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Rilat Rules COMP Cams ASCS Speedweek Round 2 at I-30 LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (July 10, 2004) - Travis Rilat broke Gary Wright's apparent stranglehold upon I-30 Speedway's victory lane during Round Two of the 12th Annual COMP ...

Rilat Rules COMP Cams ASCS Speedweek Round 2 at I-30

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (July 10, 2004) - Travis Rilat broke Gary Wright's apparent stranglehold upon I-30 Speedway's victory lane during Round Two of the 12th Annual COMP Cams American Sprint Car Series Speedweek Saturday night, charging into the lead on a late restart en route to topping the 30-lap main event.

Wright, who has raced to victory lane in four of the last six O'Reilly ASCS National Tour presented by Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores and Classic Trailers stops at the high-banked quarter-mile Little Rock oval, took the lead from Rilat on the seventh round and led the way until a lap 26 restart when Rilat charged back into the lead. The defending series champion went on to score his sixth series triumph of the season and third career ASCS Speedweek victory.

After coming from fifth to top the evening's opening heat race, Rilat led the field to the green flag with Zach Chappell alongside. Rilat jumped into the early lead with Chappell, Toby Brown and Wright in tow.

With the lead trio utilizing the low line, Wright moved to the top and slipped by Brown for third on lap three, then overtook Chappell for second the next time around. Wright quickly reeled Rilat in, pulled along side exiting turn two on the seventh round then took command a half lap later.

In front, Wright began to build a slight lead over Rilat, while Chappell, Brown and Cody Branchcomb diced for third. As the leaders worked through traffic, the event's quick pace was interrupted after 17 rounds when Jan Howard and Marshall Skinner tangled in turn two.

Back under way, Rilat stayed within several car lengths of Wright, as Brown and Chappell continued to duel for third, with ninth-starter Tim Crawley and 15th-starter Shane Stewart advancing into a battle for fifth.

Rilat closed on Wright's rear bumper and was set to challenge for the lead when Howard and Mike Ward got together in turn two with 25 laps in the books, setting up a five-lap dash to the checkered flag.

Rilat made quick work of Wright as action resumed, charging underneath Wright in turn one to take command. Wright's attempts to return the favor were for naught, as Rilat took the checkered flag with a three car-length advantage aboard the Motor Mike-powered F&J Construction/Haulmark Trailers No. 29 Maxim, with Wright settling for his fourth consecutive ASCS National Tour runner-up finish.

After destroying his J&J chassis the previous night, Brown borrowed a used Eagle from Scott Brown and Garry Lee Maier's Lubbock Wrecker Service team and raced to a solid third place finish. Chappell crossed the stripe in fourth, with Crawley rounding out the top five.

Shane Stewart earned Hard Charger honors by racing from 15th to sixth, with fellow eighth-row starter Tim Montgomery taking the checkered in seventh. Branchcomb crossed the stripe in eighth, with Dale Howard ninth. Nick Smith posted his second tenth place finish in as many nights.

Rilat, Dale Howard, Josh Howard, Crawley and Brown topped heat race action for the 40-car field, with Stewart and Montgomery splitting victory honors in the twin 12-lap B Mains.

Mike Langston scratched for the night after a flip in hot laps, while Travis Senter, Jr., took a hard ride down the frontstretch as the green flag flew on the fifth heat race. There were no injuries.

With a pair of runner-up finishes in the first two rounds of COMP Cams ASCS Speedweek, Wright holds a 2-point advantage over Crawley in Speedweek points entering Monday night's event at Tulsa Speedway.

12th Annual COMP Cams ASCS Speedweek Round 2 Results:

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. Travis Rilat, 2. Zach Chappell, 3. Mike Ward, 4. Jimmy Taylor, 5. Robert Gant, 6. Andy Goin, 7. A.G. Rains. DNS: Mike Langston.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. Dale Howard, 2. Garry Lee Maier, 3. Bryce Vowan, 4. Nick Smith, 5. Justin Sturch, 6. Jason Martin, 7. Tony Bruce, Jr., 8. Natalie Sather.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. Josh Howard, 2. Gary Wright, 3. Jan Howard, 4. Shane Stewart, 5. Kelly Angelette, 6. Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 7. Rick Pringle, 8. Jamie Passmore.

Fourth Heat (8 Laps): 1. Tim Crawley, 2. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 3. Pete Butler, 4. Zach Pringle, 5. Tim Montgomery, 6. Marshall Skinner, 7. William Hope, 8. Jerry Kamer.

Fifth Heat (8 Laps): 1. Toby Brown, 2. Cody Branchcomb, 3. Rob Jenkins, 4. Darren Stewart, 5. Mark Harrison, 6. Mike Pack, 7. Joe Young, 8. Travis Senter, Jr.

First B Feature (12 Laps): 1. Shane Stewart, 2. Nick Smith, 3. Rick Pringle, 4. Jamie Passmore, 5. Mark Harrison, 6. Zach Pringle, 7. Jimmy Taylor, 8. Jason Martin, 9. Joe Young, 10. Kelly Angelette, 11. Tony Bruce, Jr. DNS: Mike Pack, Travis Senter, Jr.

Second B Feature (12 Laps): 1. Tim Montgomery, 2. Justin Sturch, 3. Marshall Skinner, 4. A.G. Rains, 5. Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 6. Jerry Kamer, 7. Natalie Sather, 8. Rob Jenkins, 9. William Hope, 10. Robert Gant, 11. Darren Stewart, 12. Andy Goin. DNS: Mike Langston.

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. Travis Rilat, 2. Gary Wright, 3. Toby Brown, 4. Zach Chappell, 5. Tim Crawley, 6. Shane Stewart, 7. Tim Montgomery, 8. Cody Branchcomb, 9. Dale Howard, 10. Nick Smith, 11. Pete Butler, 12. Justin Sturch, 13. Marshall Skinner, 14. Mike Ward, 15. Garry Lee Maier, 16. Jan Howard, 17. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 18. Darren Stewart, 19. Bryce Vowan, 20. Josh Howard, 21. Rick Pringle, 22. A.G. Rains.

O'Reilly ASCS National Tour Points (Top Fifteen): 1. Gary Wright 2,280, 2. Travis Rilat 2,266, 3. Darren Stewart 2,182, 4. Zach Chappell 2,176, 5. Garry Lee Maier 2,094, 6. Toby Brown 1,912, 7. A.G. Rains 1,714, 8. Jimmy Taylor 1,613, 9. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 1,594, 10. Natalie Sather 1,475, 11. Cody Branchcomb 1,286, 12. Shane Stewart 1,102, 13. Tony Bruce, Jr. 978, 14. Chuck Swenson 944, 15. Jason Martin 930.

12th Annual COMP Cams ASCS Speedweek Points (Top Ten): 1. Gary Wright 292, 2. Tim Crawley 290, 3. Travis Rilat 288, 4. (tie) Shane Stewart and Zach Chappell 282, 6. Nick Smith 260, 7. Darren Stewart 256, 8. (tie) Cody Branchcomb and Mike Ward 254, 10. Dale Howard 246.


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