Trail-Way results 2005-06-25

KEITH WOODSON CLAIMS 2nd VICTORY OF 2005 HANOVER, PA, 6/25/05 -- "I'd like to thank lapped traffic for catching me up with (Jake) Murphy," an excited Keith Woodson exclaimed as he exited his Ken Brandt's Body Shop 600cc micro sprint...


HANOVER, PA, 6/25/05 -- "I'd like to thank lapped traffic for catching me up with (Jake) Murphy," an excited Keith Woodson exclaimed as he exited his Ken Brandt's Body Shop 600cc micro sprint and Trail-Way Speedway, Saturday night.

Woodson started the feature race in the 10th position and by the eighth lap was charging towards race leader Murphy to attempt to steal the lead. Lapped traffic provided Woodson enough room to pass Murphy. Once Murphy cleared the lapped cars he began to reel Woodson in, almost passing to regain the lead, but a caution involving Paul Hively forced the field to decide the finish with only three laps remaining.

Woodson as able to get a good restart and pulled far enough ahead of Murphy to take his second win of the 2005 racing season. Murphy was able to hang on to the second position coming across the line. Following Murphy was the points leader coming into tonight's race, Shawn Seifert in the third position, polesitter Aaron Spahr in fourth, and Shippensburg's Dwayne Gutshall rounding out the top five.

Completing the top ten was last week's winner, Jesse Snyder, Jim Campbell Jr., Sean Campbell, Timothy Gladfelter, and Ben Murphy.

Heat winners were Scott Glover Jr., Paul Hively and Jim Campbell Jr. Travis Willow was the consolation winner.

In the classic car division, Bill Brown Sr. grabbed his first win of the 2005 season at Trail-Way Speedway. Brown battled with Jamie Lloyd, who won two weeks ago in the first classic car race of the season.

Brown, who started in the 13th position, passed Lloyd on the 16th lap and became the lap leader. Brown held on to the lead claiming the 20-lap racing event.

Completing the top five were Lloyd, Kurt Welsh, Joe Snodgrass and Fred Cullum.

Bob Laugman picked up his second win of the 2005 season Saturday night in the 250cc micro sprint division. Laughman took the lead away from Dave Toomey on the second lap, but a hard charging Jim Still took the lead away on the fourth lap.

Still held onto the lead up until the last lap of the race. A caution brought out by Mike Deimler, caused a green/checkered finish. As they came to the final green, Still led followed by Laughman in second and Nik Gower in third. Gower attempted to pass Laughman and Still going into the second turn, but caught both of the cars, causing race leader Still to fall back several positions. Laughman maintained his position and sailed to the checkered flag. This is Laughman's fourth career victory.

Following Laughman across the line was Dave Hartlaub, Bradley Weber, the 2004 "250" micro sprint track champion Billy Laughman, and Craig Myers.

Round out the top ten were Eric Eckert, Mike Connors, Timmy McClelland, Jesse Hare, and Mike Midkiff.

Heat winners were Nik Gower, Dave Hartlaub and Charles French Jr. Jason Cunningham Jr. was the consolation winner.

In 4 cylinder starlite oval racing, Joe Racine picked up his fourth win in 2005. This win was his eighth career in the 4 cylinder class.

In the 6 cylinder division, Harry Shipe worked his was through the field to take his fifth win of the season.

In the starlite limited, Jeffrey Racine Jr. picked up a feature win. Racine took the lead away from Travis Leh on the third lap.

In scramble car action, Randy and Shawn Crunkilton both picked up feature wins. Both wins totaled four for each driver for the season. Shawn Crunkilton is now one race away from tying Brad Kress for the most career wins in the scamble car division. Brad has a total of 11 wins and Shawn has 10.


Feature (20 Laps) -- 1. 7-Bob Laughman; 2. 8H-Dave Hartlaub; 3. 17-Bradley Weber; 4. 2-Billy Laughman; 5. 16-Craig Myers; 6. 20-Eric Eckert; 7. 35-Mike Connors; 8. 6-Timmy McClelland; 9. 4J-Jesse Hare; 10. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 11. 76-Broc Lawrence; 12. 4-Charles French Jr.; 13. 14D-Dave Schreiber; 14. 12-Cody Phillips; 15. 4M-Chris Melton; 16. 15S-Scott Rogers; 17. 52-Mike Deimler; 18. 10-Nik Gower; 19. 8-Jim Still; 20. 63-Dave Toomey (DNF); 21. 32-Bruce Currey (DNF); 22. 12-Cody Phillips (DNF); 23. 7C-Jason Cunningham Jr. (DNF); 24. 47B-Tanner Hunsicker (DNS). No time.

Lap Leaders - Dave Toomey (1); Bob Laughman (2-3); Jim Still (4-19); Bob Laughman (20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 10-Nik Gower; 2. 12-Cody Phillips; 3. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 4. 17-Bradley Weber; 5. 4M-Chris Melton; 6. 20-Eric Eckert; 7. 47B-Tanner Hunsicker; 8. 7C-Jason Cunningham Jr.; 9. 9A-Eric Spahr. Time -- 2:13.08

2nd Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 8H-Dave Hartlaub; 2. 63-Dave Toomey; 3. 99-Joe Trone Jr.; 4. 76-Broc Lawrence; 5. 14D-Dave Schreiber; 6. 6-Timmy McClelland; 7. 32-Chad Myers; 8. 35-Mike Connors (DNF); 9. 1A-Scott Arnold (DNF). No time.

3rd Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 4-Charles French Jr.; 2. 7-Bob Laughman; 3. 16-Craig Myers; 4. 8-Jim Still; 5. 4J-Jesse Hare; 6. 2-Bill Laughman; 7. 15S-Scott Rogers; 8. 52-Mike Deimler. Time -- 2:15.36

Consolation (8 Laps/3 Qualify) -- 1. 7C-Jason Cunningham Jr.; 2. 35-Mike Connors; 3. 52-Mike Deimler; 4. 9A-Eric Spahr (DNS); 5. 1A-Scott Arnold (DNS). No time.


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 2K-Keith Woodson; 2. 18-Jake Murphy; 3. 1-Shawn Seifert; 4. 16-Aaron Spahr; 5. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 6. 96-Jesse Snyder; 7. 317-Jim Campbell Jr.; 8. 31-Sean Campbell; 9. 69T-Timothy Gladfelter; 10. 36-Ben Murphy; 11. 15-Zachary Geesey; 12. 19M-Brent Marks; 13. 81-Todd Spahr; 14. 30-Bill Gawler; 15. 77K-Kyle Whalen; 16. 27W-Brian Woodson; 17. 69-Travis Willow; 18. 27-Justin Hively; 19. 71S-Scott Urey; 20. 2-Paul Hively (DNF); 21. 90-Gary Zanolini (DNF); 22. 14-Scott Glover Jr. (DNF); 23. 38-Mark Strickler (DNF); 24. 99-DJ Montgomery (DNF). No time.

Lap Leaders -- Aaron Spahr (1-5); Jake Murphy (6-14); Keith Woodson (15-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 14-Scott Glover Jr.; 2. 16-Aaron Spahr; 3. 18-Jake Murphy; 4. 15-Zachary Geesey; 5. 96-Jesse Snyder; 6. 77K-Kyle Whalen; 7. 99-DJ Montgomery (DNF); 8. 68-Brian Racine (DNF); 9. 69-Travis Willow (DNF);10. 4D-Keith Ford (DNF). No Time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 2-Paul Hively; 2. 69T-Timothy Gladfelter; 3. 2K-Keith Woodson; 4. 31-Sean Campbell; 5. 3-Bill Gawler; 6. 38-Mark Strickler; 7. 90-Gary Zanolini; 8. 32-Bruce Currey; 9. 27W-Brian Woodson; 10. 28-Bill Schmidt. Time -- 2:07.67

3rd Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 317-Jim Campbell Jr.; 2. 36-Ben Murphy; 3. 1-Shawn Seifert; 4. 18D-Tim Dietz; 5. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 6. 81-Todd Spahr; 7. 19M-Brent Marks; 8. 27-Justin Hively; 9. 71S-Scott Urey. Time -- 2:08.30

Consolation (8 Laps/3 Qualify) -- 1. 69-Travis Willow; 2. 27-Justin Hively; 3. 27W-Brian Woodson; 4. 71S-Scott Urey; 5. 4D-Keith Ford; 6. 28-Bill Schmidt; 7. 68-Brian Racine; 8. 32-Bruce Currey. Time -- 2:18.36


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 112-Bill Brown Sr.; 2. 7-Jamie Lloyd; 3. 21-Kurt Welsh; 4. 34-Joe Snodgrass; 5. 95-Allen Cullum; 6. 8-Bill Brown Jr.; 7. 80-Jack Yingling; 8. 6-Mike Schultz; 9. 9-Brian Diehl; 10. 69-Rick Blizzard; 11. 2-Ron Ritenour; 12. 11-Al Daniels; 13. 35-Jim Snodgrass; 14. 12C-Jim Crocker; 15. 67-Randy Doty; 16. 86-Joe Brown; 17. 38-Randy Smith. No time.

Lap Leaders -- Jamie Lloyd (1-15); Bill Brown Sr. (16-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/ALL Qualify) -- 1. 7-Jamie Lloyd; 2. 11-Al Daniels; 3. 95-Allen Cullum; 4. 80-Jack Yingling; 5. 6-Mike Schultz; 6. 9-Bryan Deihl; 7. 35-Jim Snodgrass; 8. 8-Bill Brown Jr. (DNF). Time -- 2:44.18

2nd Heat (8 Laps/ALL Qualify) -- 1. 34-Joe Snodgrass; 2. 12C-Jim Crocker; 3. 112-Bill Brown Sr.; 4. 86-Joe Brown; 5. 67-Randy Doty; 6. 69-Rick Blizzard; 7. 38-Randy Smith; 8. 21-Kurt Welsh (DNF); 9. 2-Ron Ritenour (DNF). No time.


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 00-Shawn Crunkilton; 2. 82-Tim Thompson; 3. 71-Steve Inman; 4. 17-Timothy Hahn; 5. 58-Scott Mehring; 6. 47-Dale Hahn; 7. 59-Brent Eckert; 8. 86-Kevin Drechsler; 9. 21-Will Walls (DNF); 10. 42-Williams Kress (DNF); 11. 63-Brian Myers (DNF); 12. 32-Josh Smith (DNF); 13. 20-Michael Copenhaver (DNF); 14. 8-Joe Racine (DNF); 15. 2-Lonnie Fisher Jr. (DNF); 16. 28-Dennis Harrison (DNF); 17. 14-Bernie Looney Sr. (DNF); 18. 66-Rodney Wolfe (DNS). No time.

Lap Leaders -- Scott Mehring (1-5); Shawn Crunkilton (6-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 0-Randy Crunkilton; 2. 55-Scott Fisher; 3. 33-Fred Chasteen; 4. 6-Brian Eckert; 5. 68-Adam Fodor; 6. 88-Steve Naylor; 7. A4-Kevin Hersey; 8. 78-Michael Warner; 9. 45-Bo Sheeler; 10. 36-Douglas Trout Jr.; 12. 3-Buddie Jeffers; 13. 84-Travis Reed; 14. 22-Luther Sheeler Jr.; 15. 19-Roy Denike (DNF); 16. 29-Wayne Leppo; 17. 5-Dale Sheeler; 18. 70-Robert Tracey; 19. 56-Brad Kress.

Lap Leaders -- Randy Crunkilton (1-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 9-Joe Racine; 2. 13-Rick Hopkins; 3. 3-Gary Johnson Sr.; 4. 10-Shawn Crunkilton; 5. 14-Bernie Looney Sr.; 6. 26-Jeffrey Dillman; 7. 5-Brad Kress; 8. 12-Kyle Rohrbaugh; 9. 19-Kevin Henry; 10. 6-Jeff Racine; 11. 17-Justin Mong; 12. 18-Josh Ulrich; 13. 2-Danny Mintmier; 14. 8-Bob Fox; 15. 15-Josh Schrum; 16. 29-Wayne Kopp; 17. 16-Brian Walls; 18. 21-Kevin Livelsberger; 19. 28-Joseph Flanary (DNF); 20. 7-Gary Johnson Jr. (DNF); 21. 4-Misti Kopp (DNF). No time.

Lap Leaders -- Rick Hopkins (1-10); Joe Racine (11-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 38-Harry Shipe; 2. 51-Buddie Jeffers; 3. 47-Jesse Miller; 4. 49-Nathan Herr; 5. 56-Robert Nicklow; 6. 54-Kyle Martin; 7. 57-Brad Shank; 8. 45-Bo Sheeler; 9. 31-Richard Eck (DNF); 10. 42-Josh Smith (DNF) 11. 35-Rodney Wolfe (DNF); 12. 55-Bo Sheeler (DNF); 13. 48-Jed Bange (DNF). No time.

Lap Leaders -- Jesse Miller (1-8); Buddie Jeffers (9-11); Harry Shipe (12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. B4-Jeffrey Racine Jr.; 2. B2-Bryan Green; 3. A7-Jim Sensenig Jr.; 4. C6-Michael Guise; 5. D4-Justin Hess; 6. B8-Chase Eckert; 7. C3-Nate Topper; 8. A4-David Harvey; 9. A5-Travis Leh; 10. C2-Damien Eckert; 11. A9-Travis Jeffers; 12. B3-Justin Jeffers; 13. C4-William Salisbury. No time.

Lap Leaders -- Travis Leh(1-2); Jeffrey Racine Jr. (3-12)


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