Sooner/Gulf South Devil's Bowl results 200-10-16

MESQUITE, Tex. (October 16, 2004) -- Fort Worth's Kevin Ramey reigned supreme once again in the second running of the American Sprint Car Series Sooner vs. Gulf South Region Shootout at Devil's Bowl Speedway by posting a wire-to-wire triumph ...

MESQUITE, Tex. (October 16, 2004) -- Fort Worth's Kevin Ramey reigned supreme once again in the second running of the American Sprint Car Series Sooner vs. Gulf South Region Shootout at Devil's Bowl Speedway by posting a wire-to-wire triumph in Saturday night's 25-lap feature.

With his second consecutive Sooner vs. Gulf South Shootout triumph, Ramey snared a portion of the American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region title, as he and seventh-place finisher Andy Shouse were declared series co-champions, knotted atop the series point charts with 2,360 points apiece.

Meanwhile, Jerry Bell claimed the Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores ASCS Gulf South Region championship with a sixth place finish, taking the title by 24 markers over Chris Sweeney, with Greg Rilat just 16 more points back in third.

With the top six Gulf South passing points earners making up the inside row and the top six Sooner passing points drivers on the outside in true Shootout style, the feature event got off to a rough start when Jamie Will and Rod Craddock flipped violently exiting turn four on the opening round. On the ensuing restart, Matt Clevenger, Skip Wilson and Kevin Swindell became ensnared in a wild tangle in the same spot. Despite extensive damage that sidelined all five, only Will was shaken.

With Rilat on the pole, Ramey inherited the front row outside starting slot when Jason Martin was unable to fire his machine following the second tangle. As action got under way, Ramey out dueled Rilat for the early lead, with Danny Jennings making an opening-lap blast from eighth to third.

Jennings raced past Rilat for second on the sixth round and was pressuring Ramey for the point when Stephen Chevallier's lapped machine spun directly in his path on the tenth round. Jennings dodged Chevallier's sliding Sprinter to retain second as the caution flew.

Back under way, Jennings kept Ramey in his sights throughout as Tony Bruce, Jr., and Ray Allen Kulhanek diced for third. Jennings mounted a charge for the lead on the 19th round only to slide off the turn two banking. Moments later, Scottie McDonald came to a halt in turn four minus a tire to bring out the race's final caution.

Poised for a six-lap dash to the stripe, Ramey raced to the line with a ten car-length advantage aboard Tom Willis' Wells-powered Commercial Music/Smoke Pit Bar-B-Que No. 7m Eagle to score his second victory in as many nights. Jennings settled for second, with Kulhanek leading the Gulf South forces in third. Bruce claimed fourth, with Johnny Miller rounding out the top five.

Bell raced from 19th to sixth, while 22nd-starter Shouse made a lap 20 pass of Foster Landon for seventh to secure a portion of the Sooner crown. Rilat crossed the stripe eighth, with Landon and Preston Peebles II completing the top ten.

With 38 cars on hand, Rilat and Kulhanek were triumphant in Gulf South heat action while Ramey and Martin were victorious in Sooner heats. Clevenger and Charlie Brown took victory honors in the twin 12-lap B Mains.

The Sooner Region championship tie between Ramey and Shouse only hinted at the Sooner Region points oddity, as Tony Bruce, Jr., and Sean McClelland tied for third, while Peebles and Landon locked into a tie for fifth.

Sam Hafertepe, Jr., was eliminated for the night when a wild heat race tumble in turn one after contact with an infield tire resulted in heavy damage.

ASCS Sooner vs. Gulf South Region Results:

First Gulf South Heat (8 Laps): 1. #35 Greg Rilat, 2. #15 Brad Stokes, 3. #93 Chris Sweeney, 4. #25 Charlie Brown, 5. #4J Jamie Will, 6. #8tw Kent Lewis, Jr., 7. #85 Jerry Bell, 8. #1z Dusty Zomer, 9. #20 Richard Holt, 10. #16 Ray Welnack.

First Sooner Heat (8 Laps): 1. #7m Kevin Ramey, 2. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr., 3. #11f Foster Landon, 4. #65 Skip Wilson, 5. #31b Brian Harvill, 6. #1 Sean McClelland, 7. #27 Andy Shouse, 8. #45 J.P. Bailey, 9. #6 Terry Holland, 10. #44 Danny Wood.

Second Gulf South Heat (8 Laps): 1. #21T Ray Allen Kulhanek, 2. #17 Richard Cordray, 3. #71 Johnny Miller, 4. #5r Rod Craddock, 5. #51 Jimmy Brooks, 6. #94c Stephen Chevallier, 7. #49 Todd Johnson, 8. #88 Scottie McDonald, 9. #15s Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Second Sooner Heat (8 Laps): 1. #36 Jason Martin, 2. #11p Preston Peebles II, 3. #61J Danny Jennings, 4. #1s Matt Clevenger, 5. #1k Kevin Swindell, 6. #31 Shane Bangerter, 7. #17w Brad Welborn, 8. #20k Koby Barksdale, 9. #59 Dex Eaton.

First B Feature (12 Laps): 1. #1s Matt Clevenger, 2. #31b Brian Harvill, 3. #5r Rod Craddock, 4. #85 Jerry Bell, 5. #88 Scottie McDonald, 6. #94c Stephen Chevallier, 7. #8tw Kent Lewis, Jr., 8. #45 J.P. Bailey, 9. #20 Richard Holt, 10. #16 Ray Welnack, 11. #49 Todd Johnson, 12. #51 Jimmy Brooks. DNS: #15s Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Second B Feature (12 Laps): 1. #25 Charlie Brown, 2. #65 Skip Wilson, 3. #4J Jamie Will, 4. #1k Kevin Swindell, 5. #27 Andy Shouse, 6. #1z Dusty Zomer, 7. #1 Sean McClelland, 8. #17w Brad Welborn, 9. #20k Koby Barksdale, 10. #31 Shane Bangerter, 11. #6 Terry Holland, 12. #59 Dex Eaton, 13. #44 Danny Wood.

A Feature (25 Laps): 1. #7M Kevin Ramey (S), 2. #61J Danny Jennings (S), 3. #21T Ray Allen Kulhanek (GS), 4. #18 Tony Bruce, Jr. (S), 5. #71 Johnny Miller (GS), 6. #85 Jerry Bell (GS), 7. #27 Andy Shouse (S), 8. #35 Greg Rilat (GS), 9. #11f Foster Landon (S), 10. Preston Peebles II (S), 11. #1z Dusty Zomer (GS), 12. #93 Chris Sweeney (GS), 13. #31b Brian Harvill (S), 14. #15 Brad Stokes (GS), 15. #94c Stephen Chevallier (GS), 16. #88 Scottie McDonald (GS), 17. #17 Richard Cordray (GS), 18. #25 Charlie Brown (GS), 19. #36 Jason Martin (S), 20. #1s Matt Clevenger (S), 21. #65 Skip Wilson (S), 22. #5r Rod Craddock (GS), 23. #4J Jamie Will (GS), 24. #1k Kevin Swindell (S).

American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region Points (Top Ten): 1. (tie) Andy Shouse and Kevin Ramey 2,360, 3. (tie) Sean McClelland and Tony Bruce, Jr. 2,270, 5. (tie) Preston Peebles II and Foster Landon 2,186, 7. J.P. Bailey 2,013, 8. Danny Jennings 1,922, 9. Barry McCord 1,768, 10. Brian Harvill 1,644.

Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores ASCS Gulf South Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Jerry Bell 2,228, 2. Chris Sweeney 2,204, 3. Greg Rilat 2,188, 4. Ray Allen Kulhanek 2,098, 5. Todd Johnson 2,058, 6. Brad Stokes 2,044, 7. Stephen Chevallier 2,016, 8. Scottie McDonald 2,011, 9. Richard Holt 1,785, 10. Rod Craddock 1,685.


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