Sprint Bandits Devil's Bowl Finale notes

Swindell Completes Sprint Bandits Sweep with Devil's Bowl Thriller MESQUITE, Tex. (March 20, 2004) -- Trips to victory lane are nothing new for sprint car ace Sammy Swindell. Saturday night's 30-lap triumph in O'Reilly Sprint Bandits action ...

Swindell Completes Sprint Bandits Sweep with Devil's Bowl Thriller

MESQUITE, Tex. (March 20, 2004) -- Trips to victory lane are nothing new for sprint car ace Sammy Swindell. Saturday night's 30-lap triumph in O'Reilly Sprint Bandits action at Devil's Bowl Speedway was a first though, as the veteran's mount was delivered to the winner's circle on the hook.

After starting from the pole, Swindell flashed under the checkered flag a mere car length ahead of Shane Stewart, who edged Zach Chappell by .002-seconds for the runner-up slot. On the cool down lap, Swindell and Chappell tangled in turn four with Swindell's mount flipping.

"There's a first time for everything I guess," commented the happy victor afterwards. "I guess he (Chappell) didn't see the checkered flag the lap before and thought we were still racing and we just got together there in turn four."

A night after capturing the first ever O'Reilly Sprint Bandits feature, Swindell led the feature field to the green flag. Chappell lined up on Swindell's outside shoulder after Aaron Berryhill, initially slated to begin Saturday night's finale outside the front row, moved to the back with engine problems and departed soon after the green flag waved.

Swindell jumped into the lead at the drop of the green and had stretched out nearly a straightaway advantage over Chappell, Daryn Pittman, Shane Stewart and Gary Wright when the caution flew after five rounds for Jesse Hockett's disabled machine. Wright would exit to the pit area a lap later with a flat right front tire.

Swindell took off again on the restart, gradually amassing a straightaway lead over Chappell, while Pittman and Stewart dueled for third. As Swindell encountered lapped traffic at the race's midpoint, Stewart took command of third and began his pursuit of Chappell.

With heavy traffic slowing Swindell's progress aboard Bob Vielhauer's Wesmar-powered Beaver Drill & Tool Company No. 12x Maxim, Chappell and Stewart had closed to within ten car-lengths by the 20th round. Five rounds later, Swindell's advantage had dissipated to just four car-lengths.

Chappell and Stewart had nearly closed to Swindell's rear bumper as the white flag flew. The torrid side-by-side battle for second was enough for Swindell to preserve the victory by just a car length over Stewart, who nipped Chappell at the line in a photo finish for second.

"We used a taller gear and the track slicked over some," Swindell stated in victory lane. "We're not real familiar with the Hoosier spec tire, so I blistered the right rear. When I got to traffic, it was tough to get those guys because by then I had hurt my left rear too. I'm just happy we were able to hang on and win this one."

Stewart settled for a close second in the Wesmar-powered Ol' Glory No. 4m Maxim, with Chappell taking the show position in the Carbone-powered Champco Concrete Construction Maxim. Pittman was closing on the leaders in the final rounds and crossed the stripe fourth in the lone Mopar-powered entry. Wayne Johnson made a strong charge to round out the top five aboard the Harvill Industries machine.

Terry McCarl crossed the stripe in sixth, with Steven King, 14th-starter Danny Jennings, 15th-starter Jerrod Hull and Foster Landon completing the top ten.

Kelly Kinser, Travis Rilat and Wright topped Saturday night's heat race action, with Landon, Jennings and Danny Smith winning the qualifying races.

O'Reilly Sprint Bandits Results:

Top Four from Friday Night Feature Locked In: #12x Sammy Swindell, #97 Aaron Berryhill, #21 Daryn Pittman, #50z Zach Chappell.

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. #4k Kelly Kinser, 2. #4m Shane Stewart, 3. #24 Terry McCarl, 4. #15s Nick Smith, 5. #17g Ricky Logan, 6. #11f Foster Landon, 7. #97w Sean Walden, 8. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. #29 Travis Rilat, 2. #41 Jeff Day, 3. #13 Mark Dobmeier, 4. #36 Jason Martin, 5. #7m Kevin Ramey, 6. #61J Danny Jennings , 7. #31 Matt Clevenger.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. #9 Gary Wright, 2. #75 Jesse Hockett, 3. #44 Wayne Johnson, 4. #88 Steven King, 5. #12 Jerrod Hull, 6. #60 Colin Northway, 7. #4 Danny Smith.

First Qualifying Race (8 Laps): 1. #11f Foster Landon, 2. #97w Sean Walden, 3. #17g Ricky Logan, 4. #24 Terry McCarl, 5. #7m Kevin Ramey, 6. #9 Gary Wright, #75 Jesse Hockett. DNS: #18 Tony Bruce, Jr.

Second Qualifying Race (8 Laps): 1. #61J Danny Jennings, 2. #88 Steven King, 3. #44 Wayne Johnson, 4. #36 Jason Martin, 5. #41 Jeff Day, 6. #4k Kelly Kinser. DNS: #31 Matt Clevenger.

Third Qualifying Race (8 Laps): 1. #4 Danny Smith, 2. #12 Jerrod Hull, 3. #60 Colin Northway, 4. #4m Shane Stewart, 5. #29 Travis Rilat, 6. #13 Mark Dobmeier, 7. #15s Nick Smith.

A Feature (30 Laps -- Starting Position in parenthesis): 1. #12x Sammy Swindell (1), 2. #4m Shane Stewart (8), 3. #50z Zach Chappell (4), 4. #21 Daryn Pittman (3), 5. #44 Wayne Johnson (7), 6. #24 Terry McCarl (5), 7. #88 Steven King (10), 8. #61J Danny Jennings (14), 9. #12 Jerrod Hull (15), 10. #11f Foster Landon (12), 11. #17g Ricky Logan (13), 12. #4k Kelly Kinser (16), 13. #13 Mark Dobmeier (19), 14. #29 Travis Rilat (9), 15. #41 Jeff Day (11), 16. #60 Colin Northway (23), 17. #4 Danny Smith (18), 18. #7m Kevin Ramey (21), 19. #15s Nick Smith (24), 20. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr. (25), 21. #36 Jason Martin (17), 22. #75 Jesse Hockett (22), 23. #9 Gary Wright (6), 24. #97w Sean Walden (20), 25. #97 Aaron Berryhill (2). DNS: #31 Matt Clevenger.

Lap Leaders: Sammy Swindell 1-30

O'Reilly Sprint Bandits Points (Top Ten): 1. Sammy Swindell 300, 2. (tie) Daryn Pittman, Zach Chappell and Shane Stewart 286, 5. (tie) Danny Jennings and Steven King 272, 7. Terry McCarl 270, 8. Kelly Kinser 260, 9. (tie) Wayne Johnson and Jerrod Hull 258.


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