USA Sprints Okeechobee results 2004-04-15

Andy "Hammer Down" Kelly "blisters" the competition at Thundercross Motorsports Park! John Cinkota's ...

Andy "Hammer Down" Kelly "blisters" the competition at Thundercross Motorsports Park!

John Cinkota's # 45 and "Tiny" Tim George in the # 1 sat on the front row followed by Bob "Thunderfoot" Schaeffer in the Budweiser # 22 with RC Roper's #92 Hayloft Car in row 2.Tim George got a good jump on the pack coming off of turn 4 from the cushion as he took the lead down into turn 1.All eyes were on Tim as he was really hooked up and looked like a cinch to take the win this nite in Okeechobee but there was a "Hammer" waiting in the "wings".

Bob Schaeffer was in fine form and was holding down 2nd followed by Andy Kelly who was just barely hanging in there trying to keep the torrid pace that George and Schaeffer were setting.Meanwhile fierce battles were going on for positions all throughout the pack as cars were all over the tight 1/3 mile dirt oval.RC Roper was running in fourth but was hounded all race long by # 63 Gary "The Gas Man" Gimmler in a subsitute ride for "The Loxahatchie Outlaw" Dean Bartholomew,Shane "West Coast Flash" Kreidler #52 and Mike "Hollywood" Schroeder's # 6.These cars were all under a blanket and fighting hard for spots 4th thru 7th.

In addition lapped cars were locked in awesome battles for positions too! One fan commented that "the action was so intense that one could hardly breathe" while witnessing this incredible display of competition between all of these race cars.This made for an awesome race as cars were seemingly all over the Track.Mikey "The Kid" Davis in the # 3 and Sean Namor driving his family owned # 10n were racing like there was no tommorrow trading places back and forth for nearly all race long.Back up front George was having his way with Andy Kelly and Bob Schaeffer playing "bumper tag" just behind by 6 car lengths.

Kelly finally got by Schaeffer a lap later and set sail for George.As "Tiny" approached lappers he decided to go high and that was Andy's one chance to make the move.He did just that! Coming off turn 2 Kelly had the lead and went the distance to take his 3rd win of the young season.George although dissapointed knew he had the car to beat just luck was not on his side this nite in Okeechobee.Bob Schaeffer came home 3rd distantly pursued by Shane Kreidler #52 in 4th,Gary Gimmler #63x in 5th,Mike Schroeder's # 6 in 6th and RC Roper # 92 in 7th.John Cincota #45,Travis Bleimeister #3b and Mike Davis Jr. #3 rounded out the field in positions 8th-9th and 10th respectively.

All the fans stood and cheered thier appreciation for all the USA Sprints drivers for one of the most awesome races ever seen @ Thundercross Motorsports Park.The next race will be back @ Okeechobee on My 8th.Make plans to see who will be the next Winner.So far it seems as if Andy Kelly is the Man to beat but there are many drivers who still are

looking to break out for 2004.Bob Schaeffer is indeed just around the corner from his first Win as is David "Skeeter" Kelly.Kelly's woes continued as he had motor problems again.Shane Kreidler was back in fine form as was Mike Schroeder.They will definitely be a threat any nite out.Check the website for all the updates and scheduling information as well @ .

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