The USAC-CRA Sprint Car Series meeting report

(JANUARY 16, 2004, LAKE PERRIS, CALIFORNIA) On January 15, officials from the new USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series held a historic first meeting with car owners and drivers at the Elks Club in Downey, California. USAC/CRA brought an information sheet...

(JANUARY 16, 2004, LAKE PERRIS, CALIFORNIA) On January 15, officials from the new USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series held a historic first meeting with car owners and drivers at the Elks Club in Downey, California. USAC/CRA brought an information sheet concerning the first season to the meeting. The contents of that sheet are printed below.

1. Origin of the USAC/CRA Name

We feel the CRA name is steeped in history and synonymous with sprint car racing in the western United States. USAC would like to recognize the tradition of CRA while building for the future. USAC has received permission to use the CRA name from the legal custodian.

2. Competition Commissions

USAC is a democratic organization with direct input from participant members. A 12 member USAC/CRA Competition Commission will be organized and will consist of one elected member plus representation from entrants, drivers, race organizers and at-large members. The Commission is chaired by non-voting USAC Staff and the USAC/CRA elected member will have a seat on the National Sprint Car Competition Commission.

3. Relationship between sanctioning organization and race organizers

USAC has entered into agreements with several tracks in the western part of the United States to sanction 410 non-wing sprint car races. It is USAC's obligation in these agreements to uphold the interests of the competitors while making sure the race organizer is being treated fairly. USAC will be solely responsible for all officiating, rule making and rule enforcement.

4. Officiating

USAC/CRA is actively soliciting applications for all positions from experienced race officials in the local area. We expect any help from the national office will only be advisory in nature.

5. Race Format

The race format to remain basically the same with the exception that the "Fast Dash" will be at the race organizers option.

6. Schedule

Schedule is the same as the one that came out last week with the addition of the two races in Washington and there will more than likely be additions announced shortly.

7. Purse Structure

The minimum purse structure will remain at $14,250 per event. Each feature winner will receive $2500 and it will pay $300 to start. There will be up to $1,575 available to entrants not transferring to the feature event and a $700 contribution to the annual point fund by each race organizer for each event held at their track.

8. 2004 Sponsors

The following Sponsors will allocate funds either to the USAC-CRA General Point Fund or supply Contingency Awards for the individual race teams:

Valvoline 0x2022 General Point Fund (10K) and Contingency Awards (Product)

Weld Racing 0x2022 General Point Fund (10K) and Contingency Awards (Hard Charger)

K & N Filters 0x2022 Contingency Awards, (Product Certificate for each event)

Lincoln Welders 0x2022 Contingency Award, (Year-end Award for Mechanic of the Year)

Indy Racing League 0x2022 Contingency Award, (Fast Qualifier Award for each Event)

Team Simpson 0x2022 Contingency Award, (Product Certificate for each Event)

At this writing, we have started seeking a Presenting Sponsor for this Series. Valvoline is the primary series sponsor for all USAC Sprint Car Divisions and as represented above will supply dollars to the general point fund.

9. 2004 Championship Point Fund

The Championship Point Fund for the 2004 season will be a minimum of $60,000.00. This sum includes contributions from the race organizers and the Hoosier Tire Company. USAC expects to be able to supplement this fund however with our agreements less than two weeks old, a presenting series sponsor has not yet been signed.

10. Licensing and Pit Fees

All owners and drivers will be required to be members of USAC/CRA. The annual licensing fee is $185 for drivers, $175 for owners and $125 for crew members. That license will include $100,000.00 of excess participant accident insurance at any USAC/CRA or USAC National sprint car race. A General Membership will $60. Pit fees will remain $30 for members and $35 for non-members.

11. Rules

USAC does not believe the Rules it has in place are much of a departure from what competitors are used to in the western area of the United States. There are some areas, however, that will be discussed.

A. USAC/CRA will retain a spec tire program with the Hoosier Tire Company. Hoosier tires will be required on all four wheels. Whether the right rear remains an RC1 or not will be decided at a later date.

B. USAC's right rear offset rule is 43 inches from the centerline of the rear end to the outside bead seat of the wheel. Existing offset rules in the western US have been 46 inches to the sidewall of the right rear tire. It is our opinion that although measured differently, the result is virtually the same.

C. At the request of the 2003 Competition Commission, USAC is allowing the use of 15 inch wide left rear wheels. Whether or not this is adopted in USAC/CRA will be left up to the participant membership.

D. USAC has always allowed the engine to be placed on the centerline of the chassis + or 0x2022 0x9ba3h. This allowance has not caused concern in the past; however, we are willing to listen to any participant with objections.

E. Presently, USAC does not have a minimum weight for dirt sprint cars but we have adopted a 1200-pound rule for several special events. We would not propose a "no weight rule" for USAC/CRA but would be interested in what the participating entrants thought of a 1200 minimum.


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