Skagit Speedway results 2005-05-14

Martinez back to back in 410's at Skagit Speedway (Alger, WA) On another perfectly manicured 3/10th mile clay oval, 70 cars enjoyed perfect racing conditions at Skagit Speedway. Barry Martinez became the first two-time winner on...

Martinez back to back in 410's at Skagit Speedway

(Alger, WA) On another perfectly manicured 3/10th mile clay oval, 70 cars enjoyed perfect racing conditions at Skagit Speedway.

Barry Martinez became the first two-time winner on the 2005 racing season at Skagit Speedway. Martinez led the first 11 laps of the Foley RV 410's main event before Marc Huson passed low in turn three to take over the top spot. Huson's night ended on lap 18 when Josh Edson came to a stop in turn three and Huson had nowhere to go crashing into him. Martinez inherited the lead and took over the top staring position on the restart. With no serious challenge, Martinez led the final 7 laps and claimed his second win in two weeks. Huson won the first heat with Travis Rutz second, Martinez third, Kelly Barnett fourth and Josh Edson fifth. The second heat was slowed when Danny Bullock flipped in turn 3 taking out a section of the catch fence. Track crews put it back together and when the dust cleared Brad Pritchard beat Steve Kilcup, Josh DeWitt, Gary Vaughn and Toni Lutar to the checkered flag. Gary Vaughn passed 8 cars on the night to gain the most Hard Charger points for the division.

Victory was sweet for the winner of the Budweiser 360 division Travis Jacobson. Jacobson is driving brother Andy's family owned sprinter while Andy recovers from injuries suffered two weeks ago. Jacobson passed early race leader Brian Scott at the flag stand in heavy traffic on the 15th lap to take the lead. Jacobson was never seriously challenged from that point on. Travis Rutz flipped in turn 2 to bring out one of the few red flags of the night on lap 22. The car was destroyed ending a not so good night for one of the rising starts of Sprint car racing at Skagit Speedway. In the heat races, Brady Dart passed two cars on the first lap of heat one and pasted the field with Bob Stevens, Jacobson, Martinez and Brandon Harkness rounding out the top 5. Second heat winner Marc Huson beat Brock Lemley, Brian Scott, Rod Perkins and Jeff Bell. The third heat went to Danny Kirkpatrick over Brian Kirkpatrick, Josh DeWitt, Joe Scott and Travis Rutz. Picking up 10 passing positions was Rod Perkins to lead the Hard Charger points for this night.

Lyle Woods slipped under Boyd Starr on the second lap and held off the charges of points leader Steve Parker to win his first Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprint main event of the season. Jimmy Deitz finished third. Seth Bergman won the first heat followed by Andrea Smith, Deitz, Jared Alseth and Robby Vaughn. Justin Knowles won the second heat with Steve Parker, Lyle Woods, Kelsey Carpenter and Glen Reinstra following. Taking first in the third heat was Steve James with Kevin Smith, Boyd Starr, Chris Pattenaude and Carl Franssen rounding out the top five.

The second two-time winner of the 2005 season is Bill Tomer in the family wagon. Tomer won the Pioneer Ford Outlaw Hornets when Ken Higby was penalized two positions for jumping the field on a restart. Brett Lloyd finished second with Higby getting credit for third to take home the last trophy. The heat race winner was Lloyd followed by Ryan Nootenboom, newcomer Jody Walker, Tomer and Higby.

Next week all four local classes see action in Round 5 of the Skagit Racing Series. The Pit Gates open at 4:30, with spectator gates at 6:00 p.m. and racing at 7:30 p.m.

RESULTS 5/14/05:

Foley RV 410's
Heat 1: Marc Huson, Travis Rutz, Barry Martinez, Kelly Barnett, Josh Edson

Heat 2: Brad Pritchard, Steve Kilcup, Josh DeWitt, Gary Vaughn, Toni Lutar

Main: Barry Martinez, Josh DeWitt, Toni Lutar, Steve Kilcup, Brad Pritchard, Kyle Johnson, Gary Vaughn, Kelly Barnett, Roy Blumenhagen, Josh Edson, Marc Huson, Mark Baddock, Ryan Benoit

Hard Charger: Gary Vaughn 8 positions gained.

Budweiser 360's
Heat 1: Brady Dart, Bob Stevens, Travis Jacobson, Barry Martinez, Brandon Harkness

Heat 2: Marc Huson, Brock Lemley, Brian Scott, Rod Perkins, Jeff Bell

Heat 3: Danny Kirkpatrick, Brian Kirkpatrick, Josh DeWitt, Joe Scott, Travis Rutz

Main: Travis Jacobson, Brian Scott, Marc Huson, Josh DeWitt, Danny Kirkpatrick, Barry Martinez, Rod Perkins, Brian Kirkpatrick, Jeff Bell, Roger Oudman, Brady Dart, Joe Scott, Travis Rutz, Drew Church, Brock Lemley, Bob Stevens, Dan Pierson, Brandon Harkness, Bud Ashe

Hard Charger: Rod Perkins 10 positions gained.

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints
Heat 1: Seth Bergman, Andrea Smith, Jimmy Deitz, Jared Alseth, Robby Vaughn

Heat 2: Justin Knowles, Steve Parker, Lyle Woods, Kelsey Carpenter, Glen Reinstra

Heat 3: Steve James, Kevin Smith, Boyd Starr, Chris Pattenaude, Carl Franssen

Main: Lyle Woods, Steve Parker, Jimmy Deitz, Justin Knowles, Seth Bergman, Kevin Smith, Robby Vaughn, Andrea Smith, Boyd Starr, Chris Pattenaude, Steve James, Glen Reinstra, Aaron Smith, Karl Blumenhagen, Carl Franssen, Kelsey Carpenter, Jared Alseth, Colton Heath

Hard Charger: Jimmy Deitz 10 positions gained.

Pioneer Ford Outlaw Hornets
Heat: Brett Lloyd, Ryan Nootenboom, Jody Walker, Bill Tomer, Ken Higby

Main: Bill Tomer, Brett Lloyd, Ken Higby, Ryan Nootenboom, Greg Hibma, Rick Clark, Scott Davis, Phillip Lanphere, Don Norman, Dave Veeser, Jody walker, Clayton Delano, Ray Rego, James Sims


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