SOD Hartford results 2003-07-04

Tim Allison hoped a trip to Michigan would turn his team 's fortunes around with a couple of strong runs. Allison did more than that after winning Friday night's $4,000 to win Briggs Composites King of Michigan IV Sprints on Dirt feature event.

Tim Allison hoped a trip to Michigan would turn his team 's fortunes around with a couple of strong runs. Allison did more than that after winning Friday night's $4,000 to win Briggs Composites King of Michigan IV Sprints on Dirt feature event. Allison swept the weekend by also winning the night before the King of Michigan event at Hartford. Allison moved up from his fifth starting spot, survived a mid race incident, and then was able to pass Erin Crocker on lap 20 and held on for the victory.

Towards the end of the race Allison's Nancy Lotz owned Fisher powered Maxim began running low on fuel, and could be heard sputtering across the line on the last lap.

"I can't believe we made it", said Allison in victory lane. "The car was great, but with the way our luck has been this year I thought we were going to run out of fuel. This is a big weekend for us as we've struggled all year. Hopefully we can carry this over to the rest of the season".

J.R. Stewart and defending King of Michigan champion Dustin Daggett started on the front row for the 30-lap feature event. Stewart took the lead into turn one. Crocker used her tremendous start using the bottom to move into the second position. Crocker then immediately began putting pressure on Stewart down low, but Stewart used his momentum from running the top to hold Crocker off.

Behind the leaders Allison and Blonde were having a tremendous battle for the fifth position. That battle came to an end though when the cars made contact and Blonde was shoved into the wall in turn four to bring out the caution flag. Blonde's car was damaged enough that it was removed from the track with a flatbed. Allison sustained damage to the back of his racecar, but was able to continue.

Crocker immediately began putting pressure on Stewart for the lead during the restart, but could not make the pass. Mike Dussell was able to stay with Stewart and Crocker after the restart to make it a three-car battle for the lead. Dussell was able to pull even with Crocker on lap six, but Crocker was able to get enough pull off the bottom of the track to hold her position. Just as things were really heating up for second the caution reappeared for Todd Wohlford's stalled car in turn two.

During the lap seven restart early season Hartford SOD winner Ben Rutan's run ended with a flat right rear tire. All the other drivers were able to avoid Rutan, who pulled into the pits and out of the event.

Stewart, Crocker, and Dussel were once again able to pull away from the field. Daggett was starting to close in on the lead trio when the caution flew again for Dave Fox, who spun between turns one and two. This allowed Daggett, and the rest of the field, to close the gap.

The trio of Stewart, Crocker, and Dussell pulled away again during the restart while Allison and Darren Long exchanged the fifth position. Allison took the position for good on lap 11. Up front though the leaders continued to dice back and forth with neither of the three really able to get along side and make a pass. Lap 14 was near disaster for Dussel as he rode the turn two wall up on two wheels, brought the car down, and kept going in fourth position. Then on lap 18 Stewart encountered two lapped cars racing side by side. This allowed Crocker to close in when the caution flag flew for debris on the fronstretch.

Then while under caution Stewart's right rear tire was losing air pressure. By the time the field took the green Stewart's right rear was flat and Crocker took the lead in turn two. One lap later Stewart stopped on the track to bring out the caution flag.

Crocker had Daggett and Allison behind her for the restart. Allison wasted no time and passed Daggett for the second position. On lap 20 Allison was able to get run on Crocker and take away the top position in turn two. Crocker tried to counter Allison's move, but was unable to do so.

Then on lap 28 Mike Dussel exploded a left rear tire going down the front stretch to bring out the final caution flag. Dussel was unable to make it back to the pushoff area before the restart.

Allison had two lapped cars between himself and Crocker. Even though both Crocker and Daggett disposed of the lapped cars quickly, Allison was able to open up a sizeable advantage. During the last two laps Daggett and Crocker exchanged a thrilling series of slide jobs just inches apart from each other before Daggett gained the advantage into turn one on the last lap.

Up front though it was all Allison as he nursed his car running low on fuel across the line first. Daggett, Crocker, Dain Naida from 18th, and Darren Long rounded out the top five.


B&B Oval Track Supply Heat Race, 8 laps, top 4 to A-main: (No Time) 1) 54j Dave Fox 2) 56 Jason Curlis 3) 52 Mark Broughman 4) 84 Kyle Poortenga 5) 410 Dennis Craft 6) 2m Jim McCarron 7) 41w Todd Wohlford 8) 5k Eric Curry 9) Eddie Smith (dns)

Kear's Speed Shop Heat Race: (2:19.919) 1) 37s J.R. Stewart 2) 7 Darren Long 3) 11x Tim Allison 4) 16 Erin Crocker 5) 3b Ronnie Beale 6) 13 Davey Brown 7) 2x Mike Galajda 8) t10 Tom Miller 9) 2t Ralph Brackenberry

Goodyear Racing Tire Heat Race: (No time) 1) 6 Mike Dussell 2) 75 Ben Rutan 3) 10 Jason Blonde 4) 17s Mark Steman 5) 54n Dain Naida 6) 0 Glenn Styers 7) 35m Damon Bassett 8) 33 Bill Johnson 9) 3k Danny Krauss

Brodix Cylinder Heads Heat Race: (2:15.592) 1) 85 Dustin Daggett 2) 37a Matt Alloway 3) 19 Mike Woodring 4) 15 Fred Bliss 5) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 6) 1 Sean Robinson 7) 38 Dave Davis 8) p46 Frank Taylor 9) 41k Billy Krupp (dns)

Briggs Composites Dash, 5 Laps: (1:29.757) 1) 37s Stewart 2)16 Crocker 3) 11x Allison 4) 7 Long 5) 54j Fox 6) 56 Curlis 7) 84 Poortenga 8) 52 Broughman

Briggs Composites Dash, 5 Laps: (1:31.803) 1) 85 Daggett 2) 6 Dussell 3) 10 Blonde 4) 75 Rutan 5) 37a Alloway 6)19 Woodring 7) 15 Bliss 8) 17s Steman

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 8 Laps: (No Time) 1) 3b Beale 2) 41W Wohlford 3) 3s Smith 4) 13 Brown 5) 2m McCarron 6) 2x Galajda 7) t10 Miller 8) 410 Craft 9) 2t Brackenberry 10) 5k Curry (dns)

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 8 Laps: (No Time) 54n Naida 2) 3w Wohlfeil 3) 1 Robinson 4) 0 Styers 5) 35m Bassett 6) 33 Johnson 7) p46 Taylor 8) 38 Davis 9) 3k Krauss, 41 Krupp (dns)

A-Main (30 Laps): 1. Tim Allison, 2. Dustin Daggett, 3. Erin Crocker, 4. Dain Naida, 5. Darren Long, 6. Mike Woodring, 7. Matt Alloway, 8. Ronnie Beale, 9. Fred Bliss, 10. Sean Robinson, 11. Kyle Poortenga, 12. Eddie Smith, 13. Davey Brown, 14. Mark Broughman, 15. Mike Dussell, 16. Glenn Styres, 17. J.R. Stewart, 18. Mark Stemen, 19. Todd Wohlford, 20. Dave Fox, 21. Jim Wohlfiel, 22. Jason Curlis, 23. Ben Rutan, 24. Jason Blonde.

Lap Leaders: J.R. Stewart 1-17, Erin Crocker 18-19, Tim Allison 20-30
B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Jim McCarron
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Jason Blonde
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: ($700) Not Accepted
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Jim Wohlfeil
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Dain Naida +14
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Jim McCarron

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