Shippensburg results 2005-06-25

600 Win To Foust Gordon Domonates The 270 Event. Dustin Foust of Orrstown, PA. had waited almost two years to find his way to victory lane again, and on Saturday night with a patience and racing luck, he made it. Young and talented Alex Bright...

600 Win To Foust
Gordon Domonates The 270 Event.

Dustin Foust of Orrstown, PA. had waited almost two years to find his way to victory lane again, and on Saturday night with a patience and racing luck, he made it. Young and talented Alex Bright from Collegeville, PA. drew the point position and was off like a rocket. lapping the field by lap number five.

By the halfway point his lead had grew to almost a quarter lap. Foust, who started third, battled Zachary Newlin for several laps before taking command on second. Slowly Foust was able to make up ground, but Bight still had things well in command. A late race caution came out on lap 17, and that closed up the field. However, Bight once again surged ahead by several car lengths on the restart. Coming off turn four for the white flag lap it was clear that something was going wrong with Bright's machine as Foust closed immediately and overtook the young driver going into turn one, as did third place runner Drew Heistand. It was apparent then that Bright had a tire that had gone down. With first place in hand, Foust was not to be denied, and beat heistand to the line by three car lengths.

Bright was able to nurse his machine and hold on for third, while Steve Dull and Bo Gordon completed the top five. Sixth thru tenth were Eddie Rice, Patrick Milikowski, Jimmy Dawson, Zachary Newlin, and Jim Horwat. The heats went to Rice and Dustin Sheffield.

In wingless 270 action, no one had dominated a feature until Saturday night. Baltimore Md's Bo Gordon changed all that, but scoring a most convincing victory. Drawing the pole spot for the feature, Gordon took advantage of that and quickly opened up a lead. Muti-time feature winner Mike Holley along with Rick Brehm and Kelly Hall had fans on their feet as they battled for second, third, and fourth spot. Holley was able to get by Brehm by lap 12 and Hall the next lap for second. Brehm also followed Holley and settled into third, but it was clear that nobody was going to catch the flying Baltimore driver as the event went non-stop and when the checkered fell, his lead had ballooned to a half lap. Holley was able to hold off Brehm for second, Brehm settled for third, and John Baker and Kyle Moody completed the top five. Sixth thru tenth were Patrick Milikowski, Michael Dougas, Kelly Hall, Lin Bowie, and Eric Walls. The heat was won by Holley.

In other exciting action, it was Jeremy Ott back in his regular machine and with some luck, back in the Thunder car winners circle. The local driver's win was far from easy as last weeks feature winner Keith Armolt appeared to have another victory. Ott, who started third battled Fayetteville's R.T. Bulger for much of the race for the runner up spot. A caution on lap 18 would make it a green, white, finish and this would prove to be the luck as on the restart Armot would have problems and Ott shot into the lead, and was able to hold off Bulger for the victory. Bulger, once again had a great finh to capture the runner up spot, while Chris Smith came from his tenth starting spot to capture third. Keith Armolt hung on for fourth and Jason Armolt completed the top five. Sixth thru tenth were Donald Stoudt, Randy Weaver, Russ Clavey, Randy Heckman, and Donnie Stine. Keith Armolt and Bulger capture the heat wins.

In another action filled Mini Stock event, it was Hagerstown, Md's Mike Kershner holding off last weeks winner Ronnie Buck for the win. Kershner, who started fourth had to battle early pace sitter Tony Linn for several laps before taking command on lap five. Buck, who started sixth, had to battle Charles Wengerd and Mike Crate, before settling into second by lap 12. From there it was a two car show as Buck blanketed Kershner for the remainder of the event and several times pulled alongside. But Kershner was able to starve off the challenge and hang on for the win. Buck finished a half length back in second, while `Linn held off Crate for third. Crate and Wengerd completed the top five. Sixth thru tenth were Gary Newell, Rich Newcomer, Dave Friedrich, Larry Long, and Joe Linn. Buck captured the only heat event.

In Modified Lite action, it was Carlisle, Pa's Josh Sigman capturing the win. Several accidents and mechanical problems depleted the field, but Sigman was clearly in command. Dennie Kaylor had a season high second, while Eddie Benedict, Gary Funck, and Daniel Fiedler completed the finish order. The heat win went to Sigman.

Finish Order:

Micro 600
1) Dustin Foust 2) Drew Heistand 3) Alex Bright 4) Steve Dull 5) Bo Gordon 6) Eddie Rice 7) Patrick Milikowski 8) Jimmy Dawson 9) Zachary Newlin 10) Jim Horwat 11) Dusty Sheffield 12) Brenden Bright 13) Gary Cramer 14) Jason Heckert

Micro 270
1) Bo Gordon 2) Mike Holley 3) Rick Brehm 4) John Baker 5) Kyle Moody 6) Partick Milikowski 7) Michael Dougas 8) Kelly Hall 9) Lin Bowie 10) Eric Walls

Thunder Cars
1) Jeremy Ott 2) R.T. Bulger 3) Chris Smith 4) Keith Armolt 5) Jason Armolt 6) Don Stoudt 7) Randy Wenger 8) Russ Clavey 9) Randy Heckman 10) Donnie Stine 11) Tina Ingram 12) Nick Ruhl 13) Carl Rowe 14) Mike Brindle

Mini Stocks
1) Mike Kershner 2) Ronnie Buck 3) Tony Linn 4) Mike Crate 5) Charles Wengerd 6) Gary Newell 7) Rich Newcomer 8) Dave Friedrich 9) Larry Long 10) Joe Linn 11) Mike Kalinich

Modified Lite
1) Josh Sigman 2) Dennie Kaylor 3) Eddie Benedict 4) Gary Funck 5) Daniel Fiedler


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