Trail-Way results 2004-05-07

HANOVER, PA, 5/7/04 -- About a month ago during hot laps for the 358 sprint car division at Trail-Way Speedway, Tony Shipp and 2003 track champion Brad McClelland got together in turns one and two, flipping violently causing Shipp to be...

HANOVER, PA, 5/7/04 -- About a month ago during hot laps for the 358 sprint car division at Trail-Way Speedway, Tony Shipp and 2003 track champion Brad McClelland got together in turns one and two, flipping violently causing Shipp to be transported to York Hospital due to physical problems. Since then, Shipp was sent to a hospital in Maryland and later released but will have to endure a long recovering period. During this period, Mike Bittinger who normally drives the #12 machine was asked to drive Tony Shipp's #5 sprint car. This was the first night Bittinger would be in the car at Trail-Way so the emotions were running high before the first green flag went out. Bittinger battled leaders Neal Amspacher and Dan Richcreek to take the lead and point the way to victory lane.

Bittinger celebrated by exiting his car and climbing on top of the roof of the car, waving the checkered flag in the air triumphantly. Shipp accompanied Bittinger in victory lane and expressed his gratitude to Bittinger, the crew and sponsors for getting this deal going.

"I'm ready, but the doctor's aren't quite ready to let me race yet," said Shipp. Shipp plans on recovering fully and returning to sprint car racing before long.

Neal Amspacher who led the first three laps of the sprint car feature got turned around in turn four and was pushed back out of contention for the lead. Lap four saw Dan Richcreek taking the lead from Amspacher and led until lap six, where Bittinger took the lead away from Richcreek. Richcreek remained closely behind Bittinger in the second position, slicing through the lapped traffic to get to the #5 car, but was unable to complete the task.

Richcreek finished second, followed by Billy Dietrich in third, last weeks race winner Danny Dietrich in fourth and Dover, PA's Rick Horn completing the top five. Bob Howard, McClelland, Scott Tate, Brian Allman, and Mike Ressler completed the top ten.

Heat winners for the 358 sprints were Brian Allman and Neal Amspacher.

Official Trail-Way Speedway photographer, Len Cobosco, is currently selling two different pictures of Tony Shipp's car for $8 and plans on giving $5 of that amount to the Tony Shipp Recorvery Fund. For more information on how to help the Shipp family with this fundraiser, please see or

"You ever heard of that #10?" track announcer John Krall asked street stock feature winner Chris "Big Daddy" Holston in victory lane.

"Yea, I heard of him. Where did he finish?" Chris asked John with a grin on his face. The #10 happened to be Chris' brother and fellow competitor, Jody Holston. Jody closely followed brother Chris across the finish line to take the second position. This was Chris' second win of the 2004 season.

Danny Beard, Doug King and Ron Myers Jr. completed the top five. Todd Miller, Scott Fisher, Justin Mong, Ted Forsythe and Kevin Sprague rounded out the top ten.

Heat winners for the street stocks were won by, Wes Kellison, Chris Holston, and Barry Rinehart. Ron Myers Jr. was the consolation winner.

Mount Wolf PA's Gary Potts drove his way to victory lane for the first time in the thundercar feature race.

"It's about time," explained an emotional Potts who went on to dedicate his race win to his late grandmother. Potts led all twenty laps of the feature.

Last weeks feature winner Bryan Wagaman ran second followed by brother Craig Wagaman, Jim Martz Jr., and Robert Bopst completing the top five.

Potts and Craig Wagaman were heat winners for the thundercars.

Trail-Way Speedway Race Results Friday -- May 7, 2004


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 5-Mike Bittinger; 2. 80R-Dan Richcreek; 3. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 4. 88-Danny Dietrich; 5. 01-Rick Horn; 6. 49-Bob Howard; 7. 6-Brad McClelland; 8. 9-Scott Tate; 9. 5A-Brian Allman; 10. 7-Mike Ressler; 11. 28-Billy Heltzel; 12. 29T-Neal Amspacher; 13. 57S-Tony Strine; 14. 11D-Mike Duncan; 15. 96-Woody Linton; 16. 11E-Mark Zellers; 17. 19D-Zeal Hinkle; 18. 98-Troy Becker (DNF); 19. 29-Joe Ross (DNF); 20. 11-Jeff Rohrbaugh (DNF); 21. 20-Jon Keller (DNF).

Lap Leaders - Neal Amspacher (1-3); Dan Richcreek (4-6); Mike Bittinger (7-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/ALL qualify) -- 1. 29T-Neal Amspacher; 2. 5-Mike Bittinger; 3. 88-Danny Dietrich; 4. 49-Bob Howard; 5. 29-Joe Ross; 6. 9-Scott Tate; 7. 28-Billy Heltzel; 8. 11D-Mike Duncan; 9. 96-Woody Linton; 10. 11E-Mark Zellers; 11. 98-Troy Becker. No time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/ALL qualify) -- 1. 5A-Brian Allman; 2. 20-Jon Keller; 3. 7-Mike Ressler; 4. 80R-Dan Richcreek; 5. 01-Rick Horn; 6. 6-Brad McClelland; 7. 11-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 8. 8D-Bill Dietrich; 9. 57S-Tony Strine; 10. 19D-Zeal Hinkle. Time -- 2:04.42


Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 5-Gary Potts; 2. W-Bryan Wagaman; 3. 30-Craig Wagaman; 4. 34M-Jim Martz Jr.; 5. 8B-Robert Bopst; 6. B52-Mike Walls; 7. 83-Fred Lloyd; 8. 19-John McDonough Jr.; 9. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 10. 34X-Marshall McMullen; 11. 3-Michael Gladfelter; 12. 93-Gary Warehime; 13. 20-Sam Gallagher.

Lap Leaders -- Gary Potts (1-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/ALL qualify) -- 1. 5-Gary Potts; 2. W-Bryan Wagaman; 3. B52-Mike Walls; 4. 20-Sam Gallagher; 5. 34X-Marshall McMullen; 6. 83-Fred Lloyd; 7. 3-Michael Gladfelter. No time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/ALL qualify) -- 1. 30-Craig Wagaman; 2. 34M-Jim Martz Jr.; 3. 8-Robert Bopst; 4. 19-John McDonough Jr.; 5. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 6. 93-Gary Warehime. No time.

Trail-Way Speedway Race Results Friday -- May 7, 2004


Feature (15 Laps) - 1. 20-Chris Holston; 2. 10-Jody Holston; 3. 60-Danny Beard; 4. 23-Doug King; 5. 94-Ron Myers Jr.; 6. 3-Todd Miller; 7. 55-Scott Fisher; 8. 77-Justin Mong; 9. 12-Ted Forsythe; 10. 1-Kevin Sprague; 11. 1E-Greg Emlet Jr.; 12. 07-Robert Stough; 13. 70-Rick Weaver; 14. 47-Jim Heckendorn; 15. 30X-Ricky Howes; 16. 8-Charles Brittain (DNF); 17. 71-Dan Furman (DNF); 18. 2-Wes Kellison (DNF); 19. 39X-Mike Herman (DNF); 20. 84-Josh Wildasin (DNF).

Lap Leaders -- Charles Brittain (1); Chris Holston (2-15)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 2-Wes Kellison; 2. 47-Jim Heckendorn; 3. 1E-Greg Emlet Jr.; 4. 84-Josh WIldasin; 5. 23-Doug King; 6. 71-Dan Furman; 7. 94-Ron Myers Jr.; 8. 60-Danny Beard (DNS); 9. 6N-Barbara Neiderer (DNS). No time.

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 20-Chris Holston; 2. 12-Ted Forsythe; 3. 10-Jody Holston; 4. 55-Scott Fisher; 5. 3-Todd Miller; 6. 70-Rick Weaver; 7. 00-Randy Crunkilton; 8. 69-Dwayne Long; 9. 1-Kevin Spragyue (DNF). Time -- 3:0053

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) -- 1. 1R-Barry Rinehart; 2. 8-Charles Brittain; 3. 07-Robert Stough; 4. 39X-Mike Herman; 5. 77-Justin Mong; 6. 30X-Ricky Howes; 7. 45-Phil Heffner; 8. 6-Randy May (DNF); 9. 96-Ken Aiosa (DNF). No time.

Consolation (8 Laps/2 to qualify) -- 1.94-Ron Myers Jr. ; 2. 60-Danny Beard; 3. 1-Kevin Sprague; 4. 00-Shawn Crunkilton; 5. 69-Dwayne Long; 6. 45-Phil Heffner (DNF); 7. 96-Kenny Aiosa (DNF); 8. 6-Randy May (DNS); 9. 6N-Barbara Neiderer (DNS). No time.


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