Williams Grove Twin Twenty Lap Features 98-08-21

Cris Eash and Billy Pauch Split the Twin Twenties Mechanicsburg, PA (August 21, 1998) - Williams Grove Speedway held their annual Jack Gunn Memorial twin twenty lap Sprint car races this evening. Cris Eash won the first feature race, as well as...

Cris Eash and Billy Pauch Split the Twin Twenties

Mechanicsburg, PA (August 21, 1998) - Williams Grove Speedway held their annual Jack Gunn Memorial twin twenty lap Sprint car races this evening. Cris Eash won the first feature race, as well as taking the second heat race. Billy Pauch was the victor in the second feature, winning in convincing style.

In the first twenty lap feature, Dave Haight started on outside of row one with Jeff Rohrbaugh right behind him. When the green was shown, the top was the place to be, with Haight and Rohrbaugh pulling out an early lead.

After starting eighth, Eash cleared polesitter Rick Kaylor for third on lap three. It took Eash two laps to close the 10 car length gap to Rohrbaugh, dispatching him to third upon arrival. A four car length lead by Haight quickly evaporated with Eash taking the point on lap six. Eash was able to maintain a comfortable lead to the checkered despite two restarts, once for a red flag and once for the yellow.

Don Krietz Jr. moved up quickly from his 11th place starting position. Kreitz was fourth when the red flag appeared for Shaffer's flip with seven laps complete. Krietz moved into second shortly after the restart and was never seriously challenged.

Todd Shaffer experienced a violent flip in turn two, going over the guardrail in a fast end-over-end roll. Shaffer got out of the car unassisted and managed to walk back to the pits after a moment to clear the cobwebs. Shaffer's crew worked diligently to repair heavy damage to the No. 88 car allowing Shaffer to start in the second feature. After the wreck was cleared, the red period was extended for a few minutes to repair the catch fencing in turn two.

Billy Pauch had the only car with enough for Eash but the Frenchtown, N.J. driver was relegated to the rear of the field for the start after reporting late to the speedway for the feature. Pauch's march to the front was highlighted by a battle with Fred Rahmer as the pair swapped sixth place at half distance. Rahmer ended up third with Pauch close behind in fourth.

Billy Pauch won the second feature, making a triumphant return to sprint car racing after being sidelined for three months. It was exactly three months ago tonight that Pauch suffered a knee injury at Williams Grove during a World of Outlaws race. Pauch has been racing modifieds for the past six weeks, coming back "calf roping instead of bull riding". as Pauch put it.

Polesitter Sean Michael led at the drop of the green, pulling out an early five car length lead. Rahmer, who started fourth, slowly reeled in Michael, looking low on each end of the track. With Rahmer looking low, Pauch used the room up on the rim, pulling up on Rahmer's rear bumper. Rahmer looked low once more and Pauch was around the outside and into second on lap seven.

Pauch's momentum around the top shot him alongside Michael as the pair raced to the flagstand. The yellow flag appeared and Pauch was scored as leading lap seven. As soon as Pauch's teammate, Kevin Gobrecht in the 1z car, was cleared from the track, the race resumed with Pauch driving off into the distance. Pauch's margin of victory was over seven seconds.

Rahmer finished second, followed by Michael, Eash and Dewease in fifth.

Don Kreitz ran in the top five for most of the race, fading late in the race to finish 13th.

Heat One Results: (10 laps/4 qualify): 1. 69 Don Kreitz Jr., 2. 25 Todd Gracey, 3. 1z Kevin Gobrecht, 4. 32w Brook Weibley, 5. 22 Jamie Chesson, 6. 623 Todd Bertolini, 7. 92a Jon Armstrong, 8. 55 Mike Wagner DNF, 9. Bob Bennett DNF

Jamie Chesson was penalized two positions for hitting cone on restart

Heat Two Results: 1. 17e Cris Eash, 2. P.J. Chesson, 3. 53 Shawn Keen, 4. 77e Dave Ely, 5. 12 Greg Hodnett, 6. 461 Lance Dewease, 7. 33 Jeff Thompson DNF, 8. 51 Karl Baker DNF, 9. 7 Dave Cordier DNF

Heat Three Results: 1. 13k Rick Kaylor, 2. 10 Len Thompson, 3. 88m Sean Michael, 4. 88 Todd Shaffer, 5. 65 Johnny Mackison Jr., 6. X Bobby Weaver, 7. 8 Dan Dietrich, 8. 30 Tom Leach, 9. 12w Troy Fraker Time: 3:05.76

Heat Four Results: 1. 10n Dave Haight, 2. 07 Jeff Rohrbaugh, 3. 1 Billy Pauch, 4. 77 Fred Rahmer, 5. 92 Brian Gobrecht, 6. 75w Randy Wolfe, 7. 7m Todd Hesstor, 8. i07 Mark Coldren, 9. 54 Tim Seiler DNF Time: 3:08.54

Consi #1 Results (10 laps/4 qualify): 1. Hodnett, 2. Dewease, 3. Jamie Chesson, 4. Bertolini, 5. Armstrong, 6. Baker, 7. Bennett DNF, 8. J. Thompson DNF, 9. Wagner DNS, 10. Cordier DNS Time: 3:01.16

Consi #2 Results: 1. Mackison, 2. B. Gobrecht, 3. Weaver, 4. Dietrich, 5. Wolfe, 6. Hesstor, 7. Leach, 8. Seiler DNF, 9. Fraker DNS, 10. Coldren DNS

Feature #1 Results (20 laps): 1. Eash, 2. Kreitz, 3. Rahmer, 4. Pauch, 5. Rohrbaugh, 6. Michael, 7. Haight, 8. K. Gobrecht, 9. Dewease, 10. Ely, 11. Mackison, 12. L. Thompson, 13. Keen, 14. Hodnett, 15. Weibley, 16. B. Gobrecht, 17. Jamie Chesson, 18. Dietrich, 19. Kaylor, 20. Bertolini, 21. Armstrong, 22. P.J. Chesson, 23. Weaver, 24. Shaffer

92a-Armstrong started as alternate when Gracey experienced mechanical failure

Feature #2 Results: 1. Pauch, 2. Rahmer, 3. Michael, 4. Eash, 5. Dewease, 6. Hodnett, 7. Mackison, 8. B. Gobrecht, 9. Haight, 10. Jamie Chesson, 11. Weibley, 12. Rohrbaugh, 13. Kreitz, 14. L. Thompson, 15. Dietrich, 16. Keen, 17. Kaylor, 18. P.J. Chesson, 19. Weaver, 20. Armstrong, 21. Bertolini, 22. K. Gobrecht, 23. Ely, 24. Shaffer

David Reininger - Motorsport News International

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