TBARA: East Bay Thursday 360 race report

TAMPA, FL With a record 74 sprint cars signed in for the first of the three& ...

TAMPA, FL With a record 74 sprint cars signed in for the first of the three﷓day $64,000 3rd Annual King of 360's at East Bay Raceway, Thursday night, fans knew right away they were in for fast action when 13 cars timed under last year's track record of 13.074.

Lance Dewease, out of Fayetteville PA, was one of those fast drivers under the track record and come feature time, it paid off for him in "Aces." Driving the Joe Harz yellow J&J number 88, the crew had to work hard to come up with the $1,500 victory at the end of the 25﷓lap preliminary night event.

With the format calling for eight heats with four inverted and only the top two cars to qualify, Dewease failed to make the cut, finishing third after starting fourth. The crew then decided to change engines rather than take time to figure out the cause of a miss that had developed. Starting outside the front row of the B﷓Main, he had no trouble leading wire to wire and advancing to the A.

Greg Wilson in the Bob Hampshire Maxim #63 started on pole for the feature with Ryan Flynn towing his Tim Flynn﷓owned Maxim #F﷓1 all the way from California starting on the outside. George Suprick in the Dr. John Motorsports Eagle #87, started inside Dewease in the second row while it was an all﷓Florida third row made up of Red Stauffer and Kenny Adams.

At the drop of Kenny Marshall's green flag, it was Wilson who led the first lap before the caution came out for Terry McCarl sitting powerless high in turn three. Again, it was Wilson who led the charge with Dewease and Adams pressuring hard by lap seven. Adams got by Dewease for second on lap eight, as lapped traffic entered the picture, On lap 10, Dewease took command, pulling away by three seconds five laps later with Adams and 10th starting Travis Rilat now in tow.

The field got stuck on lap 23, with one caution flag after another and it seemed like some of the front runners were starting to fade. Adams was involved in one of those cautions, sending him to the rear and defending 360 King, Ronald Laney getting caught up in a four﷓car tangle in turn one.

On the final attempt of a restart with two laps to go Dewease had a lapped car between himself and a rapidly advancing Wayne Johnson out of Oklahoma City, all the up to 2nd from l7th. But, lots of changes occurred on the last two laps and at the finish, it was Joey SaIdana, who started 10th and just nipped Rilat for 2nd at the checkered. In fact, it was so close, the scorers used visual equipment to back up their call of his official finish over Rilat.

Fading to 4th at the wire was Johnson, then Jeff Shepard. Rounding out the top ten, it was Wilson, Tim Crawley, Suprick, Mike Woodring and Michael Dupuy.

The heats were won by Kenny Adams, Dale Howard, Crawley, Larry Neighbors, Dupuy, Sport Allen, Jason Johnson and Ronald Laney. The two C﷓mains were won by Stauffer and Flynn. Winning the two B﷓Mains were Dewease and Flynn. Kevin Frisbie won $1,000 in the special non-qualifier's dash.


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