SOD Hartford results 2003-07-03

Tim Allison from Cridersville, OH grabbed Thursday nights' A-main by leading every lap of the Sprints On Dirt King of Michigan Tune Up at Hartford Speedway Park. "It's great to leave home and run against guys in other areas. Daggett came down to...

Tim Allison from Cridersville, OH grabbed Thursday nights' A-main by leading every lap of the Sprints On Dirt King of Michigan Tune Up at Hartford Speedway Park. "It's great to leave home and run against guys in other areas. Daggett came down to my home track (Limaland) and took our money, and we got some of it back tonight!" Stated Allison in victory lane. "We got through lapped traffic really good, and that helped us get here in victory lane. We started off really slow this year, so maybe this win will get us going. I need to thank Tuffy Auto Center of Lima, Texas Road House, A-N-A Manufacturing, Hume Supply, Four Season Masonry, Steve Mox, Trucking, and Steve Doyle Homes. Also my crew, Lonnie John, and Larry Goldberry. We look forward to coming back tomorrow to see if we can keep the streak alive!" The victory was Allison's first of the 2003 season aboard Nancy Lotz's Fisher powered Maxim chassis.

Sean Robinson and Allison started on the front row for the 20-lap feature event. Allison took the lead with Robinson and Erin Crocker battling for second. Dustin Daggett and Mike Dussel also battled for the fourth position. Then on lap two Daggett stormed around the high side through turns three and four and went from fourth to second in one sweep. This left Robinson, Dussel and Crocker to battle for third.

Then on lap three Dussel rode over Robinson's right rear wheel in turn four and went flying off the track rear end into the water barrels against the turn four wall. Dussel's car shot back across the racetrack and turned over to bring out the red flag. Thankfully Dussel was uninjured in the violent accident.

During the restart Allison and Daggett were able to pull away from the rest of the field. Darren Long made his presence felt on lap four, moving into the sixth position and set sail after the top five positions.

Lap nine saw Allison approach lapped traffic. Daggett was able to get a run on Allison going through turns three and four, but was picked by a slower car as Allison opened up his lead to eight car lengths. Even through heavy traffic on lap 11 Allison was able to maintain his advantage. Then on lap 16 the rest of the field caught a break when Gregg Dalman stopped in turn one. This allowed the rest of the field to close in on Allison.

Allison did have two lapped cars between himself and Daggett for the restart. Daggett went between the two slower cars in turn one and set his sights on the leader. Long and Dain Naida continued their charge with Long passing Crocker for third and Naida passing Crocker one lap later for fourth.

Up front though it was all Allison taking home the victory over Daggett, Long, Naida, and Crocker.

The heat race events were won by J.R. Stewart, Daggett, Mike Woodring, and Allison. The Goodyear Champions Challenge had an exciting finish as 2002 NRA Sprint Invader champion Mike Dussel narrowly edged 2002 King of Michigan champion Dustin Daggett at the line after wild crisscross down the frontstretch. Eddie Smith won the B-Main.

Tomorrow night is the fourth annual Biggs Composites King of Michigan Sprints on Dirt event. The feature will pay $4,000 to win, and $400 to start. For more information visit the Sprints on Dirt website at


B&B Oval Track Supply Heat Race, 8 laps, 4 transfer to A-main: (2:27.060) 1) 37s J.R. Stewart 2) 6 Mike Dussel 3) 17s Mark Steman 4) 7 Darren Long 5) 2w Jerry Whitney 6) 3s Eddie Smith 7) 35m Damon Bassett 8) 3k Danny Krauss 9) 2m Jim McCarron

Kear's Speed Shop Heat Race: (2:28.477) 1) 85 Dustin Daggett 2) 16 Erin Crocker 3) 1 Sean Robinson 4) 49t Gregg Dalman 5) 56 Jason Curlis 6) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 7) 41 Todd Wohlford 8) 33 Bill Johnson

Goodyear Racing Tire Heat Race: (2:30.701) 1) 19w Mike Woodring 2) 37a Matt Alloway 3) 19b Joe Bares 4) 0 Glenn Styers 5) 2x Mike Galajda 6) 13 Davey Brown 7) p46 Frank Taylor 8) 3b Ronnie Beale

Brodix Cylinder Heads Heat Race: (No Time) 1) 11x Tim Allison 2) 54n Dain Naida 3) 52 Mark Broughman 4) 54j Dave Fox 5) t10 Tom Miller 6) 5k Eric Curry 7) 38 Dave Davis 8) 41k Billy Krupp

Goodyear Champions Challenge, 5 laps (1:32.626) 1) 6 Dussel 2) 85 Daggett 3) 19 Woodring 4) 16 Crocker 5) 0 Styers 6) 3b Beale

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 12 Laps: (3:54.410) 1) 3s Smith 2) 56 Curlis 3) 3w Wohlfeil 4) 41 Wolford 5) t10 Miller 6) 2x Galajda 7) 3b Beale 8) 5k Curry 9) p46 Taylor 10) 33 Johnson 11) 3k Krauss 12) 38 McCarron 13) 38 Davis 14) 35m Bassett DNS: 2w Whitney, 13 Brown, 41 Krupp

Sprints On Dirt A-Main, 20 Laps: (No Time) 1) 11x Allison 2) 85 Daggett 3) 7 Long 4) 54n Naida 5) 16 Crocker 6) 37a Alloway 7) 19w Woodring 8) 17s Steman 9) 3s Smith 10) 1 Robinson 11) 37s Stewart 12) 19b Bares 13) 54j Fox 14) 3w Wohlfeil 15) 41w Wohlford 16) 0 Styers 17) 52 Broughman 18) 49t Dalman 19) 56 Curlis 20) 6 Dussel

Lap Leaders: Tim Allison 1-20
B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Tom Miller
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Mike Dussel
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: ($675) Not accepted
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Ronnie Beale
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Darren Long +10
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Tom Miller

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