SOD Crystal race results 2003-08-30

CRYSTAL, MI (August 30th) - Dustin Daggett continued his march to the 2003 Sprints on Dirt Championship by winning Saturday night's feature event at the Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan. Daggett moved up from the eighth starting...

CRYSTAL, MI (August 30th) - Dustin Daggett continued his march to the 2003 Sprints on Dirt Championship by winning Saturday night's feature event at the Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan. Daggett moved up from the eighth starting position to battle Dain Naida for the top position before pulling away during the late stages of the non-stop 30-lap feature.

Daggett was driving the family owned Maxim Chassis with a Dowker engine.

"We have not run very good here the past three shows, so it feels good to get a win (at Crystal Motor Speedway)", said Daggett in victory lane. "I have to thank my crew and all of my sponsors that help us out during the season".

Naida and Jerry Whitney started on the front row for the feature event. Naida was able to lead the field into turn one. Whitney was able to nose alongside Naida off turn one, but Naida solidified his position down the backstretch to lead the first lap. Gregg Dalman appeared to be making a move up through the field entering the top five at the end of lap two. Meanwhile Daggett was moving up after dropping back at the start into the seventh position.

By lap three Dave Fox battled with Dalman and Dustin Daggett for the fifth position. Fox took the position through turns one and two from Dalman. Dustin Daggett this disposed of both Dalman and Fox using the top of the track on lap four. Dustin then began to build his momentum at the top of the track and moved around his father Mike using the top of turn four. One lap later Jason Curlis lost third position to a similar move using the top of turn four.

By lap seven Dustin had moved up to challenge Whitney for the second position. Whitney was able to hold off Daggett until lap eight when Dustin used the top of the track in turn two to take the position.

By lap nine, traffic became a factor and allowed Dustin Daggett and Whitney to close in on Naida for the lead. Dustin tried the low side of turn on lap eleven, but could not complete the pass. Naida and Dustin Daggett then began overtaking slower traffic at a rapid pace. Behind them Fox, Ronnie Beale from 18th starting position, and Ben Rutan were battling for the fifth position.

Lap 13 saw Dustin Daggett make his move to the bottom of Naida. Naida used the lapped traffic to pick Dustin and keep the top position. Daggett looked low again on lap 14, but could not map the pass. Lap 15 was Naida's demise though as Dustin pulled along side down low and took the lead. Naida battled back momentarily, but Daggett finally led off turn two on lap sixteen.

Dustin Daggett pulled briefly, but Naida kept within striking distance as more lapped cars allowed Naida to close in. Naida closed in on lap 20, but Daggett was able to clear the lapped cars while slower cars racing for position picked Naida.

Behind then lead duo Whitney found himself under pressure from Beale and Rutan for third. Rutan moved past Beale for fourth on lap 23 and started putting pressure on Whitney for second. It would take until the last lap for Rutan to claim the position.

Up front though it was Dustin Daggett pulling away to the victory in a feature that was completed from green to checker in just over seven and a half minuets. Naida, Rutan, Whitney, and Beale rounded out the top five.

Summery 34 cars

B&B Oval Track Supply Heat Race, 8 laps, Top 4 to A-main (1:58.153): 1. Mike Daggett, 2. Ben Rutan, 3. Mike Galajda, 4. John Gall, 5. Jim Wohlfiel, 6. Jon Nichoson, 7. Ken Bowly, 8. Mark Irwin, 9. Stuart Brubaker

Kear's Speed Shop Heat Race (1:56.002): 1. Jerry Whitney, 2. Dain Naida, 3. Kyle Poortenga, 4. Bill Johnson, 5. Frank Taylor, 6. Gary Hayward, 7. Tom Miller, 8. Danny Krauss. DNS - Joe Bares

Goodyear Racing Tire Heat Race (No Time): 1. Dustin Daggett, 2. Dave Fox, 3. Gregg Dalman, 4. Fred Bliss, 5. Ronnie Beale, 6. Davey Brown, 7. Eddie Smith, 8. Eric Curry

Brodix Cylinder Heads Heat Race (No Time): 1. Steve Irwin, 2. Jason Curlis, 3. Bill Krupp, 4. Wayne Morrison, 5. Jim Goetgeluck, 6. Ralph Brackenberry, 7. Jay Edwards, 8. Tom Fedorczyk.

Michigan Engine Pro "B" Feature, 12 laps, Top 4 to A-main (No Time): 1. Jim Wohlfiel, 2. Ronnie Beale, 3. Davey Brown, 4. Frank Taylor, 5. Mark Irwin, 6. Stuart Brubaker, 7. Jon Nichoson, 8. Jim Goetgeluck, 9. Eddie Smith, 10. Ken Bowly, 11. Gary Hayward, 12. Danny Krauss, 13. Tom Fedorczyk, 14. Eric Curry, 15. Ralph Brackenberry

"A" Feature,30 Laps (7:36.380): 1. Dustin Daggett, 2. Dain Naida, 3. Ben Rutan, 4. Jerry Whitney, 5. Ronnie Beale, 6. Jason Curlis, 7. Dave Fox, 8. Steve Irwin, 9. Mike Daggett, 10. Gregg Dalman, 11. Kyle Poortenga, 12. Fred Bliss, 13. Mike Galajda, 14. John Gall, 15. Wayne Morrison, 16. Bill Krupp, 17. Jim Wohlfiel, 18. Frank Taylor, 19. Bill Johnson, 20. Davey Brown.

Lap Leaders: Dain Naida 1-15, Dustin Daggett 16-30
B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Mark Irwin
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Tom Miller
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: ($1000) Not Accepted
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Ben Rutan
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Ronnie Beale +13
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Tom Miller

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