USA Sprints Winternationals summary 2004-02-21

USA Sprints Race Results (attached) Feb 21 Bithlo,Florida "Tiny" Tim George USA Sprints 2004 Winternationals Champion Heat ...

USA Sprints Race Results (attached)

Feb 21 Bithlo,Florida
"Tiny" Tim George USA Sprints 2004 Winternationals Champion

Heat # 1 "Thunderfoot" Bob Schaeffer got a nice start and pulled out to a comfortable lead by lap 3.Travis Bleimeister was running 2nd and RC Roper who got by Ron Armstrong was in hot pursuit.By Lap 5 Roper and Bleimeister were in a heated battle with RC taking the high side to get by Travis coming off of turn 4.Schaffer was cruising out front with a 6 car lenth lead.Roper made up the distance by lap 8 and was pressuring Schaeffer on the inside when Schaeffer got high allowing RC to sneak by at which time "Thunderfoot" spun in turn 2 bringing out the caution.With 2 laps left Roper stretched his lead to a few car lenths to take the Win.Bob Schaeffer came back to just get by Bleimeister for 2nd followed by Armstrong.Roper's bad luck in the Winternationals continued when his Motor blew as he took the checkered but was out for the night

Heat # 2 saw the # 11 of Andy "Hammer Down" Kelly and brother David "Skeeter" Kelly's # 12 show the fans a glimpse of what was soon to come by once again thrilling the fans with with a show of skill and determination.The 2 battled back and forth most all the race with Andy never flinching with his older brother tapping his rear bumper lap after lap.They came across the line as started with Sean "Zippy" Namor's # 10n just behind.Sean ran a nice race to finish 3rd followed by 14 year old Rookie sensation Mike "The Kid" Davis Jr. in the # 3 former Tony Pinero Andy Kelly "House Car" and Bob Parrow's # 24 from New York rounded out the field.Parrow a current Super Modified driver from New York and a USA Rookie himself had some driveline problems but would come back to run the Feature Race later in the night.

Heat # 3 had Bruce "Rocketman" Durden from Jacksonville on the pole with Mike "Hollywood" Schroeder on his outside and Joe Wengard from Tampa alongside "Tiny" Tim George from Venice who was leading the overall Points with his Wins last night on the outside of row 2.John "Party Time" Cickota and Danny "The Missle" Martin who came back from a wild flip the night before and no sleep after repairing the car."Rocketman" Durden brought out the caution as the field came down for the start and made his way to the pits with motor problems.This put Tim George and Mike Schroder on the front row.Tim was really running good and he immediately made everyone aware that he was dead serious about making his bid for 2 Winternationals Championships in a row! Schroeder ran a nice race but was having some handling problems in the corners.This left the door open for the "Missle" who shot by and stormed to the front with a vengance. Tim was not to be headed this night however as the finish was George,Martin,Schroeder,John Cickota and Joe Wengard.

Every fans eyes were glued to the Track as David "Skeeter" Kelly and Brother Andy Kelly brought the USA Sprints down the front stretch for the green flag start."Skeeter" swept down into turn 1 with the lead with Andy Kelly's # 11 right on his bumper.The racing was fast and furious as both brothers set out after the tail end of the field.Andy repaid his brother proudly by passing him off turn 2 on the re-start after a caution for Ron Armstrong's # 56.By lap 5 they were in a heated battle with lapped cars sometimes 5 wide.On lap 6 Bob "Thunderfoot Schaeffer's # 22 Budweiser car spun in turn 3 bringing out the caution.The race resumed with "The Hammer" now in control and asserting himself.The yellow flew on lap 8 for Bob Parrow's # 24.He was pushed into the infield and the race was restarted.

Andy got he jump and began to pull away from brother "Skeeter" and Tim George who was now positioning himself very quietly in third.Danny "The Missle" Martin was flying and had worked his way to 5th just behind the # 6 Of Mike "Hollywood" Schroeder.Martin was now poised to challenge Schroeder for 4th.The 2 began a wild duel with action and cars all over the Track.On lap 23 Skeeter caught "The Hammer" and got by on the outside using a lapped car as a pick.As the cars exited turn 4 they were 4 wide with Andy on the bottom,Skeeter up high and lappers in between.Travis Bleimeister went high to give way and just at that time the #12 caught his right rear wheel as the cars entered turn 1.There just wasn't enough room and "Skeeter" spun into the turn 1 wall and out of competition.This gave the lead back to Andy Kelly with "Tiny" Tim George in 2nd and "The Missle" Danny Martin who had just got by Schroeder for third a final restart.

The Hammer brought the Stagg's Tree Service #11 the final lap to the Checkered with George,Martin,Schroeder and John Cickota who drove a very nice race to round out the top 5 and Win the Hard Charger award.The Kelly Brothers met in victory lane with jubilation as this was Andy's first Win in USA Sprints Winternationals Competition.Although it was Andy Kelly's Win in the race it was Tim George's night as he was all smiles in Victory Lane too because he had made it 2 in a row and now once again has the Crown of USA Sprints Winternationals Champion to defend next year.What a awesome feat.Congrats to all the drivers and the Track for making a great racing surface for the final night and to all the fans who came for this exciting racing.Next Race on the USA Sprints schedule will be Thundercross in Okeechobee,Florida.


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