Williams Grove Results 97-03-09

Billy Pauch took the sprint car half of the double feature held Sunday afternoon at Williams Grove Speedway. Jeff Strunk held off Kenny Brightbill to win the sportsman modified portion of the program. Each driver took home $3,000 for winning...

Billy Pauch took the sprint car half of the double feature held Sunday afternoon at Williams Grove Speedway. Jeff Strunk held off Kenny Brightbill to win the sportsman modified portion of the program. Each driver took home $3,000 for winning their respective 25 lap features.

Sprint Car Races

Four drivers advanced from each heat with the top three drawing for starting positions 1 through 12 in the feature.

Heat One Line-up Heat One Results (10 laps) 1. 15D Brook Weibley 1. Don Kreitz 3:05.65 2. 69K Don Kreitz 2. Brook Weibley 3. 17 Alan Cole 3. Jess Thomas 4. 77T Jess Thomas 4. Alan Cole 5. 3 Bob Bennett 6. 1/2 Von McGee 7. 30 Daryl Stimeling 8. 41 Jim Shuttlesworth 9. 5 Craig Eshenaur 10. 22J Joe Ilg

Kreitz and Weibley pulled out a big lead over third place. Jess Thomas managed to hold the third position as Alan Cole tried everything in the book to gain the position. Stimeling and Eshenaur would later make the field through the consolation races.

Heat Two Line-Up Heat Two Results 1. 77 Fred Rahmer 1. Billy Pauch 3:01.78 2. 1Z Billy Pauch 2. Fred Rahmer 3. 13 Scott Jones 3. Cris Eash 4. 17E Cris Eash 4. Rod George 5. 5G Rod George 5. Kevin Gobrecht 6. 10N Jeff Thompson 6. Brian Paulus 7. 28 Brian Paulus 8. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 9. 2L Ed Lynch Jr.

Sprint car fans were delighted to find two of the hottest shoes on the east coast filling the front row of heat two. No one was disappointed when Rahmer and Pauch took the green side by side and stayed that way through turns one and two. Rahmer went low and Pauch took the faster high side. Pauch took the lead exiting turn two. Ed Lynch hit the guard rail in turn 3 and the yellow flew before a lap could be scored.

Pauch would have to try it again as the field was realigned for a restart. Pauch got the jump on the next start and held a slight advantage over Rahmer entering turn one. Into turn one it was Pauch, Rahmer, Eash, Jones, Kevin Gobrecht and Rod George. Rod George moved to the inside to pass Kevin Gobrecht and continued passed Scott Jones to take fourth by the end of the first lap.

Heat Three Line-up Heat Three Results 1. 88 Todd Shaffer 1. Mike Wagner 3:12.79 2. 55 Mike Wagner 2. Len Thompson 3. 16 Bill Brian 3. Todd Shaffer 4. 6 Bill Fannasy 4. Dave Haight 5. 66 Shawn Weaver 5. Bill Brian 6. 8 Jamie Steffy 6. Shawn Keen 7. 07 Dave Haight 7. Bill Fannasy 8. 10 Len Thompson 9. 53 Shawn Keen

Jamie Steffy flipped the number 8 car owned by Dan Dietrich one the first lap which brought out the red flag. Steffy was uninjured. A complete restart was in order and Mike Wagner took the lead at the drop of the green. Len Thompson passed Todd Shaffer in turn two on the first lap and went to work on Wagner for the lead.

At the halfway point, Shaffer had reeled in the leaders. With two laps to go there was a three way battle for the lead. Thompson tried high and low but the track was hard and slick making passing difficult.

Heat Four Line-Up Heat Four Results 1. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 1. Lance Dewease 2. 16C Cliff Brian 2. Mark Richard 3. 29 Jim Nace 3. Jeff Rohrbough 4. 5K Mark Richard 4. Judi Bates 5. 121 Judi Bates 5. Cliff Brian 6. 49 Bob Howard 6. Brian Gobrecht 7. 92 Brian Gobrecht 7. Bob Howard 8. 461 Lance Dewease 9. 30X Tom Leach

Cliff Brian took the lead at the wave of the green followed by Jeff Rohrbough and Mark Richard. Dewease, who moved from his 8th starting position to sixth at the start, passed Bob Howard on the first lap and then Judi Bates on the second lap to take fourth position. Meanwhile Mark Richard passed Rohrbough to take the second position. With two laps in the book, Tom Leach spun in turn two but continued after doing a 360. Leach wasn't as lucky in turn three as he spun causing the yellow flag to appear.

Mark Richard took the lead on the restart. Rohrbough and Dewease passed Cliff Brian to take second and third. Dewease then pressed Richard for the lead. Dewease's car was working well off the turns. As the pair raced through turns three and four, Dewease went high but cut low coming out of four passing Mark Richard on the inside as the pair came to complete lap eight.

Sprint Consi One Line-Up Sprint Consi One Results 1. 30 Daryl Stimeling 1. Kevin Gobrecht 2. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 2. Craig Eshenaur 3. 5 Craig Eshenaur 3. Brian Paulus 4. 28 Brian Paulus 4. Daryl Stimeling 5. 1/2 Von McGee 5. Jeff Thompson 6. 13 Scott Jones 7. 3 Bob Bennett 8. 10N Jeff Thompson 9. 41 Jim Shuttlesworth 10. 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 11. 22J Joe Ilg

Kevin Gobrecht took the lead at the green followed by Eshenaur and Stimeling. Paulus passed Stimeling and went to work on Eshenaur. Kevin Gobrecht opened up a huge lead over Eshenaur. On lap six, Gobrecht caught some backmarkers but Kevin made quick work of them and Eshenauer never had a chance to challenge for the lead.

Sprint Consi Two Line-Up Sprint Consi Two Results 1. 16 Billy Brian 1. Cliff Brian 2. 16C Cliff Brian 2. Billy Brian 3. 53 Shawn Keen 3. Jim Nace 4. 92 Brian Gobrecht 4. Shawn Keen 5. 6 Bill Fannasy 5. Bob Howard 6. 49 Bob Howard 6. Brian Gobrecht 7. 8 Jamie Steffy 7. Bill Fannasy 8. 29 Jim Nace 9. 30X Tom Leach

Cliff Brian got the jump on older brother Billy and lead the first lap. Brian Gobrecht was fourth when he spun in turn three causing a yellow. The race was restarted with 2 laps in the book. Jim Nace passed Shawn Keen for third on the restart. Brian Gobrecht, who tagged on to the rear of the field after his spin, immediately gained two positions on the restart. Brian Gobrecht looked to be having problems getting out of turn four. On one lap Gobrecht slipped over the cushion and got loose and on another lap he managed to pull a spectacular wheelstand exiting the last turn. The Brian brothers finished the second consi one-two followed by Jim Nace. Shawn Keen took the fourth and final transfer position.

Sprint Feature Line-Up Sprint Feature Results (25 laps) 1. 77 Fred Rahmer 1. Billy Pauch $3,000 2. 1Z Billy Pauch 2. Fred Rahmer 3. 88 Todd Shaffer 3. Lance Dewease 4. 10 Len Thompson 4. Todd Shaffer 5. 461 Lance Dewease 5. Cris Eash 6. 55 Mike Wagner 6. Don Kreitz 7. 69K Don Kreitz 7. Mark Richard 8. 17E Cris Eash 8. Len Thompson 9. 5K Mark Richard 9. Jeff Rohrbough 10. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 10. Alan Cole 11. 15D Brook Weibley 11. Dave Haight 12. 77T Jess Thomas 12. Kevin Gobrecht 13. 17 Alan Cole 13. Mike Wagner 14. 5G Rod George 14. Jim Nace 15. 07 Dave Haight 15. Rod George 16. 121 Judi Bates 16. Brook Weibley 17. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 17. Brian Paulus 18. 16C Cliff Brian 18. Cliff Brian 19. 5 Craig Eshenaur 19. Bill Brian 20. 16 Billy Brian 20. Judi Bates 21. 28 Brian Paulus 21. Daryl Stimeling 22. 29 Jim Nace 22. Jess Thomas 23. 30 Daryl Stimeling 23. Craig Eshenaur 24. 53 Shawn Keen 24. Shawn Keen

Rahmer and Pauch pulled pills one and two just as they had for the start of heat race two. Pauch tried to get the jump at the start but Pauch tried to put too much power down and got a bit out of shape coming out of turn four. Rahmer took a healthy lead followed by Pauch, Len Thompson, Shaffer, Wagner and Dewease in sixth. The first battle for position in the early going was for seventh between Eash and Kreitz. Eash and Kreitz side by side for several laps. Dewease managed to reel in Shaffer and a fierce battle ensued. Len Thompson slipped back a bit and the battle between Shaffer and Dewease for fourth, joined Thompson in a three way battle for third. Shaffer and Dewease passed Thompson and continued to battle for third. Dewease passed Shaffer for third on lap twenty but Shaffer stayed right behind for the next four laps. On the white flag lap, Dewease used a big slide job to put the lapped car of Weibley between him and Shaffer, cementing his third place finish.

Rahmer encountered traffic as he completed seven laps allowing Pauch to close. Pauch followed Rahmer closely for the next eleven laps looking for a place to make his move. Rahmer, who was having trouble coming off the turns, encountered a race between two backmarkers, Weibley and Paulus, in turn four. Pauch took advantage of traffic and passed Rahmer as the pair came to complete lap eighteen.

Dewease closed on Rahmer on the last lap and looked as if he might challenge for second place. Lapped traffic again came into play as Rahmer was able to pass Rod George through the last two turns of the race while Dewease stayed behind George and held onto third. play.

This was Billy Pauch's thirteenth career win at Williams Grove Speedway. The twenty five lap feature was timed at 8:47.40 and all twenty four starters finished the race.

Next week's coverage of the central Pennsylvania sprint car scene will be limited and may be late as MNI's reporter, David Reininger, will be in Sebring, Florida covering the IMSA 12 hour endurance race.

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