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Skagit Speedway Report for July 29, 1995 By Becky Abbey-Heckt It was a great night of racing at Skagit this last weekend. We had 105 cars in the pits! How many tracks on the east coast, or anywhere for that matter can claim that. It was also a...

Skagit Speedway Report for July 29, 1995 By Becky Abbey-Heckt

It was a great night of racing at Skagit this last weekend. We had 105 cars in the pits! How many tracks on the east coast, or anywhere for that matter can claim that. It was also a crash fest for the 410 class. We started 19 cars in the main event and by the half way point we only had nine left. We want to take moment also to offer condolences to the families of Randy Ridge on the passing of his mother on July 20th and to John Tharp, who's brother died just a few hours before race time in a tragic car accident. Randy was planning on running in the wingless show last week before this happened and John Tharp Sr. and Jr. have both run at Skagit over the years. Our prayers go with you. Ok here goes....

The Skoal Sportsmen Sprints numbered 26 strong this week so they had a semi-main in which the top two would move up to the back of the main. The #8 Knudson and the #94 Dills started 1st and 3rd respectivly and in a 9 lap caution free race those two cars took the lead off the start and advanced to the main.

In the 360 main Jeff Fletcher in the #5 car jumped in front of the pole sitter Randy Ridge on the first lap but by lap two Ridge had his spot back. Point leader Ridge earlier had started his heat race last and won it and then won the trophy dash as well and was looking to the sweep! This race between Fletcher and Ridge was great. They raced wheel to wheel and wing to wing for the entire race. We only had one yellow flag on the 25 lapper, and it was for #89 Vaughn who spun in turn 2 on the 7th lap. When all the cars started slowing down the #42 of Alan Munn went up on a ball of fire. His motor went. The fire went out quickly but it was pretty scary looking for a minute or two. At the finish it was Ridge who came out on top with #5 Fletcher in second, #77 Heikies 3rd, #57 Bundy 4th, #24 Gibbs 5th and #21 Jay Smith in 6th.

In the Skoal Sportmen Sprints we had 5 yellow flags and one of those turned into a red. On lap 5 #94 Dills stops in turn 3 and we see yellow again on the restart for the #31 of Florence. The 4th place car #04 Loving got sideways in the next restart and lost 2 positions but avoided the yellow. On lap 10 the #3K Kilcup spins in turn 2. While all this was going on, the #6 Brian Loy was leading the field from his 4th starting spot. He held that lead until the lap 10 restart when #24 Point Leader Chad Hillier (his first season in a sprint car) took that lead away only to lose it again on lap 13. These two were running a great race and the fans were going crazy. On lap 14 the yellow comes out for a spinning #31 and he is D.Q.'d under the two spin rule. For the next four laps Loy and Hillier put on a show racing wing to wing and on lap 18 the #24 Hillier gets by and puts a-little distance between himself and Brian Loy. However on lap 19, the white flag flying, #66 Martinez stalls in turn 3 and we bunch the guys back up for a 1 lap dash to the finish. The restart was ugly. coming out of turn 4 #32 Curtis, #92 Cram, #27 Barnes and 3K all got together in the front straight just behind the leaders. The yellow came out and when is was discovered the Travis Cram was hurt, officials quickly dropped the red. His shoulder was injured and he couldn't get out of his car. Later in the evening he said he was ok but he was watching the rest of the action from the pits with ice on his shoulder. #32 car was the only one of the four who could restart and did so at the back of the pack. Hillier got a great start and held on to win the feature. in 2nd was Loy, 3rd was 04 Loving, #1 Botten was 4th, #41 Ryason was 5th, #8 Knudson (one on the move up cars and started dead last) finished 6th.

Now for the 410 main. As I said earlier it was a crash fest. One the the first lap the #11E Ellis spins coming out of turn 4 and #5 Shawna Wilskey, with no place to go hits him and goes upside down in a crash right in front of the flag stand in the front straight. It brought back bad memories of another crash about 3 or 4 years ago in the same place on the track when both out flaggers were injured. This crash was not as violent but scary non-the-less. On the red the #1B Burrow took his car to the pits and so does #42 Alan Munn. Alan wasn't having a good night! None of those cars would restart. When we finaly did get this race started,l #6PK Phil Sivo and #23K Randy Ridge battled for the top spot and on lap 3 Ridge gets the spot. Also on lap 3 #7l Tim Levin moved into 3rd from his 6th place start. Our first yellow came out on lap 4 when #45 Shannon Wheatley and #74 Roy Rasmusson got together in turn 2. Roy was able to rejoin the field but Shannon went to the pits. On the restart the 3rd place car of Phil Sivo spins coming out of turn 4 right in front of the whole field and collects #56 John Youngquist, #77 Kurt Fellers and #73 Marc Huson. After Marc got out of his car, he had a little temper tantrum and threw his helmet way down the front straight. Then when the fans voiced the disappro- val of his actions he yelled "F - - - Y - -" I didn't hear on the scanner if a fine was issued, but my guess would be yes. I'll see what I can find out and let you know next week. None of those cars would restart. On lap 5 Tim Levin was trying to win lap 5 instead of lap 25 and flips his #7L car in turn 1. By this point in the race #15 car of Tom Waggoner had climbed his way to 2nd behind a strong running Randy Ridge. Also at this point we are down to 9 cars after starting 19. On lap 6 Waggoner gets the lead away from Ridge. On lap 15 the yellows flies once again for the #74 Rasmusson car who spun in turn 1. When this yellow comes out the race officials were listening very closely to the #15 car of Waggoner and the track promoter and sprint car driver Fred Brownfield came trackside for a listen and for the second time this year, while leading a race, our 2nd place point man Tom Waggoner was black flaged for some sort of muffler problem. He didn't go easily though and it took three laps of being shown the black for him to exit to the pits. So Ridge inherits the lead again and the rest of the 25 laps was run caution free, and Randy Ridge took the checkered flag. He is only the 3rd man in Skagit history to win races in both the 360 and 410 classes in the same night. After the last 10 days or so that he and his race team have had, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

The dwars were at the track as well. 39 strong, from Oregon, Washington and Canada. Because I'm not provided with rosters on these guys, I can just tell you that the winner of the main event was #37 McMillon, #96 ?? was second, #6 Cook 3rd and Their point leader #15 Rickert was forth.

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