USCS Outlaw Thunder points 2004-06-09

FAYETTEVILLE, GA - Terry Gray of Bartlett, TN leads a tight point battle in the United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Dirt Tour going into events at Cherokee Super Speedway in Gaffney, SC on Saturday night, and at Rome Speedway in Rome, GA on ...

FAYETTEVILLE, GA - Terry Gray of Bartlett, TN leads a tight point battle in the United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Dirt Tour going into events at Cherokee Super Speedway in Gaffney, SC on Saturday night, and at Rome Speedway in Rome, GA on Sunday night. Gray holds a 54-point lead over Danny Martin Jr. of Sarasota, FL.

In ten USCS Outlaw Thunder events held so far this season, Gray has three wins, seven top five finishes, and eight top ten finishes. Overall, the "Bartlett Bullet" also leads the USCS National, Asphalt Thunder, and Sunbelt Tour point standings. Gray is looking for his fourth-straight USCS National Championship driving the #10 Goodson Farms/Wendy's Maxim/Wesmar.

Both weekend events will carry National, Outlaw Thunder Dirt Tour, and Sunbelt Tour points.

Martin leads the USCS Youth Movement, as the 18-year-old driver, also known as "The Hammer," has 10 Outlaw Thunder starts with five top five finishes, and eight top ten finishes. Martin's best finish was a second-place effort on May 15 at Lancaster Motor Speedway in Lancaster, SC.

Martin has been a consistent USCS front-runner driving the Martin Structures, Inc. Schnee/ZRE, and many are expecting The Hammer to post his first win of the season in the near future, and be a strong challenger to Gray for the Outlaw Thunder title. Martin is also second in the USCS National point standings.

Brice Wrenn of Lexington, SC is also in the USCS Outlaw Thunder title hunt, and sits in the third spot in the point standings, 26 points behind Martin. In ten Outlaw Thunder Dirt Tour starts, Wrenn has two top five finishes, and eight top ten finishes driving the Stainless Fabricators Hench/Gaerte.

With USCS being the only winged outlaw sprint car series in the country that runs both dirt and asphalt, Wrenn has chosen to run a dirt-only schedule in 2004. Despite not running any of the USCS Asphalt Thunder events, Wrenn is still fifth overall in the USCS National point standings.

Joining Martin in the Florida "Fountain of Youth Gang" are a pair of teenagers that round out the top five in the USCS Outlaw Thunder Dirt Tour points chase.

R.J. Johnson of Wesley Chapel, FL is fourth in Outlaw Thunder points, and is the top USCS Rookie of the Year Candidate in 2004. The 16-year-old driver has one top ten finish in ten starts, but has shown improvement driving the Race Wear/Pin Rings J&J/CRE with each race he gets under his belt.

Tom Winegardner Jr. of Pierson, FL is fifth in Outlaw Thunder points. The 19-year-old, who is studying to be a Master Chef at Culinary School during the week when he isn't driving the Snap-On Tools J&J/WRP, has cooked up three top ten finishes in nine USCS starts this season.

Former USCS Outlaw Thunder Champion Kenny Adams of Malabar, FL is sixth in USCS Outlaw Thunder Dirt Tour points with three wins, five top five finishes, and six top ten finishes in seven dirt starts. The "Malabar Missile" is third overall in the USCS National points. The 1997 USCS National champion Red Stauffer of Winter Park, FL is seventh in Outlaw Thunder points with two top ten finishes in six dirt starts.

The 1999 USCS Outlaw Thunder Champion Marshall Skinner of West Memphis, AR has bolted into the eighth spot in dirt points with two wins, and three top five finishes in five starts. Brian Thomas of Auburn, GA is ninth in USCS dirt points with two top fives and four top tens in five starts. Curt Michael of Ocean View, DE rounds out the top ten with two top fives in four starts.


      POS            DRIVER          POINTS
      1         Terry Gray           1416
      2         Danny Martin Jr.     1362
      3         Brice Wrenn          1336
      4         R.J. Johnson (R)     1170
      5         Tom Winegardner Jr.  1140
      6         Kenny Adams          1000
      7         Red Stauffer         750
      8         Marshall Skinner     694
      9         Brian Thomas         668
      10        Curt Michael         542
      11        Butch Pendergrass    510
      12        Jerry Jones          490
      13        Ernie Ainsworth      438
      14        Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  428
      15        Jeremy Scott         388
      16        Chad Allum           386
      17        Mike McElya          380
      18        Kenny Coke           374
      19        Tony Wilson          374
      20        Bill Moore           364
      21        Jim Raptis           358
      22        Scott Christian      346
      23        Johnny Bridges       342
      24        Phil Mott            328
      25        Ben Basinger         302
      26        Chad Kemenah         294
      27        Joey Saldana         290
      28        Scott Young (NC)     286
      29        Josh Weller          278
      30        Sport Allen          276
      31        Shane Stewart        276
      32        Ryan Myers           274
      33        Tony Stewart         266
      34        Randy Helton         266
      35        Daryl Smith          266
      36        Jason Sides          260
      37        Ray Bugg             260
      38        Greg Wilson          258
      39        Greg Merritt         258
      40        Roland Johnson       258
      41        Glen Styers          256
      42        Brad Pake            252
      43        Zack Chappell        252
      44        Bobby Courtwright    248
      45        Josh Harris          246
      46        Bronzie Lawson       242
      47        Skip Andrews         236
      48        Cody Geldarg         234
      49        Shane Nelson         230
      50        Roger Rager          228
      51        Bruce Cline          226
      52        Dwight Kingry        226
      53        Patrick Sullivan     222
      54        Mike Chadd           218
      55        Gene Lasker          216
      56        Tony Bruce           202
      57        Doug Auld            200
      58        Tighe Schloss        200
      59        Michael Smith        200
      60        Matt Stegeman        200
      61        Tom Winegardner Sr.  200
      62        Chris Hill           160
      63        Bubba Clem           150
      64        Sean Michael         148
      65        Wayne Reutimann      146
      66        Lance Deweese        144
      67        Greg Leonard         144
      68        Paul Sides           144
      69        Terry McCarl         142
      70        Scott Bolden         142
      71        Mary Anne Williams   140
      72        Mike Ward            138
      73        Steven Graham        136
      74        Ronnie Howard        136
      75        Danny Mercy          130
      76        Darren Stewart       130
      77        Joe Spencer          130
      78        Kelly Glass          126
      79        Scott Young (AL)     124
      80        Thomas McQueen       124
      81        Chris Sutton         122
      82        Doug Gold            120
      83        Jimmy Mabe           117
      84        Frank Carlson        116
      85        Terry Witherspoon    116
      86        Buster Dickerson     116
      87        John Hawk            114
      88        Bryce Vowan          114
      89        Aubrey Black         104
      90        Lee Scrape           100
      91        Jeff Shepard         100
      92        David Thorman        100
      93        Jimmy Taylor         100
      94        Brian Smith          100


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