Barrichello and Hoffmann set the pace in the dry on FP4 for tomorrow's Race of the Duos

Thiago Camilo and Lucas Di Grassi fastest in the wet.

Barrichello and Hoffmann set the pace in the dry on FP4 for tomorrow's Race of the Duos
Rubens Barrichello
Rubens Barrichello
Lucas di Grassi and Thiago Camilo
#80 Voxx Racing Team Peugeot: Marcos Gomes, Mark Winterbottom
Rubens Barrichello
#77 Shell Racing Chevrolet: Valdeno Brito, Laurens Vanthoor
#90 Eurofarma RC Chevrolet: Ricardo Maurício, Nestor Girolami
Drivers group photo
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The circuit of Goiânia is cutting no slack for the drivers in the Race of the Duos in Brazilian Stock Car. Once more, the dry/wet track made it difficult for the whole field, since half drove in good conditions and the other half met a wet track with the rain. And in the final session before qualifying, the times could be split in two groups.

In both conditions the croud in Goiânia could see high-skilled drivers fly past the main straight. The competition is wide open, and qualifying can be a bit of a lottery in the afternoon. In the dry 14 drivers were in the same second, with Rubens Barrichello/Ingo Hoffmann leading the pace; in the wet, again one second splitting other 14 cars, with duo Thiago Camilo/Lucas di Grassi being the fastest during the rain period.

It’s bad for everyone, even the regular drivers that never drove in the wet here.

Bruno Senna

The crazy weather, though, isn’t pleasing the drivers. "I drove half and half. This morning was the first time I run really in the wet, because yesterday the track was damp, but drying. It’s not the easiest way to learn the car and the circuit, but it’s the same for most people. Others have more experience with this car, and I think it is going to be quite hard, because I had about ten laps in the dry, and I’ll try my best", says Nicolas Prost, partner of Julio Campos at Prati-donaduzzi.

His teammate Bruno Senna has the same opinion. "It’s bad for everyone, even the regular drivers that never drove in the wet here. It’s not easy and it cut us some learning time, because I did few laps in the dry, but it is the same for everybody".

Owner of the record with 12 Stock Car titles, Ingo Hoffmann is back in the wheel of a Stock Car for the first time in six years, courtesy of his longtime friend and reigning champion Rubens Barrichello. "It’s bad, because I hadn’t run in the extremes: totally wet or totally dry - I only got a damp track or drying", he told.

Lucas di Grassi drove for most of the session, where the choice of who was going to be in the car was free. "I’m comfortable and everything looks fine. Now we need a little luck to see if the track is going to dry or if it is going to be totally wet. For qualifying this mixed condition isn’t fair, because one can get a good lap in a dry surface, and if it starts to rain, your qualifying will be ruined", the Audi driver explains.

Italian ace Tonio Liuzzi isn’t caring enough for the weather conditions. Felipe Lapenna’s partner makes his debut in Stock Car racing in Brazil and says he’s really enjoying the experience. "I really like the series. I enjoy driving this car. They are big beasts, they are not easy, but it is fun. The track is good, but finding a good balance is a tough job, but the team are working in the right direction. The championship is really high-leveled because there’s a big field with big names, so it’s not easy to be competitive. You have to work really hard, and that’s why I’m happy to be here.

Qualifying session starts at 12pm (Brazilian Time).


1. #111 Rubens Barrichello/Ingo Hoffman- Full Time Competições - 1min23s920
2. #77 Valdeno Brito/Laurens Vanthoor - Shell Racing - 1min24s016
3. #80 Marcos Gomes/Mark Winterbottom - Voxx Racing Team - 1min24s033
4. #51 Átila Abreu/Nelson Piquet Jr - AMG Motorsport - 1min24s054
5. #5 Denis Navarro/Felipe Giaffone - Vogel Motorsport - 1min24s081
6. #110 Felipe Lapenna/Vitantonio Liuzzi - Schin Racing Team - 1min24s113
7. #28 Galid Osman/Beto Monteiro - Ipiranga-RCM - 1min24s117
8. #0 Cacá Bueno/Pechito Lopez - Red Bull Racing - 1min24s157
9. #74 Popó Bueno/Guilherme Salas - Cavaleiro Racing Sports - 1min24s289
10. #83 Gabriel Casagrande/Enrique Bernoldi - C2 Team - 1min24s360
11. #65 Max Wilson/Vitor Meira - Eurofarma RC - 1min24s415
12. #1 Antonio Pizzonia/Bruno Senna - Prati-donaduzzi - 1min24s540
13. #25 Tuka Rocha/Chris Van Der Drift Peugeot - 1min24s665
14. #6 Alceu Feldmann/Ezequiel Raul Bosio - Boettger Competições - 1min24s918
15. #72 Fabio Fogaça/Leandro Totti - Hot Car Competições - 1min24s976
16. #14 Luciano Burti/Jaime Algersuari - RZ Motorsport - 1min25s114
17. #21 Thiago Camilo/Lucas Di Grassi - Ipiranga-RCM - 1min30s501
18. #70 Diego Nunes/Ricardo Rosset - Vogel Motorsport - 1min30s556
19. #10 Ricardo Zonta/Jacques Villeneuve - Shell Racing - 1min30s720
20. #11 Cesar Ramos/Frederic Vervish - Cavaleiro Racing Sports - 1min30s924
21. #2 Raphael Mattos/David Mufatto - Schin Racing Team - 1min30s990
22. #73 Sergio Jimenez/Fabio Carbone - C2 Team - 1min31s003
23. #12 Lucas Foresti/Luiz Razia - AMG Motorsport - 1min31s160
24. #4 Julio Campos/Nicholas Prost - Prati-donaduzzi - 1min31s194
25. #33 Felipe Maluhy/Xandynho Negrão - ProGP - 1min31s326
26. #90 Ricardo Mauricio/Nestor Girolami - Eurofarma RC - 1min31s337
27. #29 Daniel Serra/Chico Serra - Red Bull Racing - 1min31s350
28. #88 Felipe Fraga/Alvaro Parente - Voxx Racing Team - 1min31s461
29. #3 Bia Figueiredo/Matias Milla - União Química Racing - 1min31s484
30. #8 Rafael Suzuki/Antonio Perez - RZ Motorsport - 1min31s511
31. #18 Allam Khodair/Antonio Felix da Costa - Full Time Competições - 1min31s545
32. #26 Raphael Abbate/Nicolas Costa - Hot Car Competiçõe - 1min31s622
33. #46 Vitor Genz/Matheus Stumpf - Boettger Competições - 1min31s626

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