Skagit report 95-08-12

By Becky Abbey-Heckt Once again this is the second time I have written this report today. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but when I got all done writing this morning and tried to send my article, the system dumped it!!! Anyway the track...

By Becky Abbey-Heckt

Once again this is the second time I have written this report today. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but when I got all done writing this morning and tried to send my article, the system dumped it!!! Anyway the track was in good condition last night. They wet the track down just before race time and the sun was out on the track until it went down at about 8:00pm The 410's had the most trouble and I'll get into that in a while. We has semi's for all three classes last night because we had so many cars. Not too many tracks on the west coast can say that.

The 360 main had only three yellow flags. #37 Dennis Armey won his heat race and the trophy dash and rolled a 1 to start on the pole. Outside him was #15 Jason Solwold looking for his first ever 360 victory. In the second row was #09 Tryson Cross and #60 Jack Rose, In the Third row was #21 Jay Smith and #24 Wes Gibbs. Dennis led the first seven laps but we had a yellow in there on lap 2 for the #18 Doug Adams with a flat rear tire and he couldn't make it around to the pits. On the third lap Smith got by Solwold for the second spot after passing Cross on the restart. On that same restart #39 Rick Fauver who was running 6th, needed just 6 laps to put his car in the lead. Our next yellow came out on lap 13 for a spinning #69 Rod Perkins and as the field was slowing the #5 Jeff Fletcher spun his car in turn 2. Both drivers rejoin the field at the back, and up front its Fauver, the lapped car of Jack Rose #60, Smith and Armey. The running order of the top five dosn't change and on lap 19 the yellow comes out again for Perkins and he goes to the pits. With only six laps to go its do or die time for all the guys behind Fauver and on the restart, Jay Smith makes the most of it and takes the lead away from Fauver. Jay never looks back and he gets his second win of the season. Fauver is 2nd, Armey 3rd, 24 Wes Gibbs 4th, #57 Jerry Bundy 5th, #12 Randy Ridge (who came up through the semi main and started this race 15th) was 6th, #09 Tyson Cross was 7th, #5 Fletcher 8th, Marc Huson 9th and #9 Bill Beavert was 10th.

In the Skoal Sportman Sprints we had a red flag on lap 3 for a bad flip by #6 Brian Loy who was third in the points race. He was ok but his car was trashed, with a broken chasie to boot. Chad Hillier our point leader was looing for the sweep. He won his heat race and the dash earlier in the evening and he started the race in row 2 on the inside when he rolled a 2 and we inverted the first four positions. However, #92 Travis Cram started on the ouside of the front row, next to #99 Wes Gibbs, and Travis lead the first 3 laps. On lap 4, one lap after the restart for Loy, Hillier moved into the second spot, passing Gibbs and everyone was fine until lap 8 when the yellow came out for a stalled #94 Mike Dills. On this restart Cram holds off Hillier again but behind them the #32 Tim Curtis and Wes Gibbs are wing to wing for several laps fighting for the third spot. On lap 13 the #04 Matt Loving spins in turn 2 and brings out the yellow and we set up a 7 lap dash to the checkers. The restart was all that Chad Hillier needed to get by Cram and he leads the rest of the way for another victory. On lap 18 #32 Curtis gets by Cram for the 2nd spot and so does #99 Gibbs and #1 Botton. The rest of the finishing order was #32 Curtis 2nd, #99 Gibbs 3rd, #1 Botten 4th, #92 Cram 5th, #2 Field 6th #3 Kilcup 7th, #27 Barnes 8th, and #77 Sather as the top 9.

As I mentioned above, the 410's had problems tonight like they did a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was trying to win the early laps instead of the last one. I'll be here all night summing up the yellows and the red we had on this race, so I'll just do it all first. Yellow on lap 4 for #4J Auto Jorgenson who spins in turn 2. Yellow on lap 8 for #9 Todd Von Stroberg who hit the turn 4 wall at about 60 or 70 mph, He was ok, but I can't say the same for his car. At the same time the #28 James Granthum, #4J (again) and #77 Kurt Fellers all got together in turn 2. Granthum and Jorgenson restarted and Fellers went to the pits. Yellow on lap 10 for #74 Roy Rasmussen spins and takes #64 Rick Fauver and #15 Tom Waggoner with him, with Fauver flipping as a result of the contact. Yellow on lap 15 for Rasmussen again and this time he takes out the fastest car on the track last night and the leader of the race at the time Bob Burrow, who had nowhere to go. Fellers rejoins the field 7 laps down. (hey, stranger things have happened, right?) The next yellow was for a spinning #6PK Phil Sivo who was runnign 3rd and he took the 4th place car with him #23K Randy Ridge. And the last yellow was on lap 21 for #15 Tom Waggoner who stalled in turn 2 and almost took out the new leader of the race Tim Levin in the 7L. Now I'll yell you about the race. Tim Levin inherited the lead when Burrows went out but the early leader of this race was #56 John Youngquist who led the first 5 laps, until Burrows got it. And the suprise of the race was a rookie #17 Travis Hawthorne, who is running a short season with us due to lack of funds/sponsers.(someone come a sponser this guy). He started the race 15th and finished second and the only cars to leave the race in front of him were Burrows, Fellers, Von Stroberg and Waggoner. He did the rest all by himself. He put a move on John Youngquist that made the guy look like a seasoned veteran. The rest of the finish was Youngquist 3rd, Butch Gilbert 4th, 4J Jorgenson came back from the back of the pack on lap 8 to finish 5th, #73 Marc Huson was 6th, #11 Mark Ellis 7th #23 Randy Ridge 8th, #15 Tom Waggoner 9th and #6PK Phil Sivo 10th.

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