Skagit report 95-07-15

By Becky Abbey-Heckt A beautiful evening for racing last night at the 3/10's mile clay oval at Skagit. The track was dry and fast. Here are the results. In the first Skoal Sportsmen Sptins heat race the ...

By Becky Abbey-Heckt

A beautiful evening for racing last night at the 3/10's mile clay oval at Skagit. The track was dry and fast. Here are the results. In the first Skoal Sportsmen Sptins heat race the #93 car of Siroshton who started 6th went up in steam in the first lap. the #71 Thomas took his ride to the pits on lap 3 without bringing out the yellow, and the #7A of Jones and #6 Loy were putting on a great show fighting for the top spot. #7A was leading for the first five laps and when #6 finally got around him it was all for not because of a flip on lap 5 by our point leader #24 Hillier. He was ok and came back later to run in the semi. On the restart it was still the #7A in front for about half a lap then #6 took the lead and finished 1st with #7A right behind him. The rest of the finish was #65 Logsdon, #94 Dills, #8 (not on my driver lineup-first time driver at Skagit this season) and #71 Thomas.

In the second heat #14 Houston got the lead on the first lap from his pole start, but lost it to #32 Curtis on the second. Curtis started 5th. the #04 Loving battled #14 until lap 5th for the second spot from his 6th starting spot. On lap 5 #14 hits the wall hard in turn 4 but keeps it going long enough to take it to the pits without bringing out the yellow. #31 Florence brings out the first yellow when he spins in turn 4. On the restart with a three lap dash to the finish, the #32 and #04 race side by side in a great finish. On top it was #32, then #04 and #29 James for third. The rest #27 Barnes, #5 Johnson, #31 and #14.

In the 3rd heat #92 Cram stalls his car in lap 2 for a yellow. At the front the #35 Conners and #7 Stratton are racing like theres no tomorrow, and finally on lap 4 #7 gets lead from #35 with #30 Green in third. At the finish it was #7, #35, #30, #1 Botten, #92 Cram, #3 Kilcup and #41 Ryason.

Because of a big 360 show up at the Cassidy Speedway in Canada, the 360 car count was pretty low so we ran the 410's and the 360's together tonight. No points for the 360's this week because of that. We had three heat races. The first heat #15 Waggoner, 2nd place in points for the 410 class spins his car trying to run high on lap 1 first turn and goes to the back on the restart. When they restart, waggoner passes 4 cars on the first lap, running his car right up against the wall! the guy is nuts! but what a race! At the front a hard charging #04 Gilbert is running 1st with #6 Sivo and #42 Munn right on each other nerf bars for 2nd and 3rd. On lap 4 #15 spins again but does a 360 and keeps in going, but not soon enough to keep the yellow from coming out and under the two yellows and your out rule at Skagit, he has to take his car to the pits. It was fun while it lasted. On that yellow the #24 Gibbs take his ride to the pits with a flat tire and can't get it changed fast enough to rejoin the feild. At the finish it was #04, #6pk, #42, #25 Houston, #07 Paull #1W Massy, #24 Gibbs and #15 Waggoner.

In the second heat, the race went flag to flag. #1B Burrow started on the pole and never gave up the position, in fact he wasn't even challenged. He had a half a track lead on the rest of the pack. #23 of Ridge ran second, Dennis Army #37 ran 3rd, #15 Solwald finished 4th, #11 Ellis was fifth, #67 Borden was 6th #20 Pat Kuhn making his first return to Skagit this year was 7th and #9 Von Stroberg was 8th.

In the last heat race of the night the #04 of Jorgenson got sideways right in front of the whole field on lap 1. Some great driving by #56 Youngquist kept him from being collected but the #69 of Rod Perkins was not as lucky. He had some front end damage, but made repairs and came back out of the pits to restart with the rest of the cars. On the the restart it was the #56 leading #77 Fellers and #7L Levin. Thats how they finished with #97 Hartjoy and #69 bring up the rear.

In the Semi for the SSS #24 car, after flipping in his heat race, puts his car back together and starts on the pole. #24 gets sideways however on lap 1 and collects #41 but both manage to keep going but in turn 3 the #24 collects the #14 and that brings out the yellow. #41 goes to the pits with a flat tire during the yellow. At this point there are only 4 cars left on the the track, so race officials checker the race due to attrition. The four move-ups are #3 Kilcup, #7a Jones, #41 Ryason (after changing tires) and #24 Hillier.

In the semi for 410's and 360's the #9 gets sideways on lap 1 and the yellow comes out. #15 Waggoner leads the pack with #67 Borden and #24 Gibbs behind him for 2nd and 3rd #20 of Kuhn and #24 Gibbs put on a good show racing for third. and #45 of Wheatley does a nice wheelie down the front straight to the delight of all the fans. At the finish it was #15, #67 and #24 transfering to the main with #20 as the back up.

In the Trophy dash for the SSS #32 gets sideways and has to go to the back but on the restart goes back into 2nd. #04 goes to pits on the last lap so at the flag it was #6 Loy #32 Curtis and #7 Stratton.

In the 410 dash #04 and #56 race wheel to wheel on all 4 laps and in a photo-finish the win was given to #04 Gilbert for his first Trophy dash win in over 3 years. All his grandkids (yes I said GRANDKIDS) posed with him in the winners circle. #56 finished 2nd, 1B third and #23 4th.

Now for the mains for the 6 laps #04 leads #7 Statton, #32 Curtis and #6 Loy. Yellow comes out on lap 12 for a spining #8. On lap 15 #41 spins ans #35 goes to pits. Then on lap 16 The 3rd place car #32 flips in turn 3 and #92 spins in turn 2. On the restart it takes just 1 lap for #7 Startton to take the top spot from #04 and he goes on to win his very first main event. #3 Kilcup was 3rd and #1 Botten was 4th.

The 410 main was one of the best races I'ev ever seen. Remember the hard charging #15 car of Tom Waggoner who in his heat race was D.Q.'d under the two yellows rule, then he had to go through the semi main to get to the main. Well he started this event in 16th place, and just take a guess where he finishes the thing! What a race! Waggoner was the only driver with enough guts to run high. He just parked his right rear tire against the wall and kept his petal to the floor. We did have 3 yellows and a red flag on this race. The red came in lap 3 when #67 borden lost a motor and #7 Paull hit the oil and went over in turn 3. Burrows 1B car lost a rear wheel cap and it filled with dirt and while running 3rd had to take his car to the pits when a yellow came out for the #11 Ellis on lap 7. Tim Levin #7L spins in turn 2 lap 10 and on the this restart the #15 car had inched his way up to 4th with 15 laps to go. Five laps later #15 gets 3rd and on lap 23 in laped trafic he uses the high groove and get by #56 Youngquist for the top spot. I can't put into words what a great race it was.

Next week Skagit Speedway welcomes the BCRA Midgets and SCRA sprints in a two day show Friday and Saturday July 21st and 22nd. This is the first non-wing show at Skagit and over 15 years. For tickets and to avoid the long lines please call 1-800-825-4832 (say you saw it on the internet) Also The World of Outlaws show August 24 thru 26th. Order your tickets now. The wild wild northwest tour happens the weekend after the Noxville Nationals. Don't miss this one. See you next week.

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