Trail-Way results 2005-06-04

BOB LAUGHMAN GRABS 1st 600 MICRO WIN OF 2005 HANOVER, PA, 6/4/05 -- Bob Laughman exited his 600cc micro sprint with only one complaint after the 20-lap feature event... "I'm just a little thirsty," Laughman exclaimed. Laughman smiled broadly...


HANOVER, PA, 6/4/05 -- Bob Laughman exited his 600cc micro sprint with only one complaint after the 20-lap feature event...

"I'm just a little thirsty," Laughman exclaimed. Laughman smiled broadly while catching his breath, "If I could get this bottom line right, I'd be just fine... but I just hung on!"

Laughman's #7 sprinter sponsored by Rustic Iron Hair/Tanning Salon was then pressured by Billy Laughman on the final laps of the feature event. Billy was unable to get around Bob, giving him his first win of the 2005 season.

Laughman, who started on the inside of the second row, took the lead away from Jim Still on the 18th lap. Still, led from the initial drop of the green and held off all charges until that point.

Billy Laughman finished in second followed by Still in the third position, Jesse Hare in fourth and Kenny Wismer Jr. in the fifth spot.

Jonestown's Mike Boyer fought for a solid top five throughout the race, but was involved in a caution sending him to the rear of the field. Boyer completed the night in the sixth position.

Completing the top ten were Bruce Buckwalter Jr., Nathan Hauck, Eric Eckert and Craig Myers.

Dwayne Gutshall also picked up his first win of the 2005 season in the 20-lap "250" micro sprint race.

After a red on the 13th lap, Gutshall was able to think of ways to stay in the lead and keep the hard charging #9S of Rick Stief far away; at least enough to secure the win.

"I had time to sit there and think about what I was going to do... we had horrible luck the past two races."

Gutshall's luck took a turn for the better by pulling away from the rest of the field, taking the checkered flag.

Following Gutshall across the line were Stief, Scott Glover Jr., Shawn Seifert and Mark Strickler.

Completing the top ten were Jimmy Brookens, Brian Racine, Nathan Hauck, Cody Darrah and Kevin Laughman.

"That was a hard one, I'm worn out!" legends winner Tim Tomson exclaimed, after exiting his #47 racecar. "If it would've been five more laps I would've crashed!" said Tomson referring to the intensity of the race.

Tomson and Rodney Kistler fought back and forth for the lead position, fighting their way through lapped traffic. Kistler took the lead away from Tomson on the 12th lap, but was forced back to second on the 15th lap, which is where he remained until the drop of the checkered flag.

Jason Rochelle who picked up the feature win the last time the Legend's were at Trail-Way Speedway, started the feature in the 25th position and finished the night in third.

Rochelle's teammate Ronnie Dunstan finished the night in the fourth position followed by Randy Fetteroff in the fifth spot.

Bob Murray, Randy Kissinger, Lawrence Garrison, Clinton Penkauskas and Andrew Lupfer completed the top ten.

In 4 cylinder starlite action, Joe Racine held off Kyle Rohrbaugh on a last lap attempt for the win. Racine took the lead away from Wayne Kopp on the fourth lap. Racine looked to have the win but a caution with one lap to go, forced a green/checkered finish. Rohrbaugh pulled to Racine's side coming off of the fourth turn, forcing a side by side finish. Racine finished ahead of Rohrbaugh by half a fender in length.

In the 6 cylinder starlite division, Buddie Jeffers made a late pass on race leader and polesitter Harry Shipe to take the win. Completing the top five were Shipe, Kyle Martin, Richard Eck and Jesse Miller.

Scott Fisher was victorious in the first scramble car feature event. Fisher led all 12 laps of the racing event. Finishing in the top five were Brad Kress, Roy Denike, Tinothy Hahn and Lonnie Fisher Jr.

In the second scramble car feature, Rick Hopkins led all 12 laps of the feature event to take the win. Hopkins was followed by Dale Hahn in second, Randy Crunkilton in third, Richard Wolfe in fourth and Adam Fodor in fifth.

In the starlite limited feature, Gardners, PA's Michael Guise was victorious. Guise led from the drop of the green until the 10th lap when Bryan Green took the lead. Green held the lead for two laps before Guise grabbed the lead back on the final lap of the race.


Feature (20 Laps) -- 1. 7-Bob Laughman; 2. 2-Billy Laughman; 3. 8-Jim Still; 4. 4J-Jesse Hare; 5. 6X-Kenny Wismer Jr.; 6. 41X-Mike Boyer; 7. 38-Bruce Buckwalter Jr.; 8. 89X-Nathan Hauck; 9. 20-Eric Eckert; 10. 16-Craig Myers; 11. 12M-Michael Casario; 12. 6-Tim McClelland; 13. 9-Ken Miller; 14. 6R-Rick Brehm; 15. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 16. 17-Bradley Weber (DNF); 17. 99-Joe Trone Jr.(DNF); 18. 8H-Jacob Hartlaub (DNF); 19. 22T-Dave Thrush (DNF); 20. 41M-Michael Brandt (DNF); 21. 76-Broc Lawrence (DNF); 22. 35-Mike Connors (DNF); 23. 10-Nik Gower (DNF); 24. 32-Chad Myers (DNS).
Lap Leaders - Jim Still (1-17); Bob Laughman (18-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1. 4J-Jesse Hare; 2. 12M-Michael Casario; 3. 41M-Michael Brandt; 4. 10-Nik Gower; 5. 16-Craig Myers; 6. 20-Eric Eckert; 7. 15S-Scott Rogers; 8. 29-Bart Myers; 9. 14D-Dave Schreiber; 10. 69X-Lin Bowie (DNS). Time -- 2:14. 73

2nd Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1.8-Jim Still; 2. 17-Bradley Weber; 3. 9-Ken Miller; 4. 76-Broc Lawrence; 5. 6-Timmy McClelland; 6. 6R-Rick Brehm; 7. 22T-Dave Thrush; 8. 22H-Stephanie Heller (DNF); 9. 17D-David Holbrok (DNF); 10. 41T-Brent Sparks (DNF). No time.

3rd Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1. 38-Bruce Buckwalter Jr.; 2. 99-Joe Trone Jr.; 3. 2-Billy Laughman; 4. 6X-Kenny Wismer Jr.; 5. 89X-Nathan Hauck; 6. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 7. 33-Michael Schreiber; 8. 57-Billie Jo Heistand; 9. 47B-Tanner Hunsicker; 10. 12-Cody Phillips. Time -- 2:19.02

4th Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1. 32-Chad Myers; 2. 7-Bob Laughman; 3. 41X-Mike Boyer; 4. 8H-Jacob Hartlaub; 5. 35-Mike Connors; 6. 52-Mike Deimler; 7. 4-Charles French Jr.; 8. 12X-Martin Reinsmith; 9. 63-Dave Toomey (DNF); 10. 89-Cody Darrah (DNF).

1st Consolation (8 Laps/2 Qualify) -- 1. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 2. 20-Eric Eckert; 3. 15S-Scott Rogers; 4. 29-Bart Myers; 5. 14D-Dave Schreiber; 6. 57-Billie Jo Heistand; 7. 47B-Tanner Hunsicker; 8. 33-Michael Schreiber (DNS); 9. 41T-Brent Sparks (DNS); 10. 89-Cody Darrah (DQ)

2nd Consolation (8 Laps/2 Qualify) -- 1. 22T-Dave Thrush; 2. 6R-Rick Brehm; 3. 12X-Martin Reinsmith; 4. 63-Dave Toomey; 5. 52-Mike Deimler; 6. 12-Cody Phillips; 7. 4-Charles French Jr.; 8. 22H-Stephanie Heller; 9. 17D-David Holbrook (DNF); 10. 69X-Lin Bowie. No time.


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 2. 9S-Rick Stief; 3. 14-Scott Glover Jr.; 4. 1-Shawn Seifert; 5. 38-Mark Strickler; 6. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 7. 68-Brian Racine; 8. 5H-Nathan Hauck; 9. 5R-Cody Darrah; 10. 51-Kevin Laughman; 11. 81-Todd Spahr; 12. 117-Brett Schoenly (DNF); 13. 36-Ben Murphy (DNF); 14. 69T-Timothy Gladfelter (DNF); 15. 32-Bruce Currey (DNF); 16. 18-Jake Murphy (DNF); 17. 31-Sean Campbell (DNF); 18. 15-Zachary Geesey (DNF); 19. 99-DJ Montgomery (DNF); 20. 96-Jesse Snyder (DNF); 21. 2-Paul Hively (DNF); 22. 1J-Jeff Leisey (DNF); 23. 77K-Kyle Whalen (DNF); 24. 27-Justin Hively (DNS).
Lap Leaders -- DJ Montgomery (1-7); Dwayne Gutshall (8-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1.38-Mark Strickler ; 2. 99-DJ Montgomery; 3. 117-Brett Schoenly; 4. 36-Ben Murphy; 5. 96-Jesse Snyder; 6. 317-Jim Campbell Jr.; 7. D38-Mark Palome; 8. 51-Kevin Laughman; 9. 69T-Timothy Galdfelter;10. 38N-Nick Schlauch Jr. (DNF). No time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1. 14-Scott Glover Jr.; 2. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 3. 9S-Rick Stief; 4. 2-Paul Hively; 5. 1J-Jeff Leisey; 6. 81-Todd Spahr; 7. 77K-Kyle Whalen; 8. 7H-Gary Hunter; 9. 28-Bill Schmidt. No time.

3rd Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1.91S-Lyle Stroman ; 2. 32-Bruce Currey; 3. 68-Brian Racine; 4. 18M-Matt Esham; 5. 15-Zachary Geesey; 6. 5H-Nathan Hauck (DNF); 7. 18D-Tim R. Dietz (DNF); 8. 19M-Brent Sparks (DNF); 9. 2T-Ron Taggart (DNF). No time.

4th Heat (8 Laps/5 Qualify) -- 1. 5R-Cody Darrah; 2. 1-Shawn Seifert; 3. 31-Sean Campbell; 4. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 5. 18-Jake Murphy; 6. 41-Brent Lawyer; 7. 30-Bill Gawler; 8. 67-Jason Cherry; 9. 27-Justin Hively (DNF). Time -- 2:14.11

Consolation (8 Laps/4 Qualify) -- 1. 5H-Nathan Hauck; 2. 81-Todd Spahr; 3. 51-Kevin Laughman; 4. 77K-Kyle Whalen; 5. 69T-Timothy Gladfelter (DNF); 6. 27-Justin Hively (DNF); 7. D38-Mark Palome (DNF); 8. 28-Bill Schmidt (DNF); 9. 317-Jim Campbell Jr. (DNF); 10. 67-Jason Cherry (DNF); 11. 19M-Brent Marks (DNF); 12. 41-Brent Lawyer (DNF); 13. 51-Kevin Laughman; 14. 18D-Tim Dietz (DNS); 15. 30-Bill Gawler (DNS); 16. 7H-Gary Hunter (DNS); 17. 38N-Nick Schlauch Jr. (DNS). No time.


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 94-Tim Tomson; 2. 99-Rodney Kistler; 3. 17R-Jason Rochelle; 4. 7R-Ronnie Dunstan; 5. 22-Randy Fetteroff; 6. 7M-Bob Murray; 7. 48-Randy Kissinger; 8. 29G-Lawrence Garrison; 9. 12J-Clinton Penkauskas; 10. 88-Andrew Lupfer; 11. 12-Zachary Deiter; 12. 8-Allen Felix; 13. 32-Jim Buckingham Jr.; 14. 44-Darryl Bloom; 15. 81-Bob Moyer; 16. 2-Kenny Keyton; 17. 11S-Robert Solieski; 18. 48P-Pat McDerimott; 19. 20-Amy Staver; 20. 21-Greg Burd; 21. 8X-Jason Smith; 22. 555-William Harris; 23. 7RR-Denny Rothermel; 24. 63-John Schirk; 25. 54-Jason Ewing. No time.
Lap Leaders -- Pat McDerimott (1); Tim Tomson (2-11); Rodney Kistler (12-14); Tim Tomson (15-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 29G-Lawrence Garrison; 2. 94-Tim Tomson; 3. 21-Greg Burd; 4. 48-Randy Kissinger; 5. 54-Jason Ewing; 6. 63-John Schirk; 7. 81-Bob Moyer; 8. 32-Jim Buckingham Jr.; 9. 17R-Jason Rochelle (DNF). Time -- 2:43.81

2nd Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 99-Rodney Kistler; 2. 8-Allen Felix; 3. 12J-Clinton Penkauskas; 4. 22-Randy Fetteroff ; 5. 8X-Jason Smith; 6. 12-Zachary Deiter; 7. 88-Andrew Lupfer; 8. 20-Amy Staver. Time -- 2:47.70

3rd Heat (8 Laps/7 Qualify) -- 1. 7RR-Denny Rothermel; 2. 7R-Ronnie Dunstan; 3. 48P-Pat McDerimott; 4. 7M-Bob Murray; 5. 2-Kenny Keyton; 6. 555-William Harris; 7. 11S-Robert Solieski; 8. 44-Darryl Bloom (DNF). No time.


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 55-Scott Fisher; 2. 56-Brad Kress; 3. 19-Roy Denike; 4. 17-Timothy Hahn; 5. 2-Lonnie Fisher Jr.; 6. 32-Josh Smith; 7. 82-Tim Thompson; 8. 63-Brian Myers; 9. 58-Scott Mehring; 10. 88-Kevin Henry; 11. 84-Travis Reed ; 12. 05-Andrew Sleight; 13. 99-Tim Williams Jr.; 14. 14-Bernie Looney Sr.; 15. 66-Rodney Wolfe. Time -- 4:45.25
Lap Leaders -- Scott Fisher (1-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 27-Rick Hopkins; 2. 47-Dale Hahn; 3. 0-Randy Crunkilton; 4. 73-Richard Wolfe; 5. 68-Adam Fodor; 6. 89-Van Baker; 7. 52-Brian Walls; 8. 33-Fred Chasteen; 9. 45-Bo Sheeler; 10. 71-Steve Inman; 11. 10-Robert Fox Jr.; 12. A4-Kevin Hersey; 13. 00-Shawn Crunkilton; 14. 31-Creden Sponseller Jr.; 15. 42-William Kress. No time.
Lap Leaders -- Rick Hopkins (1-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 9-Joe Racine; 2. 12-Kyle Rohrbaugh; 3. 13-Brad Kress; 4. 28-Joseph Flanary; 5. 6-Doug Hughes; 6. 29-Wayne Kopp; 7. 3-Gary Johnson Sr.; 8. 17-Justin Mong; 9. 26-Jeffrey Dillman; 10. 10-Shawn Crunkilton; 11. 18-Josh Ulrich; 12. 8-Bob Fox; 13. 19-Kevin Henry; 14. 5-Daryl Hanson; 15. 7-Gary Johnson Sr.; 16. 2-Danny Mintmier; 17. 15-Josh Schrum; 18. 14-Bernie Looney Sr. No time.
Lap Leaders -- Wayne Kopp (1-3); Joe Racine (4-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 51-Buddie Jeffers; 2. 38-Harry Shipe; 3. 54-Kyle Martin; 4. 31-Richard Eck; 5. 47-Jesse Miller; 6. 57-Brad Shank; 7. 62-Robert Stevens; 8. 49-Nathan Herr; 9. 58-Rick Hopkins; 10. 55-Jeff Kump; 11. 37-Rick Herman; 12. 42-Dustin Klein; 13. 35-Rodney Wolfe (DNS); 14. 45-Bo Sheeler (DNS). No time.
Lap Leaders -- Harry Shipe (1-10); Buddie Jeffers (11-12)


Feature (12 Laps) - 1. C6-Michael Guise; 2. B2-Bryan Green; 3. C7-Zachary Chapman; 4. B8-Chase Eckert; 5. D2-Jennifer Sponseller; 6. C2-Damien Eckert; 7. A5-Travis Leh; 8. B4-Jeffrey Racine Jr.; 9. B3-Dustin Jeffers; 10. B9-Robert Nicklow; 11. C5-Maggie Mae Darrah; 12. A8-Amanda Racine; 13. A9-Travis Jeffers; 14. A3-Misti Kopp. No time.
Lap Leaders -- Michael Guise (1-9); Bryan Green (10-11); Michael Guise (12)


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