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Rilat tops O'Reilly Sprint Bandits Cameron Clash with Last Lap Pass CAMERON, Mo. (May 28, 2004) - Travis Rilat capped a wild night of racing at US 36 Raceway by making a stirring last lap pass of Shane Stewart to snare victory honors in...

Rilat tops O'Reilly Sprint Bandits Cameron Clash with Last Lap Pass

CAMERON, Mo. (May 28, 2004) - Travis Rilat capped a wild night of racing at US 36 Raceway by making a stirring last lap pass of Shane Stewart to snare victory honors in Friday night's 30-lap O'Reilly Sprint Bandits feature.

"Damn, I'm about worn out," exclaimed Rilat after the hard-fought victory. "I knew we could get him (Shane). Right before that last red flag I found the right part of the track. For a few laps after we got going again I was starting to wonder, but when we got to lapped traffic I knew we'd be able to make a run for it."

A run for it he did, diving underneath Stewart in turns one and two on the final circuit to snatch his first Sprint Bandits victory, worth $4,000 aboard the Motor Mike-powered F&J Construction/Haulmark Trailers No. 29 Maxim.

After accumulating the most points through heat and qualifying race action, Danny Jennings led the field to the green flag, with current series point leader Stewart alongside. The duo battled wheel-to-wheel for the point for the opening lap- and-a-half before Jennings edged into the lead, with fourth-starter Rilat chasing the leaders.

As lapped traffic came into play after just three rounds, Jennings fought off a tenacious Stewart for the lead until the ninth round when Stewart used traffic to his advantage to take command. Rilat would then relegate Jennings to third after a lap thirteen caution for J.D. Johnson's turn two spin.

With Rilat, Jennings, eighth-starter Jesse Hockett and eleventh-starter Aaron Berryhill pursuing Stewart, the race's first red flag would fly after 17 rounds when Jerrod Hull and Wayne Johnson flipped in turn two as a pack of cars scattered to avoid a spinning Jason Johnson. The red would appear once again two rounds later when Jay Landolt, who had just passed Berryhill for fifth, dumped his mount in turn four. There were no injuries.

Back under way, Stewart held a five car-length advantage aboard the Wesmar-powered Ol' Glory Energy Drink No. 4m Maxim until lapped traffic came into play over the final five rounds. Rilat reeled the leader in, made a bid for the point on the white-flag lap, then stormed into the lead on the final round to snare the victory.

Stewart settled for a close second place finish, while Hockett made a lap 26 pass of Jennings to claim the show position. Jennings crossed the stripe in fourth, with Berryhill rounding out the top five. Jason Johnson was the final car on the lead lap in sixth, with Foster Landon, Jason Martin, J.R. Topper and Kim Kennedy completing the top ten.

Hull, Jason Johnson and Zach Chappell claimed heat race victories, with Jennings, Stewart and Hockett winning the qualifying races.

Randy Anderson was the evening's first flip victim when he took a turn one tumble in turn two in the first qualifying race. The first of two flips on the evening for Wayne Johnson came in the second qualifying race, with Sean Walden taking a hard turn one ride on the restart following Johnson's qualifying gymnastics. There were no injuries.

Bud Johnson, nephew of Wayne Johnson, filled in for Terry McCarl after kidney stones sidelined the five-time Knoxville Raceway champion.

O'Reilly Sprint Bandits Results:

First Classic Trailers Heat (8 Laps): 1. #12 Jerrod Hull, 2. #60 Colin Northway, 3. #11f Foster Landon, 4. #61J Danny Jennings, 5. #R19 Randy Anderson, 6. #98 J.D. Johnson, 7. #71 Robert Bell, 8. #76 Jay Russell.

Second Classic Trailers Heat (8 Laps): 1. #50d Jason Johnson, 2. #14aj Wayne Johnson, 3. #4m Shane Stewart, 4. #1v Sean Walden, 5. #75 Jesse Hockett, 6. #21s Jay Landolt, 7. #1k Kim Kennedy.

Third Classic Trailers Heat (8 Laps): 1. #50z Zach Chappell, 2. #36 Jason Martin, 3. #29 Travis Rilat, 4. #97 Aaron Berryhill, 5. #96c Jim Cameron, 6. #92J J.R. Topper, 7. #24 Bud Johnson. DNS: #18 Tim Newman.

First Qualifying Race (8 Laps): 1. #61J Danny Jennings, 2. #21s Jay Landolt, 3. #11f Foster Landon, 4. #71 Robert Bell, 5. #50d Jason Johnson, 6. #12 Jerrod Hull, 7. #R19 Randy Anderson. DNS: #24 Bud Johnson.

Second Qualifying Race (8 Laps): 1. #4m Shane Stewart, 2. #96c Jim Cameron, 3. #60 Colin Northway, 4. #1k Kim Kennedy, 5. #98 J.D. Johnson, 6. #1v Sean Walden, 7. #14aj Wayne Johnson. DNS: #18 Tim Newman.

Third Qualifying Race (8 Laps): 1. #75 Jesse Hockett, 2. #29 Travis Rilat, 3. #97 Aaron Berryhill, 4. #50z Zach Chappell, 5. #36 Jason Martin, 6. #92J J.R. Topper, 7. #76 Jay Russell.

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. #29 Travis Rilat (4), 2. #4m Shane Stewart (2), 3. #75 Jesse Hockett (8), 4. #61J Danny Jennings (1), 5. #97 Aaron Berryhill (11), 6. #50d Jason Johnson (7), 7. #11f Foster Landon (6), 8. #36 Jason Martin (12), 9. #92J J.R. Topper (18), 10. #1k Kim Kennedy (17), 11. #71 Robert Bell (14), 12. #21s Jay Landolt (13), 13. #19 Randy Anderson (19), 14. #98 J.D. Johnson (16), 15. #50z Zach Chappell (5), 16. #14aj Wayne Johnson (15), 17. #12 Jerrod Hull (9), 18. #60 Colin Northway (3), 19. #96c Jim Cameron (10), 20. #18 Tim Newman (22), 21. #76 Jay Russell (21), 22. #24 Bud Johnson (20), 23. #1v Sean Walden (23).

Lap Leaders: Shane Stewart 1, Danny Jennings 2-8, Stewart 9-29, Travis Rilat 30.

O'Reilly Sprint Bandits Points (Top Ten): 1. Shane Stewart 572, 2. Danny Jennings 542, 3. (tie) Zach Chappell and Travis Rilat 536, 5. Foster Landon 514, 6. Aaron Berryhill 510, 7. Jerrod Hull 508, 8. Jason Martin 474, 9. Sammy Swindell 402, 10. Wayne Johnson 376.


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