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Skagit Speedway Results By Becky Abbey-Heckt Boy has it been a long time! I'ev been on vacation but I do have some results for you. The last race I didn't get posted was the week before the Outlaws show because I left for Montana early that...

Skagit Speedway Results By Becky Abbey-Heckt

Boy has it been a long time! I'ev been on vacation but I do have some results for you. The last race I didn't get posted was the week before the Outlaws show because I left for Montana early that morning and my husband was going to post for me but he didn't get around to it. That weekend my notes got tossed in the recycling bin and I can't remember who did what!! For the next weekends results for the Outlaws show, see the WoO web site. Richard Day does a great job of posting the results for you. For Labor day weekend I was out of town, but Skagit had a low car count that weekend and so they ran the 360 and 410 class together for no points. Tom Waggoner won the sprint race.

For Sept. 9th in the Skoal Sportsman Sprints #24 Chad Hillier won his fifth main event of the year and clinched the division championship. He was the youngest person ever to win a main event at Skagit, the youngest person ever to win ROOKIE OF THE YEAR honors and the younest driver ever to win a championship as well. He is just 16 years old.

In the Sprint main both classes (360 and 410) ran together again and Tim Levin in the #7L in a 410 won, with Randy Ridge in his 360 was 2nd. Phil Sivo #6pk (410) 3rd, Mark Huson was 4th in his 410 and Butch Gilbert was 5th. The end of the race was ugly though with 6 cars flipping in turn 4. Yes I said a six car flip!!! Involved were #69 Rod Perkins, #15 Tom Waggoner, #24 Wes Gibbs, #77 Kirk Fellers #7 Jay Follman and #67 Glen Borden Jr. None of them were able to restart.

The week of Sept. 16 Races at Skagit Speedway were suspended so our drivers could race in Chico or at the 2 day Dirt Cup up at Cassidy Speedway on Vancouver Island, B.C. in Canada, and thats where my Husband and I decided to go. 24 Skagit drivers also showed up and made a very good showing. The point standings after friday night had Quick Time setter Tom Waggoner at the top, Jay Smith in second, Wes Gibbs in 3rd, Darrin Kennedy in 4th and Marc Huson in 5th. On Saturday Night, Tom Waggoner took home all the money with Jay Smith (in a 360!) got second.

Now for last night, with the 360 division already decided and Randy Ridge claiming that title and Chad Hillier claiming the SSS title, there are only two titles left and the 410 is the one really up in the air with only 29 points between 1st place Tom Waggoner and fourth place Randy Ridge. First for the SSS Main:

#92 Travis Cram won with #94 Mike Dills 2nd, #66 Barry Martinez 3rd, Chad Hillier 4th(after starting dead last in an eighteen car field) and 3K Kilcup was 5th. The only red flag on this race came in lap 5 when #25 Jeff Blanton got together with #92 in turn 2 and road the wall until he flipped. Blanton was ok and #92 Cram didn't suufer any damage.

In the 360 main, Rick Fauver won the main event, his first of the year. Jason Solwold was 2nd, #57 Jerry Bundy was 3rd, #24 Wes Gibbs was 4th, Dennis Armey #37 was fifth, #1 Bob Burrow was 6th, #42 Alan Munn 7th, #12 Randy Ridge 8th, #21 Jay Smith 9th, and #67 Glen Borden Jr. was 10th.

The 410 main was ugly and we saw the hopes for Tom Waggoner's 1st ever Championships go down the drain. On the first lap #17 Travis Hawthorne, #71 John Mcdonald and #15 Tom Waggoner got together in turn 4 and as Tom was flipping down the front straight he was hit in the air several times by Travis. Toms chassi front was sheard off and his engine parts were hanging off the front of what was left of his car. Tom was ok, but he only had a 4 point lead over Marc Huson and with Marc finishing this race 2nd behind Bob Burrow, his chances don't look good. That wasn't all of it though, this same wreck took out Phil Sivo who also flipped trying to avoid the maylay. Then on lap 6 #4J Auto Jorgenson got into the 4th turn wall hard and a full speed #7L Tim Levin with nowhere to go hit him very hard and sent Jorgenson flipping donw the front straight. Then on the restart in turn 1 #71 McDonald hit the burm in turn 1 and flips his car and collects, #04 Butch Gilbert, #17 Travis Hawthorne and #20 Pat Kuhun. All of the drivers where ok after all of these wrecks, but there was alot of money left on the track last night and with only 1 race left this year, It's hard to say who will be back next week. Bob Borrow won this race, with Marc Huson finishing 2nd, followed by #7 Jay Follman, #23 Randy Ridge, #64 Shawna Wilskey, #42 Alan Munn, #56 John Youngquist, #17 Travis Hawthorne, #77 Kirk Fellers and #20 Pat Kuhun. Thats all the cars that finished, we started 19!!

I'll be posting results next week for the last time this year, however I heard last night the Elma Speedway runs though the end of October, Maybe I'll get down there and check that place out!!!! Thanks Becky

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