Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Cacá Bueno extends Velopark’s pole position record

Red Bull driver starts ahead of competition for the fifth time at the calendar’s shortest circuit. Teammate Daniel Serra lies second ahead Ricardo Mauricio and Marcos Gomes

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Cacá Bueno extends Velopark’s pole position record
Cacá Bueno and Daniel Serra
Cacá Bueno
Cacá Bueno
Ricardo Maurício
Júlio Campos
Daniel Serra, Danilo Dirani
Thiago Camilo, Lucas di Grassi
Thiago Camilo
Marcos Gomes, Antonio Pizzonia
Felipe Fraga
Julio Campos, Alan Hellmeister
Átila Abreu
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Red Bull Racing made an astonishing 1-2 on the grid for the second round of South-American and Brazilian V8 Stock Car series this Saturday (April 10) at the Velopark in Nova Santa Rita, Rio Grande do Sul. Cacá Bueno was the fastest man on the track and claimed his fifth pole position in the shortest circuit of the calendar (only 2.278 kilometers) with a 54s172 lap, almost three tenths faster than his teammate Daniel Serra - who holds the record of wins at this track with four victories to his belt.

"It is my fifth pole position in eight races here. Moreover, in the other three opportunities I was very close to it", claimed the five-time Stock Car champion. "We have got a good setup for this track, I like the circuit and we are in contention for the victory with other seven or eight drivers", Bueno said.

He was on the last group to hit the track and recorded a great lap - 0s295 ahead of his teammate, who held the provisional pole with 54s467. Ricardo Maurício, Marcos Gomes, Max Wilson and Rubens Barrichello close the top-6 grid spots. Cesar Ramos was one of the highlights of this Saturday: the local driver was the fastest in FP1 and third in FP2 - in both the whole field made laps within the same second.

During qualifying, the RZ Motorsport driver was in the second group and held the provisional pole until the drivers of group nine went to the track - and the other six drivers did faster lap times.

The first double-header of the season starts at 1pm (local time) this Sunday with a 45-minute race. Race Two starts at 2:10pm with the top-10 reversed grid for a 30-minute battle.

Starting Grid*

1-) 0 Cacá Bueno - Red Bull Racing - 54s172
2-) 29 Daniel Serra - Red Bull Racing - 54s467
3-) 90 Ricardo Mauricio - Eurofarma RC - 54s495
4-) 80 Marcos Gomes - Cimed Racing Team - 54s519
5-) 65 Max Wilson - Eurofarma RC - 54s546
6-) 111 Rubens Barrichello - Full Time Sports - 54s596
7-) 11 Cesar Ramos - RZ Motorsport - 54s610
8-) 88 Felipe Fraga - Cimed Racing Team - 54s690
9-) 4 Julio Campos - C2 Team - 54s691
10-) 21 Thiago Camilo - Ipiranga-RCM - 54s714
11-) 46 Vitor Genz - Eisenbahn Racing Team - 54s789
12-) 8 Rafael Suzuki - Vogel Motorsport - 54s817
13-) 5 Denis Navarro - Vogel Motorsport - 54s822
14-) 18 Allam Khodair - Full Time Sports - 54s863
15-) 70 Diego Nunes - União Química Racing - 54s880
16-) 77 Valdeno Brito - TMG Motorsport - 54s886
17-) 51 Átila Abreu - Shell Racing - 54s954
18-) 28 Galid Osman - Ipiranga-RCM - 55s003
19-) 12 Lucas Foresti - Full Time-ProGP - 55s087
20-) 14 Luciano Burti - RZ Motorsport - 55s112
21-) 83 Gabriel Casagrande - C2 Team - 55s127
22-) 66 Felipe Guimarães - Full Time-ProGP - 55s168
23-) 73 Sergio Jimenez - Cavaleiro Racing - 55s200
24-) 110 Felipe Lapenna - Hot Car Competições - 55s228
25-) 10 Ricardo Zonta - Shell Racing - 55s364
26-) 26 Raphael Abbate - Hot Car Competições - 55s428
27-) 74 Popó Bueno - Cavaleiro Racing - 55s537
28-) 45 Fabio Carbone - Mico's Racing - 55s641
29-) 3 Bia Figueiredo - União Química Racing - 55s698
30-) 9 Guga Lima - TMG Motorsport - 55s717
31-) 63 Nestor Girolami - Eisenbahn Racing Team - no time set

*Unnofficial Results



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