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April 14, 1995, Mechanicsburg, PA Williams Grove Speedway Report Once again this is Roaming Russ's Racing Report with the results from Williams Grove, PA for the sixth consecutive week. Williams Grove is a 1/2 mile, semi banked clay oval. The...

April 14, 1995, Mechanicsburg, PA Williams Grove Speedway Report

Once again this is Roaming Russ's Racing Report with the results from Williams Grove, PA for the sixth consecutive week. Williams Grove is a 1/2 mile, semi banked clay oval. The phone number for the track is (717) - 697 - 5000. If you would like a schedule drop me an email and I will send it right out to you. The program on this Good Friday night at the Grove consisted of 410 Sprints and the NAPA Super Sportsman Tour. Taking to the track for the 410 Sprint heats I counted thirty one (31) cars and for the Super Sportsman I counted forty one (41) cars. It was in the mid forties with a brisk wind as the racing began on the track. This report deals with the 410 Sprints cars only. Look for another posting regarding the Super Sportsman race.

Two corrections to last weeks report. I incorrectly identified the 21X as being driven by Rod Stroup. It is actually piloted by Rod George. Second correction was caused in part by the wonders of computers and spell check. I incorrectly had the # 461 car owners name as Dwyer. It is Walter Dyer and I apologize for not thoroughly proofing what I had written.

Well as the track was being prepared the talk was what will it take to have the winning combination at the Grove? Well, with the way Lance Dewease has been driving I had to believe that 4-6-1 could very well be the winning combination.

The top 15 Williams Grove 410 Sprint Car Point Standings prior to the race were as follows: 1.) 461 Lance Dewease 1480 2.) 1 Billy Pauch 1415 3.) 69K Don Kreitz Jr. 1320 4.) 88 Todd Shaffer 1270 5.) 66K Mark Richard 1100 6.) 17E Cris Eash 1085 7.) 25 Todd Gracey 1070 8.) 12 Fred Rahmer 1000 9.) 94 Dale Blaney 980 10.) 6 Jim Nace 975 11.) 17 Alan Cole 875 12.) 10 Len Thompson 870 13.) 1J Steve Siegel 830 14.) 21X Rod George 800 15.) 10N Darren Eash 755 39 Dan Dietrich 755

At the Grove the cars are handicapped for the heat races by high earners being placed in the rear. Each heat race is 10 laps in length with six to qualify. The first four finishing positions then are handicapped into the first 12 starting positions for the feature. Green flags for the start of the races come between turns 3 and 4. For restarts the green flag waves at the end of the back stretch entering turn 3. After the first lap has been completed all restarts are single file, nose to tail.

All 410 Sprint car results are official, unless I made another typo.

Heat One Line Up 1.) 12F John Fraker 2.) 26 Glenn Fitzcharles 3.) 5H Rick Hench 4.) 21 Rod Stroup 5.) 85 Glenn Clarke 6.) 17 Alan Cole 7.) 25 Todd Gracey 8.) 12 Fred Rahmer 9.) 1 Billy Pauch 10.) 45 Jeff Rohrbaugh The 12F declined the pole position and started shot gun on the field. This moved the inside row up so that the 5H started on the pole. By lap two the 12 of Rahmer was on the move and up to the second position. By lap four Rahmer took the lead from Glenn Fitzcharles between turns 1 and 2. At the end of lap four the running order was 12, 26, 25, 1. By lap eight the 1 of Pauch had worked his way up to the second position but Rahmer had checked out on the field. The 12 of Rahmer took the checker flag which happened to be his first this year. The event was timed in 3 minutes 10.35 seconds.

Heat One Qualifiers: 1.) 12 Fred Rahmer 2.) 1 Billy Pauch 3.) 26 Glenn Fitzcharles 4.) 25 Todd Gracey 5.) 17 Alan Cole 6.) 85 Glenn Clarke

Heat Two Line Up 1.) 55 Curt Hershey 2.) 3 Bob Bennett 3.) 5 Craig Eshenaur 4.) 10N Darren Eash 5.) 77 Howie Locke 6.) 66K Mark Richard 7.) 17E Cris Eash 8.) 6 Jim Nace 9.) 461 Lance Dewease 10.) 7 Joey Borich Jr. On the start the 55 of Curt Hershey got out of the grove in turn one and nearly lost it. By lap two the 6 of Jim Nace was in the second position with the 461 of Lance Dewease up to sixth. By lap five the 461 was in third with the top five running order being 3, 6, 461, 17E, 10N. The 461 closed in on the 6 of Jim Nace by lap seven. On lap eight the 461 passed the 3 and 6 going down the backstretch into turn 3 and Dewease never looked back. Dewease took the checkered flag for his third heat win at the Grove this season. The event was timed in 3 minutes 13.88 seconds.

Heat Two Qualifiers: 1.) 461 Lance Dewease 2.) 6 Jim Nace 3.) 3 Bob Bennett 4.) 17E Cris Eash 5.) 10N Darren Eash 6.) 66K Mark Richard

Heat Three Line Up 1.) 55S Bill Sims 2.) 77T Jess Thomas 3.) 28 Brian Paulus 4.) 10 Len Thompson 5.) 21X Rod George 6.) 1J Steve Siegel 7.) 88 Todd Shaffer 8.) 69K Don Kreitz Jr. 9.) 17K Scott Karl 10.) 80R Dan Richcreek The 80R of Dan Richcreek normally runs in the Armaclad KARS series but was evidently trying to get some extra practice in prior to their show on Saturday night at the Lincoln Speedway. Right from the green flag the 21X of Rod George was on the move. At the end of lap one the 21x was the leader. The 10 of Len Thompson was up to second but he did not stay there long. At the completion of lap five the top five running order was: 21X, 88, 10, 69K, 1J. The 1J of Steve Siegel began to cut and dice and passed the 69K and 10. With two laps to go the top six were: 21X, 88, 1J, 69K, 10, 55S. The 21X of Rod George took the checkered flag and his first heat race win of the year at the Grove. The event was timed at 3 minutes 15.22 seconds. At the conclusion of the heat the grader was out working the surface in turns three and four. This occurred while the Super Sportsman were following the pace car awaiting the start of their first heat race.

Heat Three Qualifiers 1.) 21X Rod George 2.) 88 Todd Shaffer 3.) 1J Steve Siegel 4.) 69K Don Kreitz Jr. 5.) 10 Len Thompson 6.) 55S Bill Sims

Consi Line Up 1.) 5H Rick Hench 2.) 5 Craig Eshenaur 3.) 77T Jess Thomas 4.) 45 Jeff Rohrbaugh 5.) 7 Joey Borich Jr. 6.) 17K Scott Karl 7.) 21 Rod Stroup 8.) 55 Curt Hershey 9.) 28 Brian Paulus 10.) 12F John Fraker 11.) 77 Howie Locke Once again the 12F of John Fraker started shot gun on the field at his option. From the green the 77 of Howie Locke started moving through the field while the 5H of Rick Hench and the 5 of Craig Eshenaur battled for the lead changing positions back and forth. At the checkered flag it was the 5H of Rick Hench taking the win for his first consolation race win at the grove this year. The event was timed in 3 minutes 21.55 seconds.

Consi Qualifiers 1.) 5H Rick Hench 2.) 5 Craig Eshenaur 3.) 45 Jeff Rohrbaugh 4.) 77T Jess Thomas 5.) 77 Howie Locke 6.) 7 Scott Karl

25 Lap 410 Sprint Feature Line Up 1.) 26 Glenn Fitzcharles 2.) 3 Bob Bennett 3.) 21X Rod George 4.) 1J Steve Siegel 5.) 25 Todd Gracey 6.) 17E Cris Eash 7.) 88 Todd Shaffer 8.) 12 Fred Rahmer 9.) 6 Jim Nace 10.) 69K Don Kreitz Jr. 11.) 1 Billy Pauch 12.) 461 Lance Dewease 13.) 17 Alan Cole 14.) 10N Darren Eash 15.) 10 Len Thompson 16.) 85 Glenn Clarke 17.) 66K Mark Richard 18.) 55S Bill Sims 19.) 5H Rick Hench 20.) 5 Craig Eshenaur 21.) 45 Jeff Rohrbaugh 22.) 77T Jess Thomas 23.) 77 Howie Locke 24.) 7 Scott Karl The green flag waves and it was a clean start. Rahmer was on the move and was looking like he picked up where right where he left off with his heat victory. By lap two the 12 of Rahmer is up to third when caution was brought out for the 26 of Glenn Fitzcharles who lost power on the front stretch and came to a stop between turns one and two. The running order for the restart was as follows: 3, 21X, 12, 25, 88, 1J, 17E, 1, 461, 6. On the restart Rahmer was on the move again and goes to first as the 461 of Dewease finally got by the 1 of Pauch. At the completion of lap seven Rahmer had the lead and looked strong while the 461 was up to seventh and the 1 was up to eighth. On lap eight as the 69K of Don Kreitz Jr. comes out of turn four the front of his wing lets lose and folds up and partially over. Caution waved as the 69K came to a stop on the front stretch up against the inside retaining wall. The running order for the restart was: 12, 88, 21X, 1J, 25, 461, 17E, 1, 6, 17, 3, and the 66K. On the restart the 3 of Bob Bennett spun on the front stretch and came to rest facing the wrong way. The 5H of Rick Hench went into the pits and the 25 has some front wing damage. On the restart the 12 of Rahmer started to move out again when all of a sudden on lap ten he came to a stop at the exit of turn two. The new race leader was now the 88 of Todd Shaffer. On the restart the running order was: 88, 21X, 461, 1J, 1, 25, 17E, 6, 17, and 66K. On the restart the 461 of Dewease made his move and by lap eleven was leading. Dewease was strong and motored out to a half lap lead. He took the two to go sign and had no one close to him. He took the white flag and started to go down the backstretch with a comfortable lead when the 77T of Jess Thomas hits the inside wall in turn four bring out the caution. On the restart Lance motors out in front again and takes his fifth feature win this year at the Grove.

Victory Lane Interview Notes Lance said he wished Rahmer had finished the race because he would have like to have seen if he could have run him down. He said his preferred grove was low in turns one and two while it was high in turns three and four. He thanked all the fans for coming out in the cold weather and he also thanked all his sponsors for their support. Walt Dyer the car owner joined his driver in victory lane. Dyer dedicated the race to his ex driver Paul Leiter (sp?) who had joined him tonight in the pits.

Official Results by car number only: 1.) 461, 2.) 88, 3.) 21X, 4.) 1, 5.) 1J, 6.) 17E, 7.) 6, 8.) 25, 9.) 10, 10.) 17, 11.) 66K, 12.) 7, 13.) 45, 14.) 5, 15.) 10N, 16.) 55S, 17.) 77T, 18.) 85, 19.) 77, 20.) 12, 21.) 5H, 22.) 3, 23.) 69K, 24.) 26

A Few Notes About The Competitors #1, Billy Pauch has now finished in the feature top five for the sixth consecutive week. He also still holds the leads in heat race wins with four. #21, Rod George has to travel nearly four hours to get to the Grove on Friday nights. George used to compete regularly with the All Star Circuit of Champions. #29, Kevin Fry was missing from the action. Possibly this team went to Path Valley. #461, Lance Dewease has the most feature wins of any sprint car driver in America with 9 feature wins so far in 1995 as of Friday night. Yeah I guess you can say it was a Good Friday for Lance.

Now onto related news.

up. Many teams at the Grove would have done better to go to Path Valley since they would have been guaranteed a starting position in the feature. Last week three sprints cars that did make the trip to Path Valley instead of the Grove were the 16 of Billy Brian Jr, the 39 of Dan Dietrich and the 07 of Dave Haight. One has to wonder what so many speedways running sprints will do to car counts in the pits. Of the tracks that run the 410 sprints that I know of on Friday nights the 410 Sprints run at Path Valley and Williams Grove with limited appearances at Clinton County Fairgrounds. On Saturday the 410 Sprints run at Lincoln, Port Royal, and Sellinsgrove.

will pilot the sportsman modified (# 134) of veteran car owner D. A. Hanson at Penn National Speedway in '95. For those of you unfamiliar with Hanson's name it has history. He has had Billy Pauch and C.D. Coville as previous drivers and his first win as a car owner came back in the mid-eighties at Williams Grove with none other than Van May as the driver.

Racing News for recognizing the work I have been putting into doing these local racing reports. Ernie mentioned me in his "My Two Cents Worth" column of April 11, 1995. Although he did not mention what tracks I have been covering he did mention the Internet and racing bulletin boards. Thank You Ernie!

Well that is this weeks Roaming Russ's Racing Report for the 410 Sprint race at Williams Grove located in Mechanicsburg, PA. Next week the 410 Sprints and the STARS late models are on the schedule. Many of the top drivers in the nation are expected to be at the Grove for this STARS sanctioned event. As always questions, comments or constructive criticism is welcomed. Please email your comments to rgould@oehs.upenn.edu

-- -Russ Gould-


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