Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Tarumã features unpredictable races on Max Wilson and Júlio Campos victorie

Fifth round of the championship awarded the big crowd that came to the circuit with great battles on a fast and challenging track

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Tarumã features unpredictable races on Max Wilson and Júlio Campos victorie
Max Wilson winner
Felipe Fraga
Julio Campos
Thiago Camilo
Max Wilson, Felipe Fraga
Polesitter Rubens Barrichello
Rubens Barrichello
Allam Khodair
Rubens Barrichello
Felipe Fraga takes the checkered flag
Rubens Barrichello
Felipe Fraga
Felipe Fraga
Cacá Bueno
Cacá Bueno
Rubens Barrichello
Marcos Gomes
Átila Abreu
Felipe Fraga
Marcos Gomes
Daniel Serra
Diego Nunes
Valdeno Brito
Átila Abreu
Cacá Bueno
Felipe Fraga

The temperatures have arisen this Sunday afternoon and the Tarumã circuit, among the fastest racetracks in Brazil, featured two great races full of battles, overtaking maneuvers and a variety of strategies. Eurofarma-RC’s Max Wilson won race one, scoring 30 points and his second victory of the season; Axalta C2’s Júlio Campos was the man to be chased on the second heat and won for the first time since April-2015.

The first podium of the day was completed by the Cimed duo that still leads the championship. Felipe Fraga was second and Marcos Gomes, third. On the second race, Thiago Camilo took second place and Allam Khodair, who suffered a gearbox failure on race one, managed to finish third.

Polesitter Rubens Barrichello did not enjoy the Sunday as he did the day before. The 2014 champion couldn’t keep the same pace as his opponents and was in tenth position when his car was hit on the last lap by Rafael Suzuki - who was excluded of the race by the marshals. Barrichello still finished 17th, scoring seven points, and his Medley Full Time team had only 15 minutes to change his left-rear suspension in time for the F1 record-holder to start from the pit lane on race two. And so he did, finishing in 12th and scoring four more points for his campaign.

Championship leader Felipe Fraga led the race until lap 33 of 37, when Max Wilson went on the outside at the fast turn one to take the lead and win the race. "Our car was very competitive. I got to save the tires on the first half of the race so I had better conditions to attack in the final laps. I am glad for the team our strategy worked very well", said Wilson, now in fifth on the championship standings.

The top-10 placed cars have not pitted on race one and started the second heat having to refuel in order to finish. When eight cars started from the pit lane, the advantage was with Júlio Campos, who got the lead when the other cars went to the boxes. He managed to open a gap of almost seven seconds, but Allam Khodair and Thiago Camilo were the fastest cars of the field and quickly got positions two and three.

The duo pushed each other in order to eliminate the gap of the leader. With four laps to go, Camilo overtook Khodair and initiated a chase on Campos. He almost did it - finishing only 0s2 from the winner.

First victory of the season for Júlio Campos in a season that he scored points only three twice until today. "We discovered a problem in the car during the Friday shakedown, so we started our setup work from scratch. Anyway, I am relieved. We developed and soon we will be where we deserve to, among the top-5. This victory was very important for the team", he said.

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars sixth round will be held on the fast track of Cascavel on July 17th.

Race 1 results

Position Driver
1 Max Wilson
2 Felipe Fraga
3 Marcos Gomes
4 Daniel Serra
5 Valdeno Brito
6 Ricardo Mauricio
7 Felipe Lapenna
8 Vitor Genz
9 Lucas Foresti
10 Sergio Jimenez
11 Rafael Suzuki
12 Guga Lima
13 Popó Bueno
14 Denis Navarro
15 Átila Abreu
16 Gabriel Casagrande
17 Bia Figueiredo
18 Rubens Barrichello
19 Diego Nunes
20 Galid Osman
21 Cacá Bueno
22 Thiago Camilo
23 Nestor Girolami
24 Felipe Guimarães
25 Allam Khodair
26 Julio Campos
27 Raphael Abbate
28 Ricardo Zonta

Race 2 results

Position Driver
1 Julio Campos
2 Thiago Camilo
3 Allam Khodair
4 Gabriel Casagrande
5 Cacá Bueno
6 Bia Figueiredo
7 Diego Nunes
8 Ricardo Zonta
9 Galid Osman
10 Átila Abreu
11 Rubens Barrichello
12 Raphael Abbate
13 Valdeno Brito
14 Daniel Serra
15 Guga Lima
16 Felipe Lapenna
17 Max Wilson
18 Vitor Genz
19 Felipe Guimarães
20 Lucas Foresti
21 Ricardo Mauricio
22 Nestor Girolami
23 Popó Bueno
24 Felipe Fraga
25 Marcos Gomes
26 Denis Navarro
27 Sergio Jimenez

Championship standings

1-) Felipe Fraga - 111 points
2-) Marcos Gomes - 101
3-) Daniel Serra - 87
4-) Átila Abreu - 85
5-) Max Wilson - 84
6-) Rubens Barrichello - 77
7-) Ricardo Maurício - 75
8-) Valdeno Brito - 74
9-) Cacá Bueno - 68
10-) Diego Nunes - 68
11-) Vitor Genz - 64
12-) Ricardo Zonta - 58
13-) Allam Khodair - 55
14-) Galid Osman - 51
15-) Sérgio Jimenez - 50
16-) Denis Navarro - 48
17-) Gabriel Casagrande - 46
18-) Thiago Camilo - 44
19-) Júlio Campos - 43
20-) Rafael Suzuki - 43
21-) Felipe Guimarães - 41
22-) Lucas Foresti - 34
23-) Bia Figueiredo - 30
24-) Guga Lima - 30
25-) Popó Bueno - 26
26-) Felipe Lapenna - 22
27-) Raphael Abbate - 12
28-) Luciano Burti - 11
29-) Nestor Girolami - 5
30-) Fábio Carbone - 2


Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Homework done. Barrichello takes pole in Tarumã

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Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Homework done. Barrichello takes pole in Tarumã

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