33 Felipe Maluhy/Xandynho Negrão - ProGP - 1min25s135
23. #26 Raphael Abbate/Nicolas Costa - Hot Car Competições - 1min25s820

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