Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Hot races in Curitiba – Felipe Fraga and Thiago Camilo take victories

Ricardo Maurício and Allam Khodair completed the podium at heat 1; Rubens Barrichello and Max Wilson joined Camilo in the top-3 at race 2; Fraga extends his championship lead to 44 points

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Hot races in Curitiba – Felipe Fraga and Thiago Camilo take victories
Podium: Felipe Fraga
Polesitter Felipe Fraga
Thiago Camilo
Rubens Barrichello
Ricardo Maurício
Max Wilson in Londrina
Átila Abreu
Max Wilson in Londrina
Felipe Fraga
Felipe Fraga, Rubens Barrichello
Valdeno Brito
Átila Abreu
Átila Abreu
Átila Abreu
Ricardo Maurício
Ricardo Zonta
Valdeno Brito
Marcos Gomes
Lucas Foresti
Lucas Foresti
Thiago Camilo
Felipe Fraga
Ricardo Maurício
Marcos Gomes
Cacá Bueno
Cacá Bueno
Vitor Genz
Julio Campos
Polesitter Rubens Barrichello

Round nine of Brazilian V8 Stock Cars was held this Sunday afternoon in Curitiba. Under blue sky and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, the great crowd at the grandstands could watch Felipe Fraga win lights-to-flag on race one and could see the fantastic recovery of Thiago Camilo, who started race two from the pits to win for the first time this season.

"Starting from pole, leading all the laps and to win for the fourth time this season is a great achievement", says Felipe Fraga, who extends his championship lead to 44 points over Rubens Barrichello. "My team gave me a perfect car and I only have to thank them for the effort in making this possible".

For Camilo, it was an emotional victory in race two. "I am really happy and at the same time with a broken heart for leaving this fantastic team, which welcomed me as a family member since my first race. My goal was to give them this win until the end of the year", highlighted Thiago Camilo, who will move alongside his teammate Galid Osman and long-time sponsor Ipiranga to the Mattheis team - from where Red Bull departs next season.

Altough Fraga lead race one from lights-to-flag, he had the close company of Ricardo Maurício. The Eurofarma-RC driver tried twice to overtake the championship leader, but both paces were too similar, according to Maurício. "What have missed was starting from pole, I think. I pushed as hard as I could, but those points were important as well to risk everything for just five more points", he justified.

Fraga was in heaven. "It was a hard race, but the weekend was perfect for us and we could open the gap a little more in the standings", said Fraga, who won the Million Reais Race in Interlagos, then race one in Londrina the previous round, and now again in Curitiba.

Allam Khodair, Daniel Serra, Valdeno Brito, Julio Campos, Lucas Foresti, Cacá Bueno, Tuka Rocha and Raphael Abbate closed the top-10 reversed grid for the 23-lap race two.

Rubens Barrichello, 11th, was the best placed driver among those who have pitted for fuel in race one. His job was made easier during the first lap when Abbate, starting from pole, was hit by Julio Campos on turn one - end of race for both. Then, all the drivers in front of the F1 veteran went to the pits, so Barrichello’s job was to gain an advantage over his opponents and cruise to win for the third time this season. Although Thiago Camilo was making a quick progress, lapping a second faster than anyone on the track, there would not be much time for the Ipiranga driver to catch Rubens, who was almost seven seconds away in the lead.

Then, with six laps to the end, the safety car came in so the cars of Felipe Lapenna and Átila Abreu could be taken off the track after a minor crash and a puncture, respectively. The green flag was waved with four laps to go. Camilo had fresher rear tyres and started the chase on Barrichello.

The duo made the crowd stand up in the grandstands, and on Thiago’s first attempt, at turn one, Barrichello closed the door to maintain his position. What the 44-year-old racer did not count was on the fact that Camilo had one more push-to-pass, and the Ipiranga driver engaged it on the opposite straight - not the best place to do so - and completed a superb overtake round the outside of turn three to take the lead with a lap to go.

Camilo, who drivers the car #21, gained 21 positions in the race to win for the 21st time in his Stock Car career. "What a coincidence", he said, astonished. "This win reflects our team spirit of dedication, of overcoming all the difficulties, as we did last year in winning the Million Reais Race after a horrible crash the previous round here in Curitiba. I am really thankful to those guys. I have to recognize the loyalty and sportsmanship by Rubens’s part. It is not everyone who gives that space and accepts that kind of maneuver and still fights hard. Hats off to him", said Thiago.

As for Barrichello, the safety car ruined his plans, but he was not bothered at all. "It is what it is: sometimes it helps us; sometimes it does not. I tried to defend my position, but I knew he had fresher tyres and I fought the most loyal way possible. I have to be satisfied. We had not have Fraga’s pace, so we had to play with the strategy", he told.

Max Wilson, Vitor Genz, Galid Osman, Denis Navarro, Sergio Jimenez, Nestor Girolami, Danilo Dirani and Gabriel Casagrande closed the top-10 of race two. Next round of Brazilian V8 Stock Cars is set to Goiânia on November 6th.

Race 1 Results*

Position Number Driver
1 88 Felipe Fraga
2 90 Ricardo Mauricio
3 18 Allam Khodair
4 29 Daniel Serra
5 77 Valdeno Brito
6 4 Julio Campos
7 12 Lucas Foresti
8 0 Cacá Bueno
9 25 Tuka Rocha
10 26 Raphael Abbate
11 111 Rubens Barrichello
12 99 Xandynho Negrão
13 9 Guga Lima
14 10 Ricardo Zonta
15 46 Vitor Genz
16 63 Nestor Girolami
17 51 Átila Abreu
18 5 Denis Navarro
19 28 Galid Osman
20 8 Rafael Suzuki
21 80 Marcos Gomes
22 21 Thiago Camilo
23 110 Felipe Lapenna
24 70 Diego Nunes
25 56 Danilo Dirani
26 83 Gabriel Casagrande
27 3 Bia Figueiredo
28 73 Sergio Jimenez
29 65 Max Wilson

Race 2 Results*

Position Number Driver
1 21 Thiago Camilo
2 111 Rubens Barrichello
3 65 Max Wilson
4 46 Vitor Genz
5 28 Galid Osman
6 5 Denis Navarro
7 73 Sergio Jimenez
8 63 Nestor Girolami
9 56 Danilo Dirani
10 83 Gabriel Casagrande
11 8 Rafael Suzuki
12 18 Allam Khodair
13 29 Daniel Serra
14 88 Felipe Fraga
15 0 Cacá Bueno
16 25 Tuka Rocha
17 9 Guga Lima
18 90 Ricardo Mauricio
19 3 Bia Figueiredo
20 77 Valdeno Brito
21 51 Átila Abreu
22 110 Felipe Lapenna
23 80 Marcos Gomes
24 99 Xandynho Negrão
25 70 Diego Nunes
26 10 Ricardo Zonta
27 12 Lucas Foresti
28 26 Raphael Abbate
29 4 Julio Campos

*Results subject to approval by the stewards

Top 10 Championship standings after 9 rounds:

1-) Felipe Fraga, 227 points
2-) Rubens Barrichello, 183
3-) Valdeno Brito, 167
4-) Max Wilson, 148
5-) Daniel Serra, 140
6-) Cacá Bueno, 138
7-) Marcos Gomes, 137
8-) Allam Khodair, 137
9-) Ricardo Mauricio, 135
10-) Vitor Genz, 130


Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Felipe Fraga storms to pole position on his final attempt
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Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Felipe Fraga storms to pole position on his final attempt

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