Trail-Way results 2004-07-24

HANOVER, PA, 07/24/04 -- For Jim Still, everything seemed to be wonderful... times two. Jim Still picked up two feature wins at Trail-Way Speedway in the 250 micro sprint division on Saturday night. Still led all twenty laps in both feature races...

HANOVER, PA, 07/24/04 -- For Jim Still, everything seemed to be wonderful... times two. Jim Still picked up two feature wins at Trail-Way Speedway in the 250 micro sprint division on Saturday night. Still led all twenty laps in both feature races in his #8 Weaver Construction sprint car. In both feature races, the #7 of Bob Laughman was on Still's rear end, challenging for the lead. The #70 of Wayne Karcher followed both Still and Laughman in both features also. It was as if the two features were identical up to the third position.

"Whether he was on me or not I still felt pretty good," commented Still on the pressure that Laughman was applying on several of the restarts. "It's been a rough year. We used up all our green clovers." Still, apparently must have had two extra clovers hiding somewhere, due to his ability to dominate both races.

Several cautions were brought out in the scheduled feature race for tonight. On the initial start of the race, a couple of cars got together on the backstretch, causing Mike Midkiff and Derek Steely to exit the field early in the race. By the ninth lap, yet another caution was brought out, causing Michael Casario, Dave Hartlaub and Mark Palome to exit the track also due to car problems. On the tenth lap, Brad Weber brought out a caution and was able to restart, but exited the track on the following lap. Rodney Glass and Charles French Jr. were also added to the list of drivers who did not finish the race due to car problems.

Following Still across the line in the regularly scheduled 250 micro race was, Bob Laughman, Wayne Karcher, the Moon Acre Iron Works machine driven by Chad Myers, and Joe Trone Jr. in the #99 Champion Chevrolet sprint car. Mike Connors, Nick Schlauch, Nik Gower, Bill Laughman, and Craig Myers completed the top ten.

Following Still across the line in the make up event were Bob Laughman, Karcher, Bill Laughman and Chad Myers. Trone Jr., Weber, Craig Myers, Matt Esham, and Hartlaub completed the top ten.

Enola's Ben Murphy raced his way into victory lane for the first time in his career in the 20-lap 600 micro sprint feature race.

"Those last couple yellow flags took forever," said an exhausted Murphy in victory lane. "I knew if I beat them into one, I probably got them. I just want to thank my dad for teaching me everything I know." Murphy's father ran across the infield to join his son in victory lane. Murphy's father hugged Murphy as soon as he exited his car, with his helmet still on.

Murphy took the lead on the 18th lap from Mark Strickler who slowed under the green, bringing out a caution. Timmy Dietz and Ron Taggart were both on Murphy's rear end on the restart. Dietz put a slide job on Murphy but had to revert back to his original position due to yet another caution. Murphy realized he had to stay low in order to keep Dietz and Taggart away from him. With a green/checkered finish, Murphy was able to keep his car straight, holding off any attempts to take his first win away from him.

Following Murphy across the line was Taggart, Dietz, Donnie Hendershot, and Chad Criswell. Sean Campbell, Gary Linderman, Jimmy Brookens, Jason Cherry and Jamie Umlauf completed the top ten.

Heat winners for the 25 600 micros were Taggart, Strickler, Umlauf, and Scott Glover Jr. was the consolation winner.

Kurt Welsh picked up his first classic car win of the 2004 season in the 20-lap feature race. Welsh took the lead from Tim Stem on the ninth lap. Following Welsh across the line was Joe Snodgrass, Mike Schultz, Fred Cullum and Jamie Lloyd.

In starlite stock car action, Tim Hartford picked up his second win of the month in the 6-cylinder division. In the 4 cylinder division, Michael Racine grabbed his first win of the 2004 season.

In scramble car action, Brian Racine picked up his fourth win of the 2004 season.

Trail-Way Speedway Race Results Saturday -- June 24, 2004


Feature (20 Laps) -- 1. 8-Jim Still; 2. 7-Bob Laughman; 3. 70-Wayne Karcher; 4. 32-Chad Myers; 5. 99-Joe Trone Jr.; 6. 35-Mike Connors; 7. 38N-Nick Schlauch; 8. 10-Nik Gower; 9. 2-Bill Laughman; 10. 16-Craig Myers; 11. 17X-Rick Casario; 12. 4B-Robert Robertson; 13. 18M-Matt Esham; 14. 4-Charles French Jr. (DNF); 15. 84-Rodney Glass (DNF); 16. 17-Brad Weber (DNF); 17. D38-Mark Palome (DNF); 18. 8H-Dave Hartlaub (DNF); 19. 12M-Michael Casario (DNF); 20. 41X-Mike Boyer (DNF); 21. 7M-Nathan Melton (DNF); 22. 77-Brian Sipling (DNF); 23. 6-Derek Steely (DNF); 24. 2M-Mike Midkiff (DNF).

Lap Leaders - Jim Still (1-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/7 to qualify) -- 1. 17-Brad Weber; 2. 8-Jim Still; 3. 2-Bill Laughman; 4. 32-Chad Myers; 5. 17X-Rick Casario; 6. 4B-Robert Robertson; 7. 77-Brian Sipling; 8. 76-Broc Lawrence (DNF); 9. 6-Derek Steely (DNF); 10. 4M-Chris Melton (DNF); 11. 27-Joe Hood (DNF); 12. 5C-John Johnson (DNF). No time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/7 to qualify) -- 1. 7-Bob Laughman; 2. 41X-Mike Boyer; 3. 99-Joe Trone Jr.; 4. 16-Craig Myers; 5. 8H-Dave Hartlaub; 6. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 7. 12M-Michael Casario; 8. 52-Mike Deimler; 9. 4C-Tom Coddington; 10. 18M-Matt Esham (DNF);11. 9X-Ed Kenderdine (DNF); 12. 6E-Steven Eagan (DNF). No time.

3rd Heat (8 Laps/7 to qualify) -- 1. 70-Wayne Karcher ; 2. 10-Nik Gower; 3. 38N-Nick Schlauch; 4. 84-Rodney Glass; 5. 35-Mike Connors; 6. 4-Charles French Jr.; 7. D38-Mark Palome; 8. 8X-Ed Kenderdine Jr.; 9. 7M-Nathan Melton; 10. 33-Michael Schreiber; 11. 41T-Henry Sparks; 12. 27K-Chris Cormack (DNF). No time.

Consolation (8 Lap/3 to qualify) -- 1. 7M-Nathan Melton; 2. 18M-Matt Esham; 3. 6-Derek Steely; 4. 8X-Ed Kenderdine Jr.; 5. 41T-Henry Sparks; 6.9X-Ed Kenderdine (DNF) ; 7. 4C-Tim Coddington (DNF); 8. 33-Michael Schreiber (DNF); 9. 5C-John Johnson (DNF); 10. 4M-Chris Melton (DNF); 11. 52-Mike Deimler (DNF); 12. 76-Broc Lawrence (DNS); 13. 27-Joe Hood (DNS); 14. 6E-Steven Eagan (DNS); 15. 27K-Chris Cormack (DNS). No time.


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 36-Ben Murphy; 2. 2T-Ron Taggart; 3. 18D-Tim R. Dietz; 4. 31X-Donnie Hendershot; 5. 84-Chad Criswell; 6. 31-Sean Campbell; 7. 82-Gary Linderman; 8. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 9. 67-Jason Cherry; 10. 75J-Jamie Umlauf; 11. 7H-Gary Hunter; 12. 51X-Jason Pisari; 13. 25-Jimmie Travis; 14. 20B-Brian Maccubbin; 15. 14X-Randy Reid; 16. 7J-Jordan Frontz (DNF); 17. 38-Mark Strickler (DNF); 18. 1-Shawn Seifert (DNF); 19. 74-Dwayne Gutshall (DNF); 20. 27-Paul Hively (DNF); 21. 86-Tim A. Dietz (DNF); 22. 14-Scott Glover Jr. (DNF); 23. 2-Troy Groft (DNF); 24. 8-Jim Young (DNF). No time.

Lap Leaders -- Ben Murphy (1-4); Mark Strickler (5-17); Ben Murphy (18-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/7 to qualify) -- 1. 2T-Ron Taggart; 2. 1-Shawn Seifert; 3. 11-Jimmy Brookens; 4. 82-Gery Linderman; 5. 14X-Randy Reid; 6. 27-Paul Hively; 7. 51X-Jason Pasari; 8. 67-Jason Cherry; 9. 7J-Jordan Frontz. Time -- 2:06.80

2nd Heat (8 Laps/7 to qualify) -- 1. 38-Mark Strickler; 2. 18D-Tim R. Dietz; 3. 86-Tim A. Dietz; 4. 25-Jimmie Travis; 5. 36X-Ben Murphy; 6. 7H-Gary Hunter; 7. 2-Troy Groft; 8. 14-Scott Glover Jr. (DNF). No time.

3rd Heat (8 Laps/7 to qualify) -- 1. 75J-Jamie Umlauf; 2. 8-Jim Young; 3. 84-Chad Criswell; 4. 74-Dwayne Gutshall; 5. 31-Sean Campbell; 6. 31X-Donnie Hendershot; 7. 20B-Brian Maccubbin; 8. 40G-Todd Campbell. No time.

Consolation (8 Laps/3 to qualify) -- 1. 14-Scott Glover Jr.; 2. 67-Jason Cherry; 3. 7J-Jordan Frontz; 4. 40G-Todd Campbell


Feature (20 Laps) -- 1. 8-Jim Still; 2. 7-Bob Laughman; 3. 70-Wayne Karcher; 4. 2-Bill Laughman; 5. 32-Chad Myers; 6. 99-Joe Trone Jr.; 7. 17-Brad Weber; 8. 16-Craig Myers; 9. 18M-Matt Esham; 10. 8H-Jacob Hartlaub; 11. 27-Joe Hood; 12. 76-Broc Lawrence; 13. 35-Mike Connors; 14. 2M-Mike Midkiff; 15. 4-Charles French Jr.; 16. 33-Michael Schreiber; 17. 27K-Chris Cormack; 18. 52-Mike Deimler (DNF); 19. 41X-Mike Boyer (DNF); 20. 10-Nik Gower (DNF); 21. 89-Cody Darrah (DNS); 22. 47-Alex Cunningham (DNS); 23. 15S-Scott Rogers (DNS); 24. 25-Steve Buckwalter (DNS).

Lap Leaders - Jim Still (1-20)


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 21-Kurt Welsh; 2. 34-Joe Snodgrass; 3. 6-Mike Schultz; 4. 95-Fred Cullum; 5. 7-Jamie Lloyd; 6. 12-Roland Brown; 7. 89-Duane Fabrick; 8. 51-Jerry Pownall; 9. 76-Larry Leiphart; 10. 48-Allen Cullum; 11. 35-Jim Snodgrass; 12. 20-Tim Stem; 13. 34-Joe Snodgrass; 14. 9-Rob Bellew; 15. 14-Mike Pownall; 16. 86-Joe Brown; 17. 91-Mark Jago (DNF); 18. 88-Jack Yingling (DNF); 19. 67-Randy Doty (DNF); 20. 29-Pete Neal (DNF); 21. 12C-Jim Crocker (DNF); 22. 11-Al Daniels (DNF)

Lap Leaders -- Tim Stem (1-8); Kurt Welsh (9-20)

1st Heat (5 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 88-Jack Yingling; 2. 20-Tim Stem; 3. 12-Roland Brown; 4. 35-Jim Snodgrass; 5. 14-Mike Pownall; 6. 11-Al Daniels (DNS); 7. 27-Ron Ritenour (DNS). No time.

2nd Heat (5 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 21-Kurt Welsh; 2. 86-Joe Brown; 3. 29-Pete Neal; 4. 48-Allen Cullum; 5. 89-Duane Fabrick; 6. 51-Jerry Pownall; 7. 67-Randy Doty (DNF). No time..

3rd Heat (5 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 34-Joe Snodgrass; 2. 12C-Jim Corcker; 3. 6-Mike Schultz; 4. 7-Jamie Lloyd; 5. 95-Fred Cullum; 6. 76-Larry Lepihart; 7. 91-Mark Jago; 8. 9-Rob Bellew. No time.


Feature (15 Laps) - 1. 68-Brian Racine; 2. 00-Shawn Crunkilton; 3. 91-Shaune Stapleton; 4. 32-Josh Smith; 5. 0-Randy Crunkilton; 6. 66-Rodney Wolfe Jr.; 7. 88-Michael Brashears; 8. 27-Rick Hopkins; 9. 04-Bruce Vaughn; 10. 58-Scott Mehring; 11. 94-Mike Kennedy; 12. 20-Brad Sheely; 13. 56-Brad Kress (DNF); 14. 64-Billy Wagaman (DNF); 15. 59-Brent Eckert (DNF); 16. 97-Dustin Klein (DNF); 17. 3-Buddie Jeffers (DNF); 18. 48-Sonny Aldridge (DNF); 19. 6-Travis Jeffers (DNF); 20. 41-Brian Walls (DNF). No time.

Lap Leaders -- Josh Smith (1-5); Brian Racine (6-12)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 32-Josh Smith; 2. 00-Shawn Crunkilton; 3. 68-Brian Racine; 4. 41-Brian Walls; 5. 48-Sonny Aldridge; 6. 59-Brent Eckert; 7. 30-Wayne Kopp; 8. 08-Joseph Flanary; 9. 50-Matt Hemler; 10. 26-Bernie Looney Sr. (DNF). No time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 66-Rodney Wolfe Jr.; 2. 0-Randy Crunkilton; 3. 88-Michael Brashears; 4. 3-Buddie Jeffers; 5. 20-Brad Sheely; 6. 97-Dustin Klein; 7. 47D-Dale Hahn; 8. 16-Scott Fisher; 9. 71-Steve Inman (DNS); 10. 15-Bo Sheeler (DNS). No time.

3rd Heat (5 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 91-Shaune Stapleton; 2. 94-Mike Kennedy; 3. 58-Scott Mehring; 4. 19-Roy Denike; 5. 04-Bruce Vaughn; 6. 64-Billy Wagaman; 7. 6-Travis Jeffers; 8. 56-Brad Kress (DNF); 9. 90-Timothy Aldridge (DNF); 10. 27-Rick Hopkins (DNF). No time.

Consolation (5 Laps/3 to qualify) -- 1. 56-Brad Kress; 2. 27-Rick Hopkins; 3. 08-Joseph Flannery; 4. 30-Wayne Kopp; 5. 19-Roy Denike; 6. 50-Matt Hemler; 7. 47D-Dale Hahn; 8. 16-Scott Fisher; 9. 90-Timothy Aldridge (DNS); 10. 26-Bernie Looney Sr. (DNS); 11. 71-Steve Inman (DNS); 12. 15-Bo Sheeler (DNS). No time.


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