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------------------------------------------------------------------------Action Jackson King of Claremont >From the World Series Sprintcars website Perth, WA (Friday, November 30).....Sydney's Skip Jackson prevailed in an exciting duel with ...

------------------------------------------------------------------------Action Jackson King of Claremont

>From the World Series Sprintcars website

Perth, WA (Friday, November 30).....Sydney's Skip Jackson prevailed in an exciting duel with ten-times national champion Garry Rush to win the 30-lap A-Feature at Perth's historic Claremont Showgrounds. The pair waged a thrilling battle that kept the huge crowd enthralled, Jackson's Gibson Freight/Skilled Engineering-Gambler crossing the line two car-lengths ahead of Rush's Castrol-Maxim.

Jackson started the night in style winning the Auto Action Fast Time ahead of Rush, defending dual champion Brooke Tatnell, Brad Heywood, Kalgoorlie's Alan Haynes and top local Mark Wells. Shane Krikke became a casualty of the heat racing when his Castrol-Murphy rolled wildly in turn one to become a retirement and the family's misfortune carried over to the A-Feature.

Ron Krikke needed a new front axle following a crash in the Dash only to somersault spectacularly at the first attempt to start the feature. Son Darryl was also forced to withdraw from damage sustained in a separate incident before a lap had been run. Their misfortune allowed national speedcar champion Mike Figliomeni to transfer as a reserve from the B-Feature.

The start of the main event saw Jackson and Rush run side-by-side until the former emerged slightly ahead and that was the pattern of the race as they ran the entire duration in close proximity. Tatnell had to contend with Wells until the Geraldton driver fell back with a sore neck - almost falling into the clutches of a charging Max Dumesny who finished fifth having come from ninth starting position. Dumesny disposed of Heywood and American Danny Smith while the top ten was completed by Australian champion Todd Wanless, David Anderson and B-Feature winner Trevor Green.

Jackson was quietly happy on the victory podium, explaining, "Garry (Rush) is such a good driver I knew he was never far away - you can run so hard by so close with him. We have to make an extreme effort as it is hard to pass guys like Rush, Tatnell, Dumesny and Wells as they rarely make any mistakes. The track was excellent tonight and this win has given the team and its sponsors a lot of pleasure." Rush meanwhile conceded, "I got beaten by a faster car and driver tonight, I'm just going to have to go back to the gym as my neck let me down towards the end."

Tatnell cited handling problems, saying, "We missed the set-up as we needed to unhook the car, put the wing forward as it was a bit 'flighty'. I was hanging on for grim death as I couldn't run the cushion but the longer the race went the better the car got" Similar sentiments were expressed by Dumesny who said, "I guess I left my run too late! The car was tight early but the track came to me and I got going once I passed Danny (Smith)."

The teams now move south to Bunbury City & Regional Raceway for Round 3 tomorrow night before heading back across the Nullabor to Adelaide's Speedway City on Friday, December 6.

1996/97 WORLD SERIES SPRINTCARS CHAMPIONSHIP - ROUND 2 Claremont Speedway, Perth WA - November 30, 1996

TIME TRIALS : 1. Skip Jackson (NSW #7) 14.675s, 2. Garry Rush (NSW #2) 14.735s, 3. Brooke Tatnell (NSW #8) 14.786s, 4. Brad Heywood (NSW #12) 14.958s, 5. Alan Haynes (WA #66) 15.037s, 6. Mark Wells (WA #92) 15.051s, 7. Trevor Green (SA #4) 15.087s, 8. Danny Smith (USA #88) 15.153s, 9. Scott Milling (WA #50) 15.173s, 10. John Shore (NSW #66) 15.174s, 11. Todd Wanless (Aus #1) 15.258s, 12. Phil March (SA #3) 15.280s, 13. Mike Figliomeni (WA #10) 15.286s, 14. Max Dumesny (VIC #5) 15.287s, 15. Ryan Farrell (WA #77) 15.289s, 16. Barry Lawrence (QLD #28) 15.302s, 17. Terry Cutts (WA #16) 15.304s, 18. Ron Krikke (WA #99) 15.331s, 19. Andrew Scheuerle (QLD #95) 15.334s, 20. Darryl Krikke (WA #95) 15.390s, 21.Pino Priolo (WA #8) 15.498s, 22. Mark Gilbert (SA #5) 15.500s, 23. Anthony Lambert (QLD #77) 15.527s, 24. Shane Krikke (WA #2) 15.554s, 25. David Anderson (VIC #37) 15.588s, 26. Shane Murphy (WA #4) 15.623s, 27. Antony Kinley (WA #45) 15.771s, 28. Vince Chapman (WA #19) 15.781s, 29. Peter Smith (SA #8) 15.800s, 30. Ray Geneve (WA #40) 16.080s, 31. Mike Van Bremen (VIC #6) 16.260s, 32. Joel Knott (NSW #44) 16.272s.


HEAT 1 : 1. David Anderson, 2. Vince Chapman, 3. Mike Van Bremen, 4. Mike Figliomeni, 5. Barry Lawrence, 6. Mark Gilbert, 7. Skip Jackson, 8. John Shore, 9. Brad Heywood, 10. Andrew Scheuerle HEAT 2 : 1. Shane Murphy, 2. Peter Smith, 3. Darryl Krikke, 4. Max Dumesny, 5. Danny Smith, 6. Garry Rush, 7. Todd Wanless, 8. Terry Cutts, 9. Alan Haynes, 10. Anthony Lambert, 11. Joel Knott HEAT 3 : 1. Ray Geneve, 2. Ron Krikke, 3. Mark Wells, 4. Antony Kinley, 5. Brooke Tatnell, 6. Ryan Farrell, 7. Pino Priolo, 8. Scott Milling, 9. Phil March HEAT 4 : 1. Peter Smith, 2. David Anderson, 3. Mike Van Bremen, 4. Todd Wanless, 5. Skip Jackson, 6. Anthony Lambert, 7. Mike Figliomeni, 8. Andrew Scheuerle, 9. Trevor Green, 10. Terry Cutts, 11. Alan Haynes HEAT 5 : 1. Vince Chapman, 2. Ron Krikke, 3. Mark Wells, 4. Phil March, 5. Barry Lawrence, 6. Brad Heywood, 7. John Shore, 8. Ray Geneve HEAT 6 : 1. Brooke Tatnell, 2. Darryl Krikke, 3. Max Dumesny, 4. Pino Priolo, 5. Danny Smith, 6. Shane Murphy, 7. Joel Knott

GOODYEAR EAGLE TROPHY DASH (6 laps) : 1. Skip Jackson, 2. Garry Rush, 3. Mark Wells, 4. Brooke Tatnell, 5. Brad Heywood, 6. Ron Krikke

B-FEATURE (12 laps) : 1. Trevor Green, 2. Barry Lawrence, 3. Mike Figliomeni, 4. Terry Cutts, 5. Phil March, 6. Ryan Farrell, 7. Scott Milling, 8. Andrew Scheuerle, 9. Shane Murphy, 10. Anthony Lambert, 11. Mark Gilbert, 12 Joel Knott

A-FEATURE (30 laps) : 1. Skip Jackson, 2. Garry Rush, 3. Brooke Tatnell, 4. Mark Wells, 5. Max Dumesny, 6. Brad Heywood, 7. Danny Smith, 8. Todd Wanless, 9. David Anderson, 10. Trevor Green, 11. Alan Haynes, 12. Vince Chapman, 13. Barry Lawrence, 14. Peter Smith, 15. Mike Figliomeni, 16. Darryl Krikke, 17. Ron Krikke


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