USCS Garnertown results 2004-08-21

Adams Get Birthday Present From Martin in Garnertown USCS Run LURAY, TN - Kenny Adams of Malabar, FL celebrated his birthday with a gift from Danny Martin Jr. of Sarasota, FL. Adams won his 13th United Sprint Car Series win of the season...

Adams Get Birthday Present From Martin in Garnertown USCS Run

LURAY, TN - Kenny Adams of Malabar, FL celebrated his birthday with a gift from Danny Martin Jr. of Sarasota, FL. Adams won his 13th United Sprint Car Series win of the season Saturday night at Garnertown Speedway when he inherited the lead from Martin on lap 29 of the 30 lap main event.

Martin was the class of the field all night long. Driving the Martin Structures, Inc. Schnee/ZRE, Martin won the six-lap Air Flow Research Power Dash, his 10-lap heat race, and was checking out on the field, when disaster struck as he was coming around for the white flag.

The lapped car of Andy Goin spun in turn four, collecting Martin, and several other cars. Martin's misfortune got him the Weld Racing Hard Luck Award.

That gave Adams the lead and he held if for the final two laps in the Goodson Farms Shaw/Ott. Second eight-lap heat race winner Terry Gray of Bartlett, TN finished second in the Goodson Farms/Wendy's Maxim/Wesmar.

Third went to Bryce Vowan of Forest City, AR in the McDonalds Maxim/High Performance. Vowan started ninth to earn the Huggins Race Cams Hard Charger of the Race Award. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. of Olive Branch, MS charged home in the fourth spot driving the Country Ford/South Tire J&J/Dynotech after getting tangled up in the lap 29 caution.

Brice Wrenn of Lexington, SC finished fifth in the Stainless Fabricators Hench/Gaerte as the last car on the lead lap. Martin did not complete the race, but was credited with the sixth spot, two laps down. Marshall Skinner of West Memphis, AR also dropped out on lap 29, but finished seventh in the Parts Plus Maxim/Ott.

Michael Miller of Ocean Springs, MS was also eliminated in the lap 29 crash, but finished eighth in the Hill Brothers Air and Hydraulics Challenger/Slobuilt. Miller won the FSR Performance Award. R.J. Johnson of Decatur, TN was ninth and the Rookie of the Race in the Leaf Race Wear/Pin Rings J&J/ZRE. Bryn Gohn of Malabar, FL rounded out the top ten in the Goodson Farms Shaw/Ott.

Polesitter Martin battled for the lead at the drop of the green flag with Gray, but the start was called off when Mike McElya of Bartlett, TN stopped the Pyles Paving Maxim/Sykes in turn one. McElya started the feature after his crew repaired the car after a flip in hot laps earlier in the evening.

Martin took the lead on the restart and began to pull away from Gray, who was battling with Stenhouse for the second spot. The field remained green until lap seven when Darren Stewart of Bixby, OK had an oil fire under the hood of his Sparks Construction Eagle/Ostrich. The fire blew itself out, and Stewart was uninjured.

Martin led the pack into turn one for the restart, but Stenhouse tangled with Gray. By the time the 16-year-old Stenhouse gathered up his machine, Adams slipped underneath for the third spot. Over the next ten laps, Martin opened up a full straightaway lead over Gray. A caution flag, however, erased that lead, when Miller slowed in turn four.

On the restart, Adams stepped to the outside, passed Gray for second, and then set out after Martin. Stenhouse got around Gray on lap 24 to take the third spot, and Skinner passed Gray for the fourth position on lap 27.

In looking for his fourth USCS win of the season, Martin was keeping Adams behind him until Goin collected him. Third-place Stenhouse, and Miller also got caught up in the wreck. Skinner retired on lap 28 with a mechanical problem.

Adams went on to take the victory over Gray, while Stenhouse came from the back of the pack to pass Wrenn for the fourth spot on the last lap of the race.

The next race for USCS will be the Jasper Engines and Transmissions 40 for the Asphalt Thunder Tour at Senoia Speedway on August 28. For more information visit the USCS web site at


POS    STRT     CAR #   DRIVER                  HOMETOWN                LAPS
1.      4       4a      Kenny Adams             Malabar, TN             30
2.      2       10      Terry Gray              Bartlett, TN            30
3.      8       2m      Bryce Vowan             Forest City, AL         30
4.      3       40m     Ricky Stenhouse Jr.     Olive Branch, MS        30
5.      9       1w      Brice Wrenn             Lexington, SC           30
6.      1       00      Danny Martin Jr.        Sarasota, FL            28
7.      6       26      Marshall Skinner        West Memphis, AR        28
8.      7       4m      Michael Miller          Ocean Springs, MS       28
9.      10      71      R.J. Johnson (R)        Decatur, TN             28
10.     14      4b      Bryn Gohn               Malabar, FL             27
11.     11      77      Andy Goin               Memphis, TN             27
12.     12      88z     Shane Nelson            Chattanooga, TN         18
13.     5       91      Darren Stewart          Bixby, OK               7
14.     13      58      Mike McElya             Bartlett, TN            0
LAP LEADERS:  Martin, 1-28; Adams, 29-30
LAPS LED:  Martin, 28; Adams, 2
HUGGINS RACE CAMS HARD CHARGER:  Vowan (started 8th and finished 3rd)

AIR FLOW RESEARCH POWER DASH (6 Laps): 1. Martin; 2. Adams; 3. Gray; 4. Johnson; 5. Wrenn; 6. Nelson.

1ST HEAT (8 Laps): 1. Martin; 2. Stenhouse; 3. Stewart; 4. Miller; 5. Wrenn; 6. Goin.

2ND HEAT (8 Laps): 1. Gray; 2. Adams; 3. Skinner; 4. Vowan; 5. Johnson (R); 6. Nelson; 7. Gohn.


  1     Terry Gray                      4172
  2     Danny Martin Jr.                3910
  3     Kenny Adams                     3738
  4     R.J. Johnson (R)                3508
  5     Brice Wrenn                     2986
  6     Chad Allum                      2434
  7     Tom Winegardner Jr.             2284
  8     Butch Pendergrass               1742
  9     Jim Raptis                      1644
  10    Red Stauffer                    1570
  11    Doug Gold                       1238
  12    Bronzie Lawson                  1234
  13    Jeremy Scott                    1206
  14    Randy Helton                    1176
  15    Scott Christian                 1166
  16    Dave Thorman                    1156
  17    Chris Hill                      1104
  18    Bryn Gohn                       1104
  19    Bruce Cline                     1090
  20    Brian Thomas and Bill Moore     1032

R - Denotes Rookie of the Year Candidate


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