Sooner Region OK State Fair results 2008-08-15

McClelland and Smith Snare ASCS Sooner Wins in Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (August 15, 2008) -- A pair of Tulsa-area drivers swept American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region victory lane at State Fair Speedway on Friday night...

McClelland and Smith Snare ASCS Sooner Wins in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (August 15, 2008) -- A pair of Tulsa-area drivers swept American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region victory lane at State Fair Speedway on Friday night as Sean McClelland and Nick Smith both earned 25-lap feature wins.

McClelland, the 2005 ASCS Sooner Region champion, won the makeup feature event from June 13 while past ASCoT National Rookie of the Year Smith won the regularly-scheduled feature event.

The evening opened up with the feature event postponed from June, when rain hit the speedway prior to the finale. Originally slated for the second row, McClelland slid up to the front row outside when scheduled front row starter Gary Taylor was absent due to Sprint Bandits TNT action in Kansas City.

McClelland took full advantage by outgunning polesitter Matt Covington for the lead at the outset and leading throughout to post his second series win of the year and tenth of his career in front of Smith, Covington, Danny Jennings and Kevin Ramey.

Broken Arrow's Smith wasted little time matching Tulsa's McClelland on both victory counts when he added his second win of the year and tenth career Sooner triumph in the nightcap main event.

Smith had to work harder for his win though, taking the lead away from pole starter and race-long leader Strike Hill on the 17th lap en route to the checkered flag. Smith crossed the stripe in front of Zach Chappell, Kolt Walker, Hill and Eric Baldaccini.

Walker, Hill, Jamie Passmore and Chappell topped Friday night's heat races, with Covington winning the "B" Main.

American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region Results from State Fair Speedway:

Makeup "A" Feature from June 13 (25 Laps): 1. 1-Sean McClelland, 2. 15s-Nick Smith, 3. 95-Matt Covington, 4. 61J-Danny Jennings, 5. 7m-Kevin Ramey, 6. 25-Robert Sellers, 7. 20s-Sheldon Barksdale, 8. 03-Joe Wood, Jr., 9. 45k-Kolt Walker, 10. 27m-Kyle Merriman, 11. 87-Brian McClelland, 12. 5$-Danny Smith, 13. 15b-Michael Brown, 14. 28-Chris Lloyd, 15. 22-Koby Barksdale, 16. 27-Andy Shouse, 17. 92-Zach Chappell, 18. b4-Eric Baldaccini, 19. 5*-Gary Taylor (DNS), 20. 29a-Jason Botsford (DNS).

Regularly Scheduled August 15 Event:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 45k-Kolt Walker, 2. 03-Joe Wood, Jr., 3. 25-Robert Sellers, 4. 29n-Larry Neighbors, 5. 20s-Sheldon Barksdale. DNS: b4-Eric Baldaccini, 22-Koby Barksdale, 61J-Danny Jennings.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 13-Strike Hill, 2. 15s-Nick Smith, 3. 36-Darren Stewart, 4. 28-Chris Lloyd, 5. 72-Sherman Davis, 6. 7m-Kevin Ramey, 7. 3r-Michael Beckerman, 8. 27m-Kyle Merriman.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 4J-Jamie Passmore, 2. 87-Brian McClelland, 3. 27-Andy Shouse, 4. 81au-Gavin Punch, 5. 15b-Michael Brown, 6. 11-Justin Melton, 7. 25x-Jeff Leep.

Heat Four (8 Laps): 1. 92-Zach Chappell, 2. 1-Sean McClelland, 3. 10-Terry Gray, 4. 5$-Danny Smith, 5. 95-Matt Covington, 6. 2-Sheldon Leeskamp, 7. 22x-Brent Swift.

"B" Feature (12 Laps): 1. 95-Matt Covington, 2. 72-Sherman Davis, 3. b4-Eric Baldaccini, 4. 20s-Sheldon Barksdale, 5. 22-Koby Barksdale, 6. 27m-Kyle Merriman, 7. 61J-Danny Jennings, 8. 2-Sheldon Leeskamp, 9. 11-Justin Melton, 10. 3r-Michael Beckerman, 11. 7m-Kevin Ramey, 12. 25x-Jeff Leep. DNS: 15b-Michael Brown, 22x-Brent Swift.

"A" Feature (25 Laps): 1. 15s-Nick Smith, 2. 92-Zach Chappell, 3. 45k-Kolt Walker, 4. 13-Strike Hill, 5. b4-Eric Baldaccini, 6. 4J-Jamie Passmore, 7. 87-Brian McClelland, 8. 36-Darren Stewart, 9. 95-Matt Covington, 10. 20s-Sheldon Barksdale, 11. 28-Chris Lloyd, 12. 29n-Larry Neighbors, 13. 1-Sean McClelland, 14. 25-Robert Sellers, 15. 03-Joe Wood, Jr., 16. 27-Andy Shouse, 17. 5$-Danny Smith, 18. 10-Terry Gray, 19. 72-Sherman Davis, 20. 81au-Gavin Punch.

American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Brian McClelland 1,875, 2. Kolt Walker 1,838, 3. Joe Wood, Jr. 1,784, 4. Matt Covington 1,728, 5. Gary Taylor 1,632, 6. Michael Brown 1,564, 7. Justin Melton 1,499, 8. Sherman Davis 1,281, 9. Eric Baldaccini 1,119, 10. Sheldon Barksdale 912.

-credit: ascs

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