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Fred Rahmer is off to a fantastic start in 1997 winning his second feature at Williams Grove Speedway on Sunday. Ed Lynch Jr. had the race won when he went high coming out of turn four, hitting the wall and causing his 2L sprinter to get upside...

Fred Rahmer is off to a fantastic start in 1997 winning his second feature at Williams Grove Speedway on Sunday. Ed Lynch Jr. had the race won when he went high coming out of turn four, hitting the wall and causing his 2L sprinter to get upside down. Lynch was unhurt.

Heat One Line-Up Heat One Results (10 laps - 6 to qualify) 1. 49 Bob Howard 1. Cris Eash 2. 41 Jim Shuttlesworth 2. Billy Pauch 3. 121 Judi Bates 3. Judi Bates 4. 15d Brook Weibley 4. Len Thompson 5. 77t Jess Thomas 5. Alan Cole 6. 10 Len Thompson 6. Jim Shuttlesworth 7. 17 Alan Cole 7. Bob Howard 8. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 8. Brook Weibley 9. 17e Cris Eash 9. Jess Thomas 10. 1 Billy Pauch 10. Todd Bertolini 11. 623 Todd Bertolini 11. Kevin Gobrecht (DNF)

On the initial start, Judi Bates and Len Thompson tangled in turn one and managed to collect Kevin Gobrecht who ended up on his side. Gobrecht was towed to the pits.

Shuttlesworth took the lead at the wave of the green with Howard second. Bob Howard began to slide backwards early with Judi Bates finishing the first lap in second position.

Brook Weibley who had a solid fifth position, pulled a huge wheelstand out of turn four. Weibley backed out of the throttle briefly to set the front wheels on the ground but got back on the power causing the front wheels to bounce back up in the air. With the front wheels still in the air, and the car moving towards the inside guardrail, Weibley had to get off the power and he slipped to ninth position.

Meanwhile, it was a three way battle for the lead between Shuttlesworth, Bates and Len Thompson. Pauch and Eash battled for fourth further back in the field.

A yellow flag closed the field with five laps completed. On the restart Pauch moved into second behind Judi Bates. Eash followed Pauch and with two laps remaining it was Bates, Pauch and Eash at the front.

Pauch passed Judi Bates for the lead on lap eight. Eash and Bates were side by side as they passed the white flag. Eash took the position through one and two. As Pauch approached turn three it looked as if the car jumped out of gear. Eash went by as did Bates. Pauch got the car going again and passed Judi Bates for second in turn four of the final lap.

Heat Two Line-Up Heat Two Results 1. 3 Bob Bennett 1. Mike Wagner 2. 53 Shawn Keen 2. Fred Rahmer 3. 10n Jeff Thompson 3. Todd Shaffer 4. 30 Daryl Stimeling 4. Jeff Rohrbough 5. 16c Cliff Brian 5. Keith Kauffman 6. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 6. Brian Paulis 7. 55 Mike Wagner 7. Shawn Keen 8. 88 Todd Shaffer 8. Jeff Thompson 9. 28 Brian Paulis 9. Bob Bennett 10. 77 Fred Rahmer 10. Cliff Brian (DNF) 11. U2 Keith Kauffman 11. Daryl Stimeling (DNS)

It took three waves of the green to start heat two. The first try was called a false start and Cliff Brian had a flat tire before a lap could be scored during the second try.

Heat Three Line-Up Heat Three Results 1. 8 Jamie Steffy 1. Ed Lynch Jr. 2. 92 Brian Gobrecht 2. Jamie Steffy 3. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 3. Brian Gobrecht 4. 07 Dave Haight 4. Dave Haight 5. 5 Craig Eshenauer 5. Don Kreitz 6. 16 Bill Brian 6. Rod George 7. 69k Don Kreitz 7. Lance Dewease 8. 5g Rod George 8. Bill Brian 9. 461 Lance Dewease 9. Craig eshenaur 10. 20 Brian Ellenberger 10. Brian Ellenberger 11. 99 11. 99

Sprint Consi Line-Up Sprint Consi Results (10 laps) 1. 49 Bob Howard 1. Lance Dewease 2. 53 Shawn Keen 2. Brook Weibley 3. 461 Lance Dewease 3. Bob Howard 4. 15d Brook Weibley 4. Kevin Gobrecht 5. 10n Jeff Thompson 5. Bill Brian 6. 16 Bill Brian 6. Cliff Brian 7. 77t Jess Thomas 7. Shawn Keen 8. 3 Bob Bennett 8. Daryl Stimeling 9. 5 Craig Eshenauer 9. Brian Ellenberger 10. 623 Todd Bertolini 11. 16c Cliff Brian 12. 20 Brian Ellenberger 13. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 14. 30 Daryl Stimeling 15. 99

Cliff Brian just made it into a transfer spot as Keen and Brian came to the white flag side by side with Keen with the edge. Brian took the position into turn one and Keen passed Brian coming out of turn two. Cliff Brian poured in one in the final turns and just took the final transfer spot as he exited turn four.

Feature Line-Up Feature Results (25 laps) 1. 8 Jamie Steffy 1. Fred Rahmer ($3,000) 2. 92 Brian Gobrecht 2. Billy Pauch 3. 121 Judi Bates 3. Todd Shaffer 4. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 4. Keith Kauffman 5. 07 Dave Haight 5. Alan Cole 6. 10 Len Thompson 6. Lance Dewease 7. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 7. Don Kreitz 8. 55 Mike Wagner 8. Dave Haight 9. 88 Todd Shaffer 9. Jamie Steffy 10. 17e Cris Eash 10. Rod George 11. 1 Billy Pauch 11. Len Thompson 12. 77 Fred Rahmer 12. Bill Brian 13. 17 Alan Cole 13. Mike Wagner 14. U2 Keith Kauffman 14. Brian Paulis 15. 69k Don Kreitz 15. Jeff Rohrbough 16. 41 Jim Shuttlesworth 16. Brook Weibley 17. 28 Brian Paulis 17. Brian Gobrecht 18. 5g Rod George 18. Ed Lynch Jr. (DNF) 19. 461 Lance Dewease 19. Bob Howard 20. 15d Brook Weibley 20. Jim Shuttlesworth 21. 49 Bob Howard 21. Kevin Gobrecht 22. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 22. Cris Eash 23. 16 Bill Brian 23. Judi Bates 24. 16c Cliff Brian 24. Cliff Brian

Sprint Notes:

Todd Shaffer was the winner Friday night at Port Royal.

Keith Kauffman drove the U2, which is usually driven by Kevin Huntley, to victory at Lincoln Speedway Saturday afternoon.

Selinsgrove was canceled Saturday night due to the frozen track.

Next week Williams Grove Speedway returns to Friday night racing action. Lincoln Speedway returns to its regular Saturday night racing next week as well.

Visit Williams Grove Speedway on the World Wide Web at: http://www.wmgrove.com

-- David Reininger's Paper Race http://www.motorsport.com/paper-race

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