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Wayne Morrison from Sanford, MI took his first ever feature win at Owendale Speedway when he inherited the lead on lap two after the early race leader spun to bring out a caution. "I am dead tired! Not only physically, but mentally as well!" ...

Wayne Morrison from Sanford, MI took his first ever feature win at Owendale Speedway when he inherited the lead on lap two after the early race leader spun to bring out a caution. "I am dead tired! Not only physically, but mentally as well!" Exclaimed Morrison in victory lane. " I was running like a scared rabbit out there. I am not use to being up front, and I kept waiting for somebody to catch me. I needed the cautions just so I could settle myself back down, and take a deep breath. I need to thank my crew, my wife Lynne, Steve Gregus, Andy Czymbor, John Zombeck, and Ben Stochowicz." Morrison took the victory in an Eagle Chassis powered by Marshall Campbell Racing Engines. Northern Auto Body, Dick Armstrong Amsoil, Autograph Vinyl and Graphics, and Michigan Airgas are the sponsors on the car.

Grand Ledge, MI native Gregg Dalman would start on the pole position with current points leader Dustin Daggett alongside. At the drop of the green, the duo raced side by side into turn one. As the pair raced wheel to wheel for the early advantage, Dalman would clip a tire marking the inside of the racing surface sending him into a spin in front of 18 other SOD competitors. The second try on the start, would move Morrison to the pole position to replace Dalman who was now starting last after bringing out the caution.

Daggett would get the jump on Morrison, and would lead the field into turn one. After one lap, Daggett quickly built a comfortable lead as he headed into turn one. Then disaster struck a second time, as Daggett would spin in turn two. Morrison would take the point after a brief caution period, and lead the field to the lap two restart.

As the race resumed, Morrison would begin to pull away from second place Tim Lowe, as the current battle was for second place between Lowe, Dave Fox, Mike Galajda, and Fred Bliss. On lap 10, Morrison began to close in on some lapped traffic. Just as he would pass the first car and put them a lap down, another point contender would spin in turn one. Dain Naida brought out the third caution while racing with Tom Fedorczyk for position. Two laps later, Fedorczyk would spin in turn four to bring out the fourth and final caution of the evening.

10 laps would remain as leader Morrison brought the field down to the green, and once again, Morrison would pull away from the second place car of Fox. At this stage, all eyes were on the 85 car of Daggett. After restarting in 20th on lap two, Daggett had moved back up to seventh with 10 laps remaining. The top four cars of Morrison, Lowe, Fox, and Galajda consisted of four drivers who had never won a sprint car feature event. Lap 19, Bliss would pass Galajda for fourth, as Daggett used the highside of the track to pass Bill Johnson for sixth. Two laps later, Daggett passed Galajda four fifth, and set sail after the top four.

With three laps remaining, Morrison closed in on lapped traffic, and the top five cars were nose to tail with two laps to go. Once Morrison cleared the lapped car, he would drive on to win his first ever feature race. Lowe would hold on to second, with Fox in third. On the last lap, Daggett would get around Bliss to grab fourth, with Bliss in fifth. Galajda, Johnson, Davey Brown, Ronnie Beale, and Gregg Dalman rounded out the top ten. Daggett, Jim Wohlfiel, Dalman, and Galajda would take the heat races, while Brown claimed the B-main. Up next for the SOD sprinters is the final visit to the 1/3 mile oval of Crystal Raceway. Gates open at 4:00 PM, hot laps at 6:30, and racing at 7:30. For more information, log on to the official SOD website at

26 cars

B&B Oval Track Supply Heat Race, 8 Laps, Top 4 to A-main: (No Time) 1) 85 Dustin Daggett 2) 15 Fred Bliss 3) 54 Dain Naida 4) 0 Steve Irwin 5) 62 Jon Nichoson 6) 2t Ralph Brackenberry 7) 9h Gary Hayward

Kear's Speed Shop Heat Race: (1:48.177) 1) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 2) 99 Wayne Morrison 3) 50 Tim Lowe 4) 3b Ronnie Beale 5) 13 Davey Brown 6) 18 Mark Irwin 7) 41g Jim Goetgeluck

Goodyear Racing Tire Heat Race: (1:45.803) 1) 49t Gregg Dalman 2) 33 Bill Johnson 3) 54j Dave Fox 4) 17 Charlie McCann 5) 5k Eric Curry 6) 21 Dan Phillips

Brodix Cylinder Heads Heat Race: (No Time) 1) 2x Mike Galajda 2) p46 Frank Taylor 3) 61f Tom Fedorczyk 4) t10 Tom Miller 5) 81 John Gall 6) 72 Chris Webster

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 12 Laps: (No Time) 1) 13 Davey Brown 2) 81 John Gall 3) 18 Mark Irwin 4) 62 Jon Nichoson 5) 9h Gary Hayward 6) 72 Chris Webster 7) 5k Eric Curry 8) 41g Jim Goetgeluck 9) 21t Dan Phillips 10) 2t Ralph Brackenberry (dns)

Sprints On Dirt A-Main, 25 Laps: (No Time) 1) 99 Wayne Morrison 2) 59 Tim Lowe 3) 54j Dave Fox 4) 85 Dustin Daggett 5) 15 Fred Bliss 6) 2x Mike Galajda 7) 33 Bill Johnson 8) 13 Davey Brown 9) 3b Ronnie Beale 10) 49t Gregg Dalman 11) 81 John Gall 12) 18 Mark Irwin 13) 54n Dain Naida 14) 61f Tom Fedorczyk 15) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 16) 62 Jon Nichoson 17) 17 Charlie McCann 18) p46 Frank Taylor 19) t10 Tom Miller 20) 0 Steve Irwin

Lap Leaders: Dustin Daggett 1, Wayne Morrison 2-25

B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Gary Hayward
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: John Gall
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: ($900) Not Accepted
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Dave Fox
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Davey Brown +9
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Tom Miller


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