Susquehanna results 2005-06-12

Rahmer Gets Second SSP Win of the Season On Sunday Night Newberrytown, PA (June 12, 2005) -- Fred Rahmer raced to his second Susquehanna Speedway Park win of the season in Sunday evening's 25-lap Sprint Car feature. Rick Reinoehl claimed his...

Rahmer Gets Second SSP Win of the Season On Sunday Night

Newberrytown, PA (June 12, 2005) -- Fred Rahmer raced to his second Susquehanna Speedway Park win of the season in Sunday evening's 25-lap Sprint Car feature. Rick Reinoehl claimed his first of the season in the Xtreme Stock Car feature, while Deanna Frye topped the Women on Wheels Stock Cars and Rob Harkins was the Great American School Bus winner.

Rahmer started ninth in the Sprint Car event but wasted little time getting to the front. Longtime racing veteran Bobby Weaver took the early lead from the front row with Lance Dewease quickly moving into second place. Rahmer was already up to third when Dewease suffered mechanical troubles on the seventh lap. On the restart Rahmer and Weaver raced wheel to wheel for nearly a lap before Rahmer took command. Rahmer then led the remainder of the distance for his 27th career SSP win, which move him into a fifth place tie with Lynn Paxton on the alltime list.

Weaver fended off repeated challenges from Eric Stambaugh to nail down second place, with Stambaugh, Greg Hodnett and Brian Leppo, in the Apple Motorsports machine, in the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Stevie Smith, Blane Heimbach, Johnny Mackison Jr., Michael Carber, and Lucas Wolfe. Heats went to Stambaugh and Rahmer, with Brent Kluge taking the consy.

Rick Reinoehl return to action for the first time in several years, and drove to victory in the Xtreme Stock 25 lap feature. Reinoehl took the lead from Rick Christine on the 11th lap. Daryl Beakler finished second withSmoke Christine, Rick Christine and Bryon Sipe in the top five. Rick Christine 's car failed post race tech, moving Sipe to fourth and Chris Mudd to fifth. Heats went to Charlie Pensinger and Bob Bender, with Mike Goodwin taking the Pepsi Dash

Deanna "Smokette" Frye won the WOW event taking the lead from Karen Powell on the second of 12 laps. Deanna is the daughter of former late model champion Smokey Frye. Nacy Horan, the winner's aunt finished second followed by Kendra Knaub, Powell, and Elizabeth Berman completed the top five.

Rob Harkins battled wheel to wheel with JR Rodriguez for several laps before taking the lead on the tenth of 12 laps in the Great American School Bus Race. They finished in that order with Leon Wintermyer, Shawn Arndt and Alan Witmer in the top five.

The next race at SSP will be Thursday night, June 16 with the Sprint Cars, Xtreme Stock Cars and the PENNMAR Vintage Club Tour. The main event of the evening will be the $1,000-to-win Beer Hill Gang Sprint Car Wheelie Contest with the winner to be determined by five celebrity judges.Gates open in the pit area and grandstands at 5:00 p.m. Warmups begin at 7:00 p.m. with racing beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m. SSP will continue its Repeat Fan Discount in which there will be a $2.00 discount for each person with a ticket stub from the June 5 or June 12 events only. For example, $2.00 off an Adult ticket for June 16 with and Adult ticket stub from the June 5 or June 12 events. Returning fans are encouraged to write their name, address and phone number on the back of the stub to be entered into special drawings to be held during the season for great prizes. Last season, the grand prize was two tickets to the NASCAR race in October at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pit pass prices are $20.00 with a reduced price of $18.00 for all track license holders.

For more information, visit or call the SSP home office at (717) 292-1696. The Susquehanna Speedway Park is located off I-83 to exit 32, then 1.4 miles NW on SR382 to York Road, then 1.3 miles south. On raceday, use the track phone at (717) 938-9170.

Sprint Car Feature (25 laps): 1. Fred Rahmer, 2. Bobby Weaver, 3. Eric Stambaugh, 4. Greg Hodnett, 5. Brian Leppo, 6. Stevie Smith. 7. Blane Heimbach, 8. Johnny Mackison Jr., 9. Michael Carber, 10. Lucas Wolfe, 11. Jason Johnson, 12. Josh Wells, 13. Alan Krimes, 14. Glendon Forsythe, 15. Pat Cooper, 16. Steve Poplawski, 17. Brent Kluge, 18. Dave Cordier Jr., 19. Lance Dewease, 20. Chris Meleason; DNQ: Chad Jumper,Billy Kimmel

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Weaver 1-7, Rahmer 8-25
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Stambaugh, Rahmer

Xtreme Stock Cars Feature (20 laps): 1. Rick Reinoehl, 2. Daryl Beakler, 3. Smoke Christine, 4. Bryon Sipe, 5. Chris Mudd, 6. Brian Sanders, 7. Chris Heller, 8. Steve Clemmens, 9. Karl Windish, 10. Gerald Barnes, 11. John Schriven, 12. Alan Miller, 13. Trevor Stark, 14. Mike Mixell, 15. Ricky Hippensteel, 16. Charlie Pensinger, 17. Sam Rial, 18. Les Schrivens, 19. Brad Reger, 20. John Hiden Jr., 21. Gene Lentz, 22. Gary Cekovich, 23. Tom Slanker, 24. Terry Myers, 25. Nate Hiendel, 26. Tony Tumas, 27. Rich Lomman, 28. Eric Snoke, 29. Andrew Frye, 30. Bob Bender, 31. Travis Horan, 32. Adam Smith, 33. Gerry Blough, 34. David Wilhelm, 35. Mike Goodwin, 36. Tom Johns, 37. Zac Beck, 38. Raymond Repp; DQ - Rick Christine, DNS- Ronnie Thomas, Matt Wompler, Bryan Shue, Harry Sipe, Brad Cowan, Rob Keller

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: R. Christine 1-10, Reinoehl 11-25
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Pensinger, Bender

Women on Wheels (W.O.W.) Stock Cars Feature (12 laps): 1. Deanna Frye, 2. Nancy Horan, 3. Kendra Knaub, 4. Karen Powell, 5. Elizabeth Burman, 6. Kim Flannagan 7. Kelly Resh, 8. Shelia Bertucci, 9. Penney Repp, 10. Heather Snow, 11. Jonda Drucker, 12. Barbra Kinser, 13. Wendy Swab DNS- Nicole Markel, Sherry Kitner

FEATURE LAP LEADER: Powell 1, Frye 2-12

The Great American School Bus Race Feature (12 laps): 1. Rob Harkins, 2. J.R. Rodriguez, 3. Leon Wintermyer, 4. Shawn Arndt, 5. Alan Witmer, 6. Paul Fisher, 7. Heidi Thomas, 8. Brandt Fink, 9. Larry Miller, 10. Jake Jones, 11. Mike Root, 12. Kevin Sharon, 13. Harold Ebaugh, 14. Robert Fink

FEATURE LAP LEADER: Arndt 1-4, Rodriguez 5-9, Harkins 10-12


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