Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Khodair and Bueno win races at Tarumã and title bid is still open

Marcos Gomes, third and 11th this Sunday, mantains a 32-point margin gap in the lead. Interlagos hosts the ‘gran finale’, with double points

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Khodair and Bueno win races at Tarumã and title bid is still open
Allam Khodair
Start: Daniel Serra leads
Allam Khodair
Rubens Barrichello
Daniel Serra
Rubens Barrichello
Rubens Barrichello, Full Time Chevrolet
Daniel Serra
Allam Khodair
Allam Khodair
Marcos Gomes
Allam Khodair
Cacá Bueno
Cacá Bueno
Marcos Gomes
Marcos Gomes
Marcos Gomes
Start: Daniel Serra leads
Daniel Serra
#18 Full Time Sports Chevrolet: Allam Khodair, Antonio Felix da Costa
Daniel Serra
Allam Khodair
Felipe Fraga
Felipe Fraga
Felipe Fraga
Felipe Fraga
Rubens Barrichello
Daniel Serra
Caca Bueno
Caca Bueno
Marcos Gomes

Allam Khodair and Cacá Bueno were the great winners of the 11th round of the Brazilian V8 Stock Car season this Sunday. The traditional and fast circuit of Tarumã, near Porto Alegre, was a stage for two competitive races under blue skies and 35 degrees Celsius of temperature with crowded grandstands. Marcos Gomes, the series leader, had a small chance of clinching the title this weekend, but with a third place on race one and only a 11th on race two postponed the decision of the gran finale to Interlagos, in São Paulo, on December 13th.

We are alive and fighting, that’s what really matters

Cacá Bueno

Moreover, for now, Cacá Bueno is the only man who can beat the Voxx driver to the trophy. Gomes needs a 12th place finish to be the first son of a Stock Car champion to claim the title, but felt frustrated after this weekend. "It wasn’t the best, because on race two lots of people hit me. Anyway, the strategy will be the same: start as far ahead as possible. And as it will be a one-race-only round, there won’t be the reversed grid, which reduces the chances of something going wrong", said Marcos, with 242 points against 210 of Cacá Bueno.

Allam Khodair started from pole on race one and lead the first seven laps until he and Gomes in second were overtaken by young ace Felipe Fraga, at once around the outside on the fast turn 1 using the push-to-pass button. But after the pit stop round, the Full Time-Texaco driver regained the lead to win for the first time this season.

"We had got four second places so far and other two thirds, so we were really close. Finally, it came today, but it was already too late, since we are out of the title bid. However, the team and I are happy; the car felt good the whole time and we finally won. So, let’s celebrate", told Khodair.

Barrichello on podium

Cacá Bueno came ninth, saved the match point against Gomes, and started second on race two due to the 10-place reversed grid. Local hero Vitor Genz started ahead, but with worn tires, he was being passed by the fastest drivers. Rubens Barrichello put some pressure on Bueno, who knew to keep the right momentum to move on his Red Bull teammate Daniel Serra to take the lead. Barrichello did the same and got his third podium of the year.

For the five-time Stock Car Champion, a big relief, since he goes to Interlagos with chances to be a champion for the sixth time. "Of course we were a little relieved today. I won and Marcos was 11th, so nothing is impossible. The team made a top job in a weekend that seemed to be hard, so we played with the strategy to score more points on race two. We are alive and fighting, that’s what really matters", told Bueno.

Race 1 Results*

Position Name
1 Allam Khodair
2 Felipe Fraga
3 Marcos Gomes
4 Valdeno Brito
5 Ricardo Zonta
6 Rubens Barrichello
7 Ricardo Mauricio
8 Daniel Serra
9 Cacá Bueno
10 Átila Abreu
11 Vitor Genz
12 Gabriel Casagrande
13 Luciano Burti
14 Diego Nunes
15 Antonio Pizzonia
16 Galid Osman
17 Raphael Matos
18 Felipe Lapenna
19 Sergio Jimenez
20 Mauro Giallombardo
21 Tuka Rocha
22 Lucas Foresti
23 Bia Figueiredo
24 Cesar Ramos
25 Popó Bueno
26 Raphael Abbate
27 Thiago Camilo
28 Gustavo Lima
29 Julio Campos
30 Felipe Guimarães
31 Denis Navarro
32 Max Wilson
33 Rafael Suzuki

*Unnofficial Results

Race 2 results*

Posição Piloto
1 Cacá Bueno
2 Rubens Barrichello
3 Daniel Serra
4 Valdeno Brito
5 Átila Abreu
6 Popó Bueno
7 Julio Campos
8 Cesar Ramos
9 Ricardo Zonta
10 Vitor Genz
11 Mauro Giallombardo
12 Marcos Gomes
13 Felipe Lapenna
14 Antonio Pizzonia
15 Max Wilson
16 Luciano Burti
17 Denis Navarro
18 Gustavo Lima
19 Tuka Rocha
20 Ricardo Mauricio
21 Felipe Guimarães
22 Felipe Fraga
23 Galid Osman
24 Gabriel Casagrande
25 Raphael Abbate
26 Sergio Jimenez
27 Bia Figueiredo
28 Allam Khodair
29 Diego Nunes
30 Raphael Matos
31 Thiago Camilo
32 Rafael Suzuki
33 Lucas Foresti

*Unnofficial Results

Championship standings

1-) Marcos Gomes - 242 points
2-) Cacá Bueno - 210
3-) Rubens Barrichello - 188
4-) Allam Khodair - 184
5-) Daniel Serra - 181
6-) Ricardo Maurício - 173
7-) Thiago Camilo - 165
8-) Max Wilson - 162
9-) Julio Campos - 154
10-) Valdeno Brito - 148
11-) Felipe Fraga - 123
12-) Ricardo Zonta - 121
13-) Sérgio Jimenez - 108
14-) Átila Abreu - 107
15-) Diego Nunes - 99
16-) Vitor Genz - 92
17-) Antonio Pizzonia - 85
18-) Gabriel Casagrande - 76
19-) Luciano Burti - 73
20-) Galid Osman - 70
21-) Raphael Matos - 55
22-) Tuka Rocha - 54
23-) Lucas Foresti - 53
24-) Rafael Suzuki - 51
25-) Denis Navarro - 49
26-) Cesar Ramos - 42
27-) Popó Bueno - 38
28-) Felipe Lapenna - 36
29-) Raphael Abbate - 24
30-) Bia Figueiredo - 7
31-) Gustavo Lima - 5
32-) Fábio Fogaça - 3
33-) Felipe Guimarães - 2
34-) Mauro Giallombardo - 2


Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Allam Khodair claims pole at Tarumã and spices title race

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Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Allam Khodair claims pole at Tarumã and spices title race

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