State Fair Raceway (Yakima, WA) report 2001-09-29

While the track went silent after the final checkered flag of the 2001 State Fair Raceway season in Yakima, WA, the fans and crew members were still making plenty of noise as winner Rick Fauver climbed out of his car to receive his congratulations...

While the track went silent after the final checkered flag of the 2001 State Fair Raceway season in Yakima, WA, the fans and crew members were still making plenty of noise as winner Rick Fauver climbed out of his car to receive his congratulations on a hard fought win.

Taking a slim lead on the opening lap, the Everett, WA veteran driver was dogged from the beginning by Burlington, WA's Jason Solwold as Shawna Wilskey of Lake Stevens, WA set sights on Harrisburg, OR star Jeff Thompson's hold on third place.

Fauver and Solwold, separated by a varying 2 to 5 car length distance were into slower traffic by the 6th lap. As the cars spaced out Fauver opened a 10 car length lead with the continuing battle for third about the same distance behind Solwold.

Just past the mid point, Fauver was slowed drastically by a large group of slower cars with Solwold, Thompson and Wilskey closing the gap almost completely. As leaders fought for position through turns one and two they were running three wide. The mass of cars continued down the back straight and into the third turn contact was made, sending Thompson for a flip putting him out of third and the race. The slower car of Robert McNulty was also involved and out of the race.

After two failed restarts, Fauver was again hard on the throttle and opening a five car lead over Solwold with Wilskey, Brandon Harkness and Travis Hawthorne following. Just behind fifth a great battle between Jayme Barnes and Barry Martinez was developing. Martinez had been working his way up from a 16th place start, but Barnes was proving to be the biggest hurdle in the passing game. After 4 laps of wing to wing running Martinez made the pass, but his close fight for fifth was not as successful.

With three laps to go Solwold and Wilskey had closed again on Fauver and as they entered the last turn for the checkered Solwold, going all or nothing, lost traction and spun to the infield, dropping him to a 16th place finish as the rest of the field sped by.

With Fauver heading to the checkered, Wilskey took second with Harkness, Hawthorne and Martinez filing out the top five. Wilskey's second place finish also earned her the State Fair Raceway Season Championship.

Great passing jobs were put in by Jay Cole who moved up 13 positions and Martinez, up 11 spots. Also doing good was Rick Smith with a gain of six places.

In the heat race action, Smith took the opener leading the entire 8 laps with Harkness in second place. Wilskey and John Huggins also made the transfer to the feature event. Martinez was also a wire to wire winner, taking the second heat by a 20 car length lead over the rest of the field with Cale Carder, Cole and Fauver going to the A-main also.

Heat three was Travis Jacobson's for the first two laps until Thompson took the low grove into the third turn and exited in the lead. Following Thompson at the line in transfer spots were Jacobson, Solwold and McNulty. The final heat was the evenings closest as Bob Stevens led the first 5 laps as Donny Fry and Chad Hillier waged a battle for second. Lap six saw Hillier just nip Fry for second at the line and then lose the spot in the next corner At the end of the 7th lap they had both gotten past Stevens and going for the checkered Hillier got the best run out of turn four to take the win by less than a car length as the crowd went wild.

Fauver led all six laps of the dash after a false start but the front row back a spot. Setting the A-main top six start, the dash finish behind Fauver was Thompson, Solwold, Wilskey, Hillier and Harkness.

Fast time of the night went to Wilskey with a 14.895 lap.


Fast Time - Shawna Wilskey - 14.895

Heat 1 - Rick Smith, Brandon Harkness, Shawna Wilskey, John Huggins, Nick Evans, Joe Ramaker, Jeff Bell.

Heat 2 - Barry Martinez, Cale Carder, Jay Cole, Rick Fauver, Jayme Barnes, Danny Kirkpatrick, Richie Peterson.

Heat 3 - Jeff Thompson, Travis Jacobson, Jason Solwold, Robert McNulty, Glenn Borden, Jr., Travis Hawthorne, Clint Houston.

Heat 4 - Chad Hillier, Donny Fry, Bob Stevens, Steve Kilcup, Randy Barnes, Brian Ash, Duane Ausbourne.

Dash - Fauver, Thompson, Solwold, Wilskey, Hillier, Harkness, Hawthorne.

B-Main - Hawthorne, Taylor, Barnes, Peterson, Borden, Ash, Evans, Houston, Ausbourne, Barnes, Kirkpatrick, Ramaker, Bell, Dan Dunlap.

A-Main - Fauver, Wilskey, Harkness, Hawthorne, Martinez, Barnes, Cole, Smith, Peterson, Fry, Hillier, Taylor, Jacobson, Kilcup, Huggins, Solwold, Carder, Stevens, Thompson, McNulty.

Lawhead Leads To Final Checkered

Leroy Lawhead of Rochester, WA led the way to the checkered flag in the final Modified race of the State Fair Raceway 2001 season in Yakima, WA taking both the nights win and the season championship.

Taking the point position on the opening lap, Lawhead opened a cushion of over 15 car lengths at times but saw it shrink to near zero in the closing laps of the 20 lap feature event.

Following Lawhead the distance in second was Friday night's winner Scott Miller of Shelton, WA. Third place was held by Cottage Grove, OR driver Chris Murphy who put the pressure to Miller several times during the race.

Action came to a halt on lap 16 when Josh Muller ended up laying on his side in turn three. Up to that point Muller had been in a couple of close battles for position Buddy Murphy and James Jensen.

In the closing laps, B. Murphy and Craig Moore waged a good race for fourth as Jensen and Don Walker were doing the same for sixth place.

At the finish line Lawhead, Miller and C. Murphy were taking podium spots with B. Murphy, Randy Ward and Jensen filled the top six.

In the opening heat Moore led the first two laps before spinning with C. Murphy taking the front spot. Murphy's lead lasted a single lap as Matt Scherer went to the front on lap 5 and led to the win stripe. Randy Ward led all eight laps of the second heat will Miller giving chase but never catching the leader.

The dash went to Lawhead with Jon Swiglo putting in the fastest lap at 20.151 seconds.


Fast Time - Jon Swiglo - 20.151

Heat 1 - Matt Scherer, Leroy Lawhead, Kevin Beerbower, Craig Moore, Buddy Murphy, James Jensen, John Swiglo.

Heat 2 - Randy Ward, Scott Miller, Chris Murphy, Don Walker, Josh Muller, Ron Comfort.

Dash - Lawhead, C. Murphy, Beerbower, Walker, Miller.

Main - Lawhead, Miller, C. Murphy, B. Murphy, Moore, Jensen, Walker, Comfort, Scherer, Ward, Muller, Beerbower.

Dineen In Last Hobby Win Of Season

Greg Dineen of Aberdeen, WA picked off the win in the final race of the State Fair Raceway 2001 season in Yakima, WA while Chris Jeffery's third place finish clinched the season title for the Yakima driver.

Wayne Lemon took the lead at the green but slid high in the first turn as Dineen and several others set him back five spots. With Dineen in the lead as they exited the turn on to the back straight, the back bumper of the #19 car was all the competition would see to the checkered flag.

The battle for second between Terry Bower and Jeffery was a good one, running side by side several times. While in traffic on lap 12, Friday winner Jason Tole found a way past Jeffery for third.

Going for the checkered flag Bower, Jeffery and Tole were three wide and banging fenders out of the last turn. Bower made hard contact with the outside wall allowing Tole, Jeffery and Lemon a chance to get past before he made the finish line.

Jack Parshall, Jr. took home the first heat race win with Lemon challenging early and then falling back. Heat two went to Jeffery after a tight race with Dineen for the win.

Jeffery had no trouble with the dash with a 15 car length lead at the end.


Heat 1 - Jack Parshall, Jr., Wayne Lemon, Terry Bower, Josh Stoken, Jake Sorenson, Roy Borgeson, Harold Emmons, Jeremy Mullins, James Adams.

Heat 2 - Chris Jeffery, Greg Dineen, Jason Tole, Jeff Foster, Rick Christopherson, Chris Asche, #04, Dan Monroe, Mike Mallula, Paul Manka.

Dash - Jefferson, Dineen, Parshall, Tole, Bower, Lemon.

Main - Dineen, Tole, Jeffery, Lemon, Bower, Parshall, Sorenson, Borgeson, Asche, Foster, #04,Emmons, Mullins, Adams, Mallula, Christopherson, Monroe.


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