SOD Crystal Motor Speedway results 2003-05-17

Mike Daggett's appearances behind the wheel of a sprint car come few and far between. Saturday, Mike made the most of the opportunity by winning the Sprints on Dirt feature event at the Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan during the...

Mike Daggett's appearances behind the wheel of a sprint car come few and far between. Saturday, Mike made the most of the opportunity by winning the Sprints on Dirt feature event at the Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal, Michigan during the Michigan Engine Pro Spring Nationals.

Mike's son Dustin was challenging Daggett near the end of the event, but Mike had to check up going into turn three on lap 29 that triggered Dustin sliding off the track. Mike also had to deal with a last lap restart run by Fred Bliss for the victory. Mike was driving the Daggett racing Maxim with a Dowker engine.

"I wasn't as smooth as I should have been", said Mike after the feature. "I knew the lapped cars would not be a problem because of where I was running. I knew somebody was behind me, but I didn't know it was Dustin. I about spun out going into turn three, and I think that messed him up going into the corner".

Illinois visitor Jimmy Davies and Mike Daggett were on the front row for the 30-lap feature event. Davies led the field into the first corner with Mike Daggett, Bliss, and Aaron Warnock in tow. During the start Tom Fedorczyk launched over "Downtown" Davey Brown's wheel and tore the right side panel up on Brown's wing. Both cars were able to continue without bringing out the caution.

Mike Daggett did not waste any time putting immediate pressure on Davies for the lead. Then on lap four Mike made the move on the high side of the track coming off turn four to take the lead. Mike immediately checked out from the rest of the field.

Then while working lap seven Brown spun in turn four. Mark Irwin slid off the top of the track trying to avoid contact and slammed into the wall off turn four. Irwin was uninjured, but retired from the event. Brown pushed off and rejoined the field at the tail.

During the restart Daggett checked out again while Bliss began to put pressure on Davies for second. Bliss took the position off turn four, and Warnock tried to follow through, but Davies was able to maintain third.

By lap 11, several of the faster cars that started in the back of the field started to make their presence felt. John Gall and Dain Naida battled for the fifth position with Ronnie Beale, Ben Rutan, and Dustin Daggett joining the battle. Dustin Daggett started to get the high side of the track working for him and moved up to sixth with a daring outside move on lap 13. From there Daggett moved up to fourth on lap thirteen, and third on lap 17.

Meanwhile Mike Daggett and Bliss began to encounter slower cars. Bliss was starting to make up some ground on the elder Daggett, but then slipped in turn three on lap 18 and allowed Mike to get away.

Dain Naida continued his charge cracking the top five earlier and solidified that position by moving into the fourth position on lap 23.

Lap 24 saw Dustin catch Bliss and pull the slide job in turn four and took away the second position. Dustin then set sail for his father keeping Bliss in tow. Dustin was able to pull right up to the back bumper of his Father when the unthinkable happened. While coming around turn three on lap 28 Mike had to check up and Dustin slid off turn four and spun to avoid contact and brought out the caution flag. Dustin had to restart at the tail of the field.

During the green/white/checkered restart Bliss took one more shot at Mike Daggett down in turn one, but Mike used the momentum of the top to pull ahead and take the victory. Bliss held on to second over Naida, Davies, and a late run by Rutan to take fifth.

Dustin Daggett, Bliss, Mike Daggett, and Beale won heat race events. Rookie Jim McCarron won his very first sprint car event by capturing the "B" feature.

The Sprints on Dirt next event is next Friday night co-sanctioned by the NRA Sprint Invaders at the Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, Ohio. For more information make sure to check out the official website of Sprints on Dirt at


B&B Oval Track Supply Heat Race: (1:58.003) 1) 85 Dustin Daggett 2) 75 Ben Rutan 3) 28 Aaron Warnock 4) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 5) 2m Dan McCarron 6) t10 Tom Miller 7) 2w Jerry Whitney

Kear's Speed Shop Heat Race: (No Time) 1) 15 Fred Bliss 2) 52 Mark Broughman 3) 81 John Gall 4) 13 Davey Brown 5) 9q Ken Quimby 6) 18 Mark Irwin 7) 3k Danny Krauss 8) 5k Eric Curry

Goodyear Racing Tire Heat Race: (No Time) 1) 88 Mike Daggett 2) 54n Dain Naida 3) 1 Ken Bowley 4) 33 Bill Johnson 5) 3 Eddie Smith 6) p46 Frank Taylor 7) 62 Jon Nichoson

Brodix Cylinder Heads Heat Race: (1:58.964) 1) 3b Ronnie Beale 2) 54j Dave Fox 3) 99 Jim Davies 4) 61f Tom Fedorczyk 5) 5h Tyson Hart 6) 17s Mark Steman 7) 41 Rick Centilli

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 12 Laps: (3:23.491) 1) 2m McCarron 2) 5h Hart 3) 9q Quimby 4) 18 Irwin 5) 17s Steman 6) 3 Smith 7) t10 Miller 8) p46 Taylor 9) 41 Centilli 10) 62 Nichoson 11) 5k Curry

Sprints On Dirt A-Main, 30 Laps: (No Time) 1) 88 M. Daggett 2) 15 Bliss 3) 54n Naida 4) 99 Davies 5) 75 Rutan 6) 28 Warnock 7) 81 Gall 8) 54j Fox 9) 5h Hart 10) 3b Beale 11) 33 Johnson 12) 52 Broughman 13) 85 D. Daggett 14) 3w Wohlfeil 15) 9q Quimby 16) 13 Brown 17) 2m McCarron 18) 1 Bowley 19) 61f Fedorczyk 20) 18 Irwin

Lap Leaders: Davies 1-3, M. Daggett 4-30
B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Mark Steman
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Jerry Whitney
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: ($550) Not Accepted
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Dustin Daggett
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Tyson Hart +9
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Jim McCarron

Current Points:  1) Ben Rutan 583  2) Dain Naida 568  3) Fred Bliss 557 4)
John Gall 538  5) Ronnie Beale 530  6) Dave Fox 522  7) Jim Wohlfeil 518  8)
Dustin Daggett 513  9) Mark Steman 512  10) Tom Fedorczyk 492


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