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Russ was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to skip the action at Williams Grove on Friday 30 August. Russ will be back when Sprint car racing returns to Williams Grove for a USAC race on 13 September. First on the card for the evening...

Russ was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to skip the action at Williams Grove on Friday 30 August. Russ will be back when Sprint car racing returns to Williams Grove for a USAC race on 13 September.

First on the card for the evening was a Sportsman race which was rained out on 12 July. Mark Smith won the 20 lap make-up race. Larry Jackson lead most of the race but had the right rear tire go flat in turn four on the last lap. Jackson put his foot back into it, throwing bits of his shredded tire fifty feet in the air as he crossed the finish line in third place.

Sprint Cars Heat One Lineup 10 laps 6 cars transfer to feature 1. 15L Larry Miller 2. 25 Scott Ausherman 3. 27 Ron Cramer 4. 13 Scott Jones 5. 16 Billy Brian 6. 07 Dave Haight 7. 17E Chris Eash 8. 461 Lance Dewease

Larry Miller decided to start from the rear.

Chris Eash and Billy Brian made great starts. Brian moved into second on the first lap. By lap five the order was Ausherman, Brian, Eash and Dewease a distant fourth. Ausherman pulled out a decent lead as Brian and Eash battled for second place. Slowly, the battle for second closed the gap on the leader Ausherman. On lap nine, Eash passed Brian for second and immediatlely closed the door on him as Brian tried to regain the lost position. Eash ran down Ausherman on the last lap and passed him in turn four to take the win.

Heat One Results 1. Chris Eash 2. Scott Ausherman 3. Billy Brian 4. Lance Dewease 5. Scott Jones 6. Dave Haight 7. Ron Cramer

Heat Two Lineup 1. 10N Jeff Thompson 2. 2C Will Cramer 3. 5 Craig Eshenaur 4. 12F John Fraker 5. 55 Mike Wagner 6. 5G Rod George 7. 1 Billy Pauch 8. 7 Barry Camp

Pauch jumped to fourth on the first lap and went to second on the second lap. At the end of the second lap the order was Rod George, Billy Pauch, Will Cramer, Jeff Thompson and Craig Eshenauer. The first three cars seperated themselves from each other while Thompson and Eshenaur ran side by side for the fourth position. Pauch started taking the low line and began to gain ground on George who ran the high side. On the last lap, it looked like Pauch would be able to pass George on the inside when both racers dove for the inside line into turn one. Pauch had to brake to avoid hitting George and this cemented George's win.

Heat Two Results 1. Rod George 2. Billy Pauch 3. Mike Wagner 4. Will Cramer 5. Craig Eshenaur 6. Jeff Thompson

Heat Three Lineup 1. 3 Bob Bennett 2. 7 Dave Cordier 3. 10 Len Thompson 4. 8 Rick Hench 5. 5K Mark Richard 6. 88 Todd Shaffer 7. 69K Don Kreitz Jr. 8. 1B Jimmy Burns

At the end of the first lap the order was Cordier, Thompson, Shaffer, Kreitz and Bennett. With four laps in the book, the yellow flag flew for Jimmy Burns who stopped on the track. Bob Bennett had a flat tire during the yellow and reported to the pits. Todd Shaffer was put back two positions for jumping the intitial start. When green replaced the yellow the order was Cordier, Thompson, Kreitz, Richard, and Shaffer. Kreitz passed Thompson on the restart in turn four and passed Cordier for the lead going into turn one. Kreitz opened up a big lead over Cordier. Thompson followed Cordier with Richard in fourth with a very determined Todd Shaffer on his rear. Shaffer tried everything but was not able to pass Richard. On the last lap, the battle between Mark Richard and Todd Shaffer caught up to Len Thompson. Richard passed Thompson for

Heat Three results 1. Don Kreitz Jr. 2. Dave Cordier 3. Mark Richard 4. Len Thompson 5. Todd Shaffer

There was no consi for the sprint cars.

Sprint Feature Lineup 1. Scott Ausherman 2. Will Cramer 3. Dave Cordier 4. Len Thompson 5. Billy Brian 6. Mike Wagner 7. Mark Richard 8. Rod George 9. Chris Eash 10. Billy Pauch 11. Don Kreitz Jr. 12. Lance Dewease 13. Scott Jones 14. Craig Eshenaur 15. Todd Shaffer 16. Dave Haight 17. Jeff Thompson 18. Rick Hench 19. Ron Cramer 20 Barry Camp 21. Bob Bennett 22. Larry Miller 23. John Fraker 24. Jimmy Burns

Ron Cramer stopped on the backstretch and Mike Wagner spun in turn four bringing out the yellow with two laps in the books. At the end of two the order was Ausherman, Brian, Pauch, Will Cramer, Cordier, Len Thompson, George, Dewease, Eash, Richard, Shaffer, Kreitz, Haight and Jeff Thompson. Bill Brian made his move on Ausherman on the restart, passing him for the lead going into turn one. The first three cars broke away from the pack, with Pauch passing Ausherman for second.

With four laps in the book, Mark Richard got out of shape coming out of turn four and managed to collect the 2C of Will Cramer. Richard ended up with his rear tires on the inside guardrail and the front tires on Cramer's car. The red flag appeared to untangle the mess on the frontstretch. Racing resumed with the order: Brian, Pauch, Ausherman, Dewease, Eash, George, Shaffer, Cordier, Len Thompson and Don Kreitz.

On the restart Pauch pulled even with Brian down the front straight and that's the way they went through turns one and two. Pauch pulled out a small lead out of turn two but Brian stayed right with him through turns three and four. Dewease emerged from the pack in third to chase after the leaders. After Dewease the order was Eash, Ausherman, Shaffer, George, Cordier and then Kreitz in the ninth position. Brian continued to stay right with Pauch as they pulled away from third place Dewease.

By midpoint there were big gaps between the first five cars but there were fierce battles for fifth between Ausherman and Shaffer and then a small gap back to a three way race for seventh between Cordier, George and Kreitz. Both George and Kreitz were on the move as both improved their positions late in the race.

Billy Pauch won his fourth this season at Williams Grove, his best season ever at the famous half mile track.

Sprint Feature Results 1. Billy Pauch 2. Billy Brian 3. Lance Dewease 4. Chris Eash 5. Rod George 6. Scott Ausherman 7. Don Kreitz 8. Todd Shaffer 9. Dave Haight 10. Len Thompson 11. Dave Cordier 12. Jeff Thompson 13. Mike Wagner 14. Rick Hench 15. Craig Eshenaur 16. Barry Camp 17. John Fraker 18. Jimmy Burns 19. Bob Bennett 20 Will Cramer 21. Mark Richard 22. Larry Miller 23. Ron Cramer 24. Scott Jones

Frankie Herr won the Sportsman feature.

After the fireworks display, Williams Grove Sprint car drivers were invited to take off their wings and practice for the USAC sprint car race on 13 September. Only three cars took the chance to run topless. Len Thonpson spun three times trying to find the limit without wings. Jimmy Burns went topless as did Mark Richard. Richard did not remove his front wing for the test. Over two hundred fans stayed for the 11:30 p.m. wingless test.

Sprint cars will take the week off while Williams Grove runs an Enduro feature this friday night 6 September.

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