USA/FSCA Challenge round two results

Greg "The Shoe" Leonard muscles toVictory in Florida Challenge Series 2 ! Under threatening skies and very hot and humid weather conditions thirty-one of the best 360 Florida Limited Sprintcar Drivers came thru the gates of Volusia Speedway...

Greg "The Shoe" Leonard muscles toVictory in Florida Challenge Series 2 !

Under threatening skies and very hot and humid weather conditions thirty-one of the best 360 Florida Limited Sprintcar Drivers came thru the gates of Volusia Speedway Park for the second leg of the Florida Challenge Series between the Florida Sprint Car Association and the USA Sprints.One driver stood tall above all the rest in his first race with the USA Sprints for 2004 to lay claim to the very prestigious 1st place trophy.

Young Gun Sensation Greg "The Shoe" Leonard from Wimauma Florida muscled his way to Victory @ Volusia Speedway Park over a stellar field of Floridas top drivers from the USA Sprints and the Florida Sprint Car Association! Leonard started his Shaw Chassis Clyde Poole owned #85 Sprinter from deep in the pack in 16th position and stormed to the front with a daring driving exhibition of speed and skill that had the crowd on the edge of thier seats!

RC Roper # 92 from Fort Myers and Shawn Namor # 10n from Boyton Beach would lead the full field of cars to the green flag with Steve Stone # 71 and John Cicota #45 dead on thier heels. Roper shot out of a cannon to take command from the start but Shane Kreidler's # 52 left rear wheel came off due to a faulty wheel nut. A Complete restart insued and Roper again took control and opened a sizeable lead before the # 77 of Teresa Miller got tangled with Robert Henderson # 72 and flipped in turn 3 on lap 4.Miller was alright but that was the end of her night for the FSCA Star.

Lap 6 brought out the second caution for USA Sprints Star Mike Schroeder # 6 when he got tangled with Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem # 04 and hit the inside wall in turn 2.Shroeder who won heat 3 and was extremely fast took his J & J chassis Sprinter back to the pits and was out for the evening with a broken axel.The green waived on lap 7 but Tyler Godwin # 4g was sent to the rear for jumping the start.

Godwin who was a USA Sprints Rookie last year took off like a Rocket at the drop of the green flag from back in the pack to put on a driving exhibition that amazed the fans.It was obvious that the "Youngster" was a force to be reckoned with.However this awesome display was short lived as Godwin while working his way thru the heavy traffic caught the right rear wheel of John Cickota's # 45 and flipped over several times out of the turn 4 fence on lap 10.Tyler was ok to the relief of the appreciative crowd but the #4g Schnee Sprinter was badly damaged.

Roper brought the field out of turn 4 for a lap 11 restart but the # 3d of Dennis Misuraca from Sanford caught the inside wall of turn 4 and was out for the evening.Roper was still pacing the field but the # 85 of Greg Leonard was hot on his heels and began pressuring the # 92 for the lead as the two drivers battled hot and heavy for 3 laps.Leonard got by Roper but the caution flew again on lap 14.

Ropers car was stumbling on the restarts and that gave Leonard a good run off of turn 4 to blast by going into turn 1 on lap 15.Leonard began to distance himself from Roper and Gene Lasker who had worked his way thru the field from his 13th starting position.The yellow flew for Any Kelly's # 11 in turn 4 on lap 17 with fuel problems.As Leonard rocketed his car out of turn 4 for the lap 18 restart Gene Lasker powered by Roper down the front stretch to assume 2nd.Otto Scrape # w3 from Jacksonville was steadily moving his way thru the pack with patience to notch down 4th behind Roper,Lasker and Leonard.

The # 8 FSCA car of Seventeen year old Tighe Schloss from Jacksonville started 23rd and drove a very calculated race to now claim 5th.There were battles all over the Track with cars swapping positions more that one could count.FSCA stars Lee Scrape # 42 and Tommy Denton # X drove very consistantly to move easily into the top 10.USA Sprinter David "Skeeter" Kelly # 12 drove a very smart race to move into the 8th position and was closely followed by Robby Barris # 32b and Larry Pickett # 32.

Greg Leonard # 85 continued to show his skill throughout the late stages of the race as was Gene Lasker in the FSCA # 02.Lasker a very accomplished veteran made a late race bid with a strong run to the checkered but had to settled for 2nd.Both drivers were out of tires and close to running out of fuel but hung on to the finish just ahead of RC Roper # 92 in third.Roper was followed by Otto Scrape # w3 and Tighe Schloss # 8 to round out the top 5.

In lieu of the length of the race and all the extra caution laps the race was cut short to 25 laps.Leonard commented in Victory lane that he thought he was going to run out of fuel but was extremely pleased with his dominating run nonetheless.Congratualtions to Clyde Poole as this was his first USA Sprints Win as a car owner.Sixth thru tenth positions were Lee Scrape # 42,Tommy Denton # X, David Kelly # 12, Robby Barris # 32b and Larry Pickett # 32.Heat winners were Greg Leonard # 85,Bob Schaeffer # 22 and Mike Schroeder # 6.The B-Main was won by Tommy Denton # X

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