VSS Virginia Motor Speedway 2000-06-24

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Race #8 June 24th 2000
Virginia Motor Speedway Saluda,Virginia
Howe Hustles to VMS Win on a night of Firsts Tom Howe raced from his fourteenth starting spot to take the win for his first win of the year as the Virginia Sprint Series made its first visit of the year to the rebuilt and immaculate Virginia Motor Speedway now owned and run by the Sawyer family. The night started with heat race wins by John Johnson and Tim Hamlet. The full grandstands waved and cheered the VSS field as John Johnson and Wayne Jones paced the feature on the clear and warm summer night and as the green waved Johnson took the lead into turn one and was racing hard as the pack waisted no time sorting out traffic and the top ten cars were soon on the way to Johnson.Tom Howe began to pressure John as the half way flags where shown and was able to pass Johnson but Howe now had to deal with Johnson still as well as Tim Hamlet and French Grimes up from twentyfirst with Jason Shultz and Bronzie Lawson in tow. The lead pack changed positions on every corner as Tom Howe kept the top spot to the end with Johnson in second and Tim Hamlet third and French Grimes fourth with Jason Shultz fifth.

Finishing out the field was Bronzie Lawson,Bobby Fink jr,Dick Stevens,Bill Rice,Pete Kingrea,Wayne Jones,John Thomas,French Grimes jr,John Wheaton,George Johnston Bo Riener,Jerald Harris,Charlie Kingrea,Buddy Parker,Mike Sayers jr. and Bobby Mazingo.

The VSS next week tavels to Pennsylvania to visit Lincoln Speedway on Saturday July 1st.

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