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Williams Grove Speedway opened its 58th season of racing on Sunday with a $3,000 to win 25 lap feature for sprint cars. Fred Rahmer won the feature in the Al Hamilton ...

Williams Grove Speedway opened its 58th season of racing on Sunday with a $3,000 to win 25 lap feature for sprint cars. Fred Rahmer won the feature in the Al Hamilton #77 sprint car, it was Rahmer's second win in Central Pennsylvania this season.

Six drivers qualified from each heat with the top four drivers in each heat drawing for position in the feature.

Heat One Line-Up Heat One Results (10 laps) 1. 17E Cris Eash 1. Cris Eash 3:02.83 2. 77 Fred Rahmer 2. Fred Rahmer 3. 30 Daryl Stimeling 3. Billy Pauch 4. 13J Scott Jones 4. Brian Paulis 5. 8 Dan Dietrich 5. Daryl Stimeling 6. 28 Brian Paulis 6. Dan Dietrich 7. 1Z Billy Pauch 7. Craig Eshnauer 8. 121 Judi Bates 8. Len Thompson 9. 10 Len Thompson 9. Judi Bates 10. 5 Craig Eshenaur 10. Brook Weibley 11. 15D Brook Weibley

On the first wave of the green flag Rahmer got a big jump on Eash, the polesitter, and the starter lined them back up again for a another try. The second try was much better as Eash and Rahmer raced side by side for the first two laps. Rahmer had the edge on the first lap and Eash lead the second. Jones was third and Paulis fourth. Pauch who was fifth in the early going passed Paulis and went to work on Jones. Pauch took Jones for third on lap 5 after a battle where Pauch looked like he was having trouble keeping the car down low.

Heat Two Line-Up Heat Two Results 1. 88 Todd Shaffer 1. Todd Shaffer 3:00.86 (new 10 lap track record) 2. 6 Bill Fannasy 2. Cliff Brian 3. 16C Cliff Brian 3. Billy Sims 4. 55 Mike Wagner 4. Mike Wagner 5. 55s Billy Sims 5. Billy Brian 6. 16 Billy Brian 6. Jeff Rohrbough 7. 49 Bob Howard 8. 23s Frankie Kerr 9. 45 Jeff Rohrbough 10. 07 Dave Haight 11. 9 Allen Sennet (sp?)

Todd Shaffer set a new track record for a ten lap qualifying race in heat two with a time of 3:00.86. This breaks the old mark of 3:02.25 set by Lance Dewease on March 5, 1995.

Heat Three Line-Up Heat Three Results 1. 12 Kevin Gobrecht 1. Kevin Gobrecht 3:01.60 2. 94 Lyndon Forsythe (sp?) 2. Don Kreitz 3. 69k Don Kreitz 3. Rod George 4. 5G Rod George 4. Lance Dewease 5. 461 Lance Dewease 5. Alan Cole 6. 17 Alan Cole 6. Jeff Thompson 7. 10N Jeff Thompson 8. 87 George Suprick 9. 41 Jim Shuttlesworth 10. 53 Shawn Keen 11. 38 Larry Miller

Kevin Gobrecht broke the old track record set by Dewease two years ago but he was not fast enough to break the new record set by Todd Shaffer in the previous heat.

Kevin Gobrecht opened up a big lead over Kreitz by the second lap. Kreitz in turn had a comfortable lead over Rod George in third who had Lance Dewease all over his tail in a fierce battle for third. Rod George had his hands full with Dewease pressing hard in traffic until lap 8 when Lance bobbled giving George a bit of breathing space. Lance's bobble almost cost him the fourth position as Alan Cole was able to close on Dewease at the finish.

B-Main Line-Up (10 laps 4 to qualify) B-Main Results 1. Craig Eshenaur 1. Frankie Kerr 2. Frankie Kerr 2. Craig Eshenaur 3. Jim Shuttlesworth 3. Len Thompson 4. Len Thompson 4. Jim Shuttlesworth 5. Dave Haight 5. Scott Jones 6. George Suprick 6. Dave Haight 7. Judi Bates 7. Judi Bates 8. Bill Fannasy 9. Lyndon Forsythe 10. Brook Weibley 11. Bob Howard 12. Shawn Keen 13. Scott Jones 14. Alan Sennet 15. Larry Miller

The yellow flag appeared after two laps were completed in the B-Main when the 9 car of Alan Sennet stopped on the track. In the two laps of green flag it was evident that the front runners were going to run away from the pack and that's exactly what happened when the green flag reappeared. Kerr, Eshenaur and Thompson, each with a nice cushion over their closest competitor, separated themselves from the leader of the pack, Shuttlesworth in fourth. Shuttlesworth had a fierce battle behind him between Haight in fifth and Jones in sixth.

Bob Howard's top wing collapsed, bringing out the yellow with seven laps completed.

When the green replaced the yellow, Haight and Jones resumed their battle. Haight and Jones swapped positions twice in the next two laps before the yellow appeared again. With one lap left in the B-Main the cars lined up for one more restart. Jones managed to pass Haight for fifth place on the last lap.

Feature Line-Up Feature Results (25 laps) 1. Mike Wagner 1. Fred Rahmer ($3,000) 2. Rod George 2. Lance Dewease 3. Cris Eash 3. Rod George 4. Fred Rahmer 4. Cris Eash 5. Kevin Gobrecht 5. Mike Wagner 6. Cliff Brian 6. Don Kreitz 7. Lance Dewease 7. Billy Brian 8. Billy Sims 8. Alan Cole 9. Todd Shaffer 9. Craig Eshenaur 10. Don Kreitz 10. Jeff Rohrbough 11. Billy Pauch 11. Daryl Stimeling 12. Brian Paulis 12. Todd Shaffer (DNF) 13. Daryl Stimeling 13. Kevin Gobrecht (DNF) 14. Billy Brian 14. Len Thompson (DNF) 15. Alan Cole 15. Billy Pauch (DNF) 16. Dan Dietrich 16. Brian Paulis (DNF) 17. Jeff Rohrbough 17. Bill Sims (DNF) 18. Jeff Thompson 18. Jeff Thompson (DNF) 19. Frankie Kerr 19. Scott Jones (DNF) 20. Craig Eshenaur 20. Dan Dietrich (DNF) 21. Len Thompson 21. Dave Haight (DNF) 22. Jim Shuttlesworth 22. Frankie Kerr (DNF) 23. Scott Jones 23. Jim Shuttlesworth (DNF) 24. Dave Haight 24. Cliff Brian (DNF)

Mike Wagner and Rod George pulled pills one and two and started on the front row. Both drivers had run strong in their heats and with the track being very fast it would be difficult to pass. Wagner lead the first lap, followed closely by Rod George and Fred Rahmer. On lap three George passed Wagner on the backstretch and Rahmer, in third, pulled up to battle for second. Rahmer pressed Wagner hard for six laps before moving into second on lap nine. Rahmer immediately moved into a battle for the lead with Rod George.

While Rahmer and George battled for the lead in heavy traffic, Eash and Dewease moved passed Wagner and battled for third. With 14 laps completed, Shaffer and Dietrich tangled in turn three causing the #8 sprinter of Dan Dietrich to tumble. Dietrich was uninjured. On the restart George held his ground while the 77 car of Rahmer pulled both front wheels off the ground down the front stretch. On the next lap, both George and Rahmer pulled wheelies down the front straight as both drivers fought for the lead into turn one. Both drivers raced side by side for the next four laps when the yellow appeared for Bill Sims who stopped on the track.

Rahmer took the lead on the backstretch on lap nineteen after running side by side with George through turns one and two. Several yellows appeared in the last few laps. Dewease was able move past George and press Rahmer for the lead in the final laps. Rahmer went into the turns high and cut low coming out of the turns to block Dewease who was fast coming out of the turns. Rod George ran strong and was able to finish third after starting second.

Attrition was heavy as only 11 cars finished the feature. This helped Craig Eshenaur who started 20th and finished ninth.

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