SOD Cherry Speedway results 2003-07-26

Gregg Dalman took only his second career checkers in front of a standing room only crowd Friday night at Cherry Speedway. His last win came on August 12th, 2000 at Merritt Speedway. Dalman was declared the winner after the apparent winner, Steve...

Gregg Dalman took only his second career checkers in front of a standing room only crowd Friday night at Cherry Speedway. His last win came on August 12th, 2000 at Merritt Speedway. Dalman was declared the winner after the apparent winner, Steve Irwin, came up light at the scales during post race inspections. "This is not the way we want to win races, but everybody has to follow the same set of rules." Stated Dalman in a makeshift victory lane in the pit area. "I thought I had something for him (Irwin), but on the last restart, I went in to turn one, and I knew the right rear tire was gone. I had to let Irwin go so we could hold on to second. Who would have thought it was actually a move that won the race for us. I really need to thank my girlfriend Mandy Parson. I also need to thank Herb Bishop, and Rock Steady Racing for supplying me with tires. As well as my sponsors, Law Office of Walter J. Downes, Pro-Mec Engineering, Ace Graphics, T&T Hobbie Shop, Mad Dog Composites Inc, Marko's Marathon Stanton, Gary Dalman, and Mutter Enterprises."

Irwin would start the 25-lap contest on the pole position alongside Canadian Mike Galajda. Irwin would get the early jump into turn one, but Galajda quickly came back on the low side of turn two as the duo raced side by side down the back chute. Irwin once again grabbed the point coming through turn four and would begin to slowly pull away from the field.

As Galajda settled into second, and battle raged for the third position between Gregg Dalman, Dave Fox, Dustin Daggett and Dain Naida. With the track taking rubber from top to bottom, passing was at a premium, but the lap times were in the mid 11 second range. Lap 15, Dalman was finally able to make a move past Galajda for the second position and set sail after the race leader. As Irwin entered lapped traffic on lap 17, Dalman quickly closed the gap on Irwin and made it a two-car race for the lead.

As the leaders were working lapped traffic on the 21st lap, the abrasive surface began to take its toll on some of the right rear tires. Dustin Daggett, while running fifth was the first victim with a flat right rear tire, then Jerry Whitney would also have one go down while under caution. Daggett would not get the tire changed before the race went back to green flag conditions.

On the lap 21 restart, Dalman made a charge at Irwin going into turn one, but slid up the racetrack as his right rear tire was also wore out. Dalman would let Irwin go, which proved to be the decision that would win the race as Irwin weighed light at the scales.

Galajda came home second in his best finish of the season. "This is the first time all year we could actually see the front of the pack at the start of the race." Said Galajda in front of a standing room only crowd. "This is a great track, and we had a great time coming here. I hope we get a chance to come back to Cherry Speedway again."

2002 SOD Champion Ronnie Beale grabbed third, with Kyle Poortenga, John Gall, Bill Johnson, Davey Brown, Jon Nichoson, Joe Bares and Jerry Whitney rounding out the top 10. Up next for the SOD sprinters is a 25-lap battle at Merritt Speedway on Saturday, July 26th. For more information, be sure to log on to the official SOD web site at

23 cars

B&B Oval Track Supply Heat Race, 8 laps, 4 Transfer to A-main: (1:42.605) 1) 15 Fred Bliss 2) 2x Mike Galajda 3) 85 Dustin Daggett 4) 2m Jim McCarron 5) t10 Tom Miller 6) 23 Matt Kinzinger

Kear's Speed Shop Heat Race: (No Time) 1) 3b Ronnie Beale 2) 54n Dain Naida 3) 13 Davey Brown 4) 2w Jerry Whitney 5) p46 Frank Taylor 6) 18 Mark Irwin

Goodyear Racing Tire Heat Race: (1:P41.717) 1) 7 Darren Long 2) 81 John Gall 3) 49t Gregg Dalman 4) 52 Mark Broughman 5) 33 Bill Johnson 6) 3w Jim Wohlfeil

Brodix Cylinder Heads Heat Race: (1:43.534) 1) 54j Dave Fox 2) 84 Kyle Poortenga 3) 0 Steve Irwin 4) 62 Jon Nichoson 5) 19 Joe Bares

Michigan Engine Pro B-Main, 10 Laps, 4 to A-main: (No Time) 1) p46 Frank Taylor 2) 33 Bill Johnson 3) t10 Tom Miller 4) 19 Joe Bares 5) 18 Mark Irwin 6) 3w Jim Wohlfeil 7) 23 Matt Kinzinger

Sprints On Dirt A-Main, 25 Laps: (No Time) 1) 49t Gregg Dalman 2) 2x Mike Galajda 3) 3b Ronnie Beale 4) 84 Kyle Poortenga 5) 81 John Gall 6) 33 Bill Johnson 7) 13 Davey Brown 8) 62 Jon Nichoson 9) 19 Joe Bares 10) 2w Jerry Whitney 11) 52 Mark Broughman 12) 54n Dain Naida 13) p46 Frank Taylor 14) 2m Jim McCarron 15) 54j Dave Fox 16) 85 Dustin Daggett 17) 7 Darren Long 18) t10 Tom Miller 19) 15 Fred Bliss 20) Steve Irwin (DQ)

Lap Leaders: Mike Galajda 1-15, Gregg Dalman 16-25
B&B Oval Track Supply Award Winner: Mark Irwin
Kear's Speed Shop Hard Luck Award: Matt Kinzinger
Rose City Motors Front Row Challenge Winner: ($825) Not Accepted
Frankland Racing Supply Award Winner: Fred Bliss
High Vista Video Hard Charger: Bill Johnson +12
All Pro Cylinder Heads Rookie of the Race: Jim McCarron


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