Skagit Speedway results 2005-06-04

HUSON, HARKNESS, CARPENTER AND LLOYD VICTORIOUS AT SKAGIT SPEEDWAY Just a few weeks before the Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup the Foley RV 410 Sprint cars are starting to shine at Skagit Speedway. Marc Huson led the final 8 laps to take...


Just a few weeks before the Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup the Foley RV 410 Sprint cars are starting to shine at Skagit Speedway. Marc Huson led the final 8 laps to take the 25 lap feature win Saturday night. The Budweiser 360 main went to Brandon Harkness with Kelsey Carpenter finding victory lane for the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. Brett Lloyd won his second Pioneer Ford Outlaw Hornets.

For Huson, his second win of the season in the Foley RV 410's came at the last points race before Dirt Cup gaining 16 points on points leader Barry Martinez. Huson chased early race leader Brad Pritchard through heavy traffic before finally passing on lap 17. Huson pulled away for his second win of the season. Huson also won the second heat race, after Danny Bullock pulled off an impressive first heat win. Travis Rutz was the Hard Charger with 11 positions gained on the evening.

In the Budweiser 360's points leader Brandon Harkness extended his points lead by winning his heat and the 25-lap Main event. Harkness followed Barry Martinez closely through traffic before making a brilliant move in traffic to take the lead 17 laps into the event. The A main went all 25 laps under green without a caution with race fans coming to their feet many times as action was spread out all over the 3/10th mile clay oval. Martinez would finish second with Alan Munn third. Dan Pierson and Josh DeWitt picked up the other heat race wins.

It took awhile for Kelsey Carpenter to find winner's circle this season, but he did with a masterful 20 lap feature win leading all laps of the Cook Road Shell Sportsman feature. Carpenter also won his heat race. Points leader Steve Parker opened up a 10 point advantage on Jimmy Deitz with a huge night of passing points and by finishing fourth in the main just two places ahead of Deitz. Rookie Robby Vaughn finished second slipping underneath Chris Pattenaude late in the race for the position with Pattenaude running the his best race of the year finishing third. Glen Reinstra won his first heat race of the year and Vaughn captured the other heat.

For the second week in a row racing fans saw 20 Pioneer Ford Outlaw Hornets take to the Skagit clay. Brett Lloyd captured his second main event win of the year over Monaco Garza and Rich Eldridge. Lloyd and Rick Clark won the heat races.

Next Saturday night June 11th is Franz Bakeries Dirt Cup Tune-Up night with 410's timing in and running a modified format, the Sportsman Sprints regular points race and the Outlaw Hornets back for more action. For more information log on to .

Foley RV 410 Sprints

Heat 1: Danny Bullock, Josh Edson, Brad Pritchard, Roy Blumenhagen, Steve Kilcup

Heat 2: Marc Huson, Toni Lutar, Josh DeWitt, Kelly Barnett, Travis Rutz

Main: Marc Huson, Brad Pritchard, Toni Lutar, Kelly Barnett, Josh DeWitt, Barry Martinez, Travis Rutz, Josh Edson, Danny Bullock, Steve Kilcup, Matt Steinhauer, Gary Vaughn, Roy Blumenhagen, Kyle Johnson, Jared Ridge, Ryan Benoit, Mark Baddock, Steve Parker

Hard Charger was Travis Rutz with 11 positions gained.

Budweiser 360 Sprints

Heat 1: Josh DeWitt, Marc Huson, Barry Martinez, Brock Lemley, Danny Kirkpatrick

Heat 2: Brandon Harkness, Brady Dart, Jeff Jansma, Chuck Ashe, Rod Perkins

Heat 3: Dan Pierson, Alan Munn, Brian Scott, Cory Chamberlain, Bob Stevens

B Main: Bud Ashe, Jeff Bell, Travis Jacobson, Michael Harris, Roger Oudman, Alec Covert

A Main: Brandon Harkness, Barry Martinez, Alan Munn, Marc Huson, Brady Dart, Brock Lemley, Rod Perkins, Dan Pierson, Josh DeWitt, Danny Kirkpatrick, Brian Scott, Cory Chamberlain, Travis Jacobson, Bob Stevens, Bud Ashe, Jeff Jansma, Jeff Bell, Chuck Ashe

Hard Charger Brock Lemley and Marc Huson earned 11 passing points.

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints

Heat 1: Robby Vaughn, Karl Blumenhagen, Steve Parker, Steve James, Dave Mead

Heat 2: Kelsey Carpenter, Seth Bergman, Colton Heath, Jimmy Deitz, Boyd Starr

Heat 3: Glen Reinstra, Kevin Smith, Chris Pattenaude, Aaron Smith, Jared Alseth

A Main: Kelsey Carpenter, Robby Vaughn, Chris Pattenaude, Steve Parker, Steve James, Jimmy Deitz, Kevin Smith, Seth Bergman, Justin Knowles, Glen Reinstra, Boyd Starr, Dave Mead, Karl Blumenhagen, Aaron Smith, Kelleigh Johnson, Jared Alseth, Chris Rogers

Hard Charger was Kevin Smith with 14 passing points.

Pioneer Ford Outlaw Hornets

Heat 1: Brett Lloyd, Ken Higby, Ken Hibma, Bill Tomer, Monaco Garza

Heat 2: Rick Clark, Mike Ploeg, Rich Eldridge, James Sims, Luther Wilson

Main: Brett Lloyd, Monaco Garza, Rich Eldridge, Luther Wilson, Mike Powers, Bill Tomer, Rick Clark, Larry Jobe, James Sims, Travis Meins, Phillip Lanphere, Shawn Peterson, Jim Pruitt, Clayton Delano, Greg Hibma, Mike Ploeg, Ken Higby


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