Silver Spring PA Speedweek 98-07-01

Mechanicsburg, PA (July 1, 1998) - Fred Rahmer won the the thirty lap feature at Silver Spring Speedway tonight. The "Spring" was hosting the third event of seven in the Keystone Pretzels Pennsylvania Speedweek series. It took two attempts to...

Mechanicsburg, PA (July 1, 1998) - Fred Rahmer won the the thirty lap feature at Silver Spring Speedway tonight. The "Spring" was hosting the third event of seven in the Keystone Pretzels Pennsylvania Speedweek series.

It took two attempts to get the feature underway. The second yellow flag moved the second row of Cris Eash and Lance Dewease to the rear after Eash spun and collected Dewease's No. 461. Rahmer moved to the inside of the second row for the complete restart.

Only one lap of green was recorded when Jess Thomas spun in turn one. In the single lap of racing, Rahmer took the lead followed by Todd Gracey, Sean Michael, Jeff Shepard and Todd Shaffer in fifth.

It looked like it was going to be a long night when an accident involving Todd Shaffer brought out the yellow with two laps complete. Having made contact with another car, Shaffer's No. 88 was towed to the pits. He was unhurt.

Once racing resumed, fans were treated to what's known in these parts as a "real barn burner".

Rahmer took off like a rocket, trying to hide from the field using the low groove. While the low groove was working well, Rahmer didn't know that the top was the place to be until Jeff Shepard came screaming around him on lap seven.

Rahmer moved to the top to chase Shepard but the 4j car had opened up a small lead. The pair sliced through traffic lapping half the field by mid-race. Rahmer caught the leader when Shepard encountered trouble passing Dave Haight driving the No. 10n. Haight didn't know he was being lapped and raced Shepard hard for several laps. Haight was running the high groove and Shepard tried to put a slider on him several times. After several unsuccessful attempts at a pass, Haight moved down allowing the Shepard and Rahmer battle to pass.

The next car to lap was Ed Lynch Jr.. But it was the same story. Shepard couldn't get past. Lynch was running high and although Shepard could dive low and pull alongside in the turns, he could not complete the pass.

Rahmer got tired of watching Shepard's attempts at slide jobs on Haight and Lynch and decided to take Shepard to school. With five laps to go, Rahmer dove low into turn three and slid up in front of Shepard as the pair raced into turn four. Shepard tried to return the favor in turn one but his run off turn four wasn't good enough for a successful challenge at the other end of the track.

Rahmer's win was number nineteen on the season. Now he's looking for number twenty. "Whenever you do real good, you figure there's nowhere to go but down. Tomorrow we all go back to zero." Rahmer said.

The Keystone Pretzels Pennsylvania Speedweek series continues at Port Royal on Thursday night. Williams Grove hosts the $10,000 to win Mitch Smith Memorial on Friday night. The seven race series finishes up this weekend at Lincoln on Saturday night and Susquehanna on Sunday night.


Fast Time: 4j Jeff Shepard - 13.927 sec. (new track record)

Heat One Results: (10 laps/5 qualify) 1. 4j-Jeff Shepard, 2. 1-Dave Calaman, 3. 77t-Jess Thomas, 4. 63-Phil Walter, 5. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr., 6. 25-Todd Gracey, 7. 77a-Greg Leiby, 8. 32w-Brook Weibley, 9. 22r-Chuck Roan Jr., 10. 32g-Randy Glover

Heat Two Results: (10 laps/5 qualify) 1. 77-Fred Rahmer, 2. 12-Tim Shaffer, 3. 2w-Jesse Wentz, 4. 88m-Sean Michael, 5. 77e-Dave Ely, 6. 3k-Len Krautheim, 7. 10n-Dave Haight, 8. 16c-Cliff Brian, 9. i07-Mark Coldren DNF, 10. 92a-Jon Armstrong DNS

Heat Three Results: (10 laps/5qualify) 1. 07-Jeff Rohrbaugh, 2. 53-Shawn Keen, 3. 461-Lance Dewease, 4. 8j-Dan Jones, 5. 5g-Alan Cole, 6. 3-Bob Bennett, 7. 17k-Terry Leininger, 8. 8-Dan Dietrich, 9. 8d-Billy Dietrich, 10. 2s-Burt Shoop DNS Time: 2:36.00

Heat Four Results: (10 laps/5 qualify) 1. 69-Don Kreitz Jr., 2. 88-Todd Shaffer, 3. 17e-Cris Eash, 4. 2L-Ed Lynch Jr., 5. 16-Bill Brian Jr., 6. 75w-Randy Wolfe, 7. X-Bobby Weaver, 8. 7-Dave Cordier, 9. 10-Len Thompspn DNF, 10. 6-Eric Mathiot DNF

B-Main Results: (12 laps/4 qualify) 1. Gracey, 2. Wolfe, 3. Leininger, 4. Haight, 5. Krautheim, 6. Weibley, 7. Weaver, 8. D. Dietrich, 9. Bennett, 10. Roan Jr., 11. Leiby, 12. Mathiot, 13. B. Dietrich, 14. Thompson DNF, 15. Coldren DNF, 16. Glover DNF, 17. Cordier DNF, 18. C. Brian DNS, 19. Armstrong DNS, 20. Shoop DNS

Feature Results (30 laps) 1. Rahmer ($4,000), 2. Shepard, 3. Mackison Jr., 4. Calaman, 5. Kreitz, 6. Gracey, 7. Rohrbaugh, 8. Dewease, 9. Eash, 10. Ti. Shaffer, 11. Keen, 12. Lynch Jr., 13. Haight, 14. Jones, 15. Wentz, 16. Walter, 17. B. Brian, 18. Thomas, 19. Ely, 20. Michael, 21. Krautheim, 22. Cole, 23. To. Shaffer, 24. Leininger

David Reininger - Motorsport News International

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